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    Ashley Konners
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    Any ladies do yard/ garden work while dressed in something femme? Well let’s say backyard anyway. Lol,   I only have neighbors on either side as I back on to the green space.  Last summer I did a bunch of yard work wearing shorts, t shirt with pantyhose under my shorts. Little ankle socks and runners. Few neighbors walked by and not a word was said.  Even my understanding wife was thinking it was a touch risky. Today I’m thinking of a jean skirt,  beige pantyhose and work socks with a hoodie as it’s a touch cool this morning. Oh and I’m wearing makeup and perfume. Wonder what wife will think of this one. Let’s hear what you’ve worn in the yard.

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      Beth Green
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      Yard work is always done wearing girl jeans or leggings. My front and side yard is very small so mowing is done with a weed eater. Since it throws a lot of debris covered legs and heavy shoes are required but I try to keep it as feminine as possible. The top is usually a tank top or t-shirt with bra and forms. The neighbors all know so no fears.

      The back yard is nothing but a steep hill so it only gets whacked a couple times a year.


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      Jin Crocker
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      In the back yard, I am usually nude or in just panties, out front I prefer shorts and a cami or tank top.

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      Amber Lynn
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      About 20 years ago I spent a week at my dad’s house in the mountains. I was there to prep and paint his home while he and my step mother were on  vacation. They went to visit  her family in Pennsylvania. Thousands of miles away. I brought a small selection of my own things. Mostly bra, panties, lingerieand some sexy sleep  wear. My plan was to relax in the evenings ala feme. My step mom had two garbage bags of old clothes, say asked if I would drop then at salvation army when I next went into town. I went through every article. I managed to put togetherness  8 different out fits. She dresses very country girl style. I took scissors and made me a nice selection of sexy farm girl attire. I took a pair of overalls and cut the legs  off into daisy dukes. I also made a sexy top out of a flannel shirt. It tied in the front just under my breasts. There were also 4 or so summer  dresses. I had no female shoes but I had my boots. The first morning a woke and with the help of some of her makeup, blow dryer, curling iron and some of her hair accessories. Put my hair in ponytails. I have had long hair all my life except my time in the military. I put on the overalls pantyhose a tank top that I cut above my belly button over my DD stuffed bra, knee high socks and my boots. I looked and felt like the sexiest farmers daughter ever. Then I  went to work on the house. There were alot of trees around the house and the nestest neighbors  acres away. I turned on the stereo and lost the world  around me. Each morning a would dress in another sexy farm girl outfit with full makeup and hairdo. At night I would  go in side take a long bubble bath while shaving my legs doing facial masks then slip into lingerie or nightie eat and sleep. That was an amazing 8 days of being the woman I was meant to be. I did all my errands in  town that first day right after they left. I’m  getting  giddy just writing about it now. Thank you for letting me share. Hugs & kisses 🤗💋 Amber Lynn

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        Ashley Konners
        Registered On: August 15, 2020
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        Sounds like a nice summer.

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      Peta Mari
      Registered On: September 30, 2020
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      We own a small farm. I love getting out in the garden in a skirt. I also use a small handbag / purse for an ammo pouch when hubting.

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      Registered On: July 23, 2019
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      Hi Ashley,

      I love doing light yard work, in a romper or women’s running shorts and a tank.

      As most houses have a pool, I’ve washed my car in my driveway and done yard work in a one piece bathing suit.It might look a bit unusual, but not unacceptable, and I am completely visible in open view.

      I also sometimes walk my dogs enfemme and even hour long street/exercise walks in sport clothes.

      I dress according to my age and can pass very well as such. My immediate neighbors all know and
      so they are not a concern. I have purposely made it known to them.

      However, as the Phoenix area is hot most of the year, my time for this is limited as I will completely sweat through a short wig. It’s not pretty. At these times I’ll do an androgynous look, no wig, but leaning toward female.

      My passable looks and experience have gotten me to this point of confidence. I’ve shrugged off my huge fears of the past. Time is passing quickly.

      Instead of hose, why not Capris or leggings and a tunic tank? Appropriate shoes…deck sneakers?
      Simple and perfect for yard work.

      XOXO Lisa

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      Eileen Bach
      Registered On: February 27, 2021
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      Dear Ashley.

      I do appreciate the desire to do regular chores as your girly self. Don’t wear pantyhose though, and socks will get filthy. If you’re doing wrist deep gardening, take care of your hands before starting. Dry skin holds in dirt. Your nails will take a beating as well.

      Our small yard is too exposed for sweetie to dress up. She doesn’t underdress.

      There are secluded areas we enjoy after chores. Sun, reading, and wine.

      Hugs, Eileen

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      Registered On: September 24, 2021
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      Lots of garden work, underdressed with panties and bra, never know when someone will drop by so have to be a bit stealthy in the yard.  Spend some time in the backyard in skirt mode though.

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      Becky Davis
      Registered On: February 10, 2022
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      I have been thinking of doing some yard work semi-dressed too have been looking for some new clothes that wouldn’t be to noticeable as my favorite wear, living in a small town I’m kinda cautious as to what I wear. I would love to live in the country and feel the girls bouncing as I’m mowing the yard or sitting out in the evening in my nightgown enjoying the stars……

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      Lisa Leigh
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      If my wife/SO is gone for a lengthy time I’m more then happy to do interior housework dressed up. Could be anything, as long it doesn’t ruin my outfit! Recently we moved from the crowded suburbs to open country. I’m sure I’ll have ample time now to go out and sit on the patio sipping iced tea and do anything I please. Ahhh…

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        Ashley Konners
        Registered On: August 15, 2020
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        Hope you have many great times out in your yard hun.

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      Sandy Honey
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      I wear short shorts and usually a racerback tank when I do yard work. The shorts are 3″ rolled inseam so they are really short. I was thinking about getting a baseball hat with a ponytail wig attached. I do find outside work is a lot more fun when in women’s shorts and tops, cooler too. The only time I don’t wear shorts is when I have to use a weed eater then it’s my only pair of guy jeans and long sleeve top. It throws too many rocks and things and I don’t want my nice shaved legs to get nicked or bruised.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Ashley you are so brave girl cudos to you girlfriend for being the girl at heart and having the support ha ha of your wife .. Alas this will never be here where i live as nearest neighbor is about 3 miles away and old farm ranch community so old school and no one likes a trans dresser around here so out to wife 100% but in the home he he .. congrats girl..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Good for you dear. Sounds like you have good neighbors. I doubt they can tell you’re wearing perfume but maybe can see a bit of makeup… idk. Depending on the distance the pantyhose may not be noticed but the skirt is a giveaway. Have fun and don’t worry about others. If they know then so what?

      I wear a bra every day and when I cut my grass with my riding mower I love feeling my forms bounce around…. so nice and makes the chore fun. I’m far enough away from neighbors I don’t think anyone has noticed but if so no one has said a word. The only drawback to doing yardwork wearing silicone forms is boob sweat. I can relate to GG women who have under boob sweat and sometimes if its very hot then my bra is soaking wet. I think of it as just a part of being female. I love it.

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