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    Sophia-Marie Braun
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    Hello, girls!  I’ve been a member for one whole week now!  This is the first time in my entire life I’ve talked with anyone about my life en femme…it is a big step and thank you all for being so kind to me.  I love the sweet friends I’m making here!

    It new to me talking about our special need to dress…and there are so many of us with such diversity of need to dress…it took me a bit to learn to steer my boat in the forum waters…

    But I want to share, that as I go through life, and as I post and chat here, I give thought to my words…that they come from my heart.

    Sometimes when I’m not sure how to express whats inside me, I think, WWWD?…What Would Women Do?  I think about how women I know and admire express themselves…their kindness and sensitivity.

    Its what I strive for too.

    Maybe WWWD is something other girls like me might find useful to think about too…I don’t know, but I thought I’d at least share…



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     karley delaware 
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    Hi Sophia. Wonderful idea!

    karley delaware

     Sara Marie Franklin (SMF) 
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    Sophia-Marie, I have never put it in an acronym but this is what I have done for years.  I watch what woman do and try to help my walk, talk, actions, cloths, makeup and attitude.  It helps to make me more feminine looking but more so makes me feel like a woman.  I think all woman look around to see what other woman do.  It is just good to have a quick way to say it now.  WWWD  : )

    Thanks for the insight.

     Gisela Claudine 
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    Hi Sophia-Marie. Welcome to CDH. I like the concept WWWD. It allows us a wider point of view. I think I’ve practiced it a lot during my life in an almost automatic way. Now I know how I can call it. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy CDH.


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    Thanks Sophia, that’s very insightful, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I have always thought that being a CD opens your mind up that you can look at things through the eyes of a woman and a man to give you a better perspective on life. Welcome and thanks for sharing, Heather.

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     Brienna Dennouix 
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    Hi Sophia   I like your idea WWWD.  One thing that I have found since I started to embrace my feminine side is that I become much more respectful to other women…not that I was an a-hole to them before but I seem to relate to their problems more.

    So, welcome to CDH so glad you have joined us.



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