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      It was a good day.  I felt “out” and showing myself for some reason.  It was a cooler day so got to wear regular length (skinny) jeans, tapered at the ankle, green suede booties, floral patterned top to match the shoes, nice “back pack” style purse to match, along with a nicely matched jacket.  I felt like I was really put together, and love that feeling.

      Wife and I walked to a local shopping center, shopped around and found a very nice cardigan that I am going  to go get after all, as it will go with another outfit I’m putting together, and did try on and buy another blouse.  Also shopped for shoes, saw some but will get them later.

      During all of this my wife was the one who asked/suggested if I wanted to look at shoes.  Womans shoes of course.  We did, and of course I was showing her the blouse I like and of course she saw me buy it!  I just love being able to shop openly.

      It’s so great.  I mentioned to her as well that I love my clothes, I love looking “put together”.  It’s just a great feeling!

      Thanks and just rambling and sharing!  Tell me about your day(s)

      Love and Hugs,


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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      I’m so happy for you, it sounds like a great day!

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      Ellie Davis
      Managing Ambassador

      Hey Becka

      You’re not rambling at all, just sharing your happiness. That’s always going to be a positive 🙂

      Shopping for clothes with women, in my case my Mum and sister, is still a brand new thing for me. My sister is the one with an eye for what I should put together to make a good outfit, and I’m learning so much from her every time we go out. Reading your post reminded me how happy I feel when we do that together … so thank you!

      Also, that outfit sounds amazing 🙂


      Ellie x

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      That feeling you get from loving to look put together is probably similar to the feeling I get when I get very dressed up. It makes me feel extra feminine no matter how often I do it and I do it every chance I get. As a result, my closet is filled with nice dresses but I can never resist adding just one more when I see one I like.

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      Cassie Jayson

      Thanks for sharing Becka. Glad you and your wife are comfortable with your fem side, out shopping and more. I spent my entire day as Cassie. Went out makeup, dress and my favorite wedges. Went to Church this morning (4th Sunday in a row), then went shopping and out to eat at Arby’s. Then went to Torrid and got a whole bag of tops and dresses. Next met up with my Granddaughter and went window shopping. Love being out as Cassie and doing ‘girlie’ things.

      . Cassie

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      Bedka –

      What a wonderful day for you.

      It is fun to go shopping with your wife and have her help you pick things out.  I’ve gone a few times with my wife in regular stores and thrift shops. One day we were talking about shoes and as we passed a shoe store she just pulled in the parking lot.  We went in and looked around.  I showed her a pair of shoes which she had me get my size and try them on in the store.  I was surprised but it was fun.  Found a second pair and tried them on as well, bought both pair.  We’ve bought dresses and blouses/tops for Suzanne but I’ve never tried anything on in the store, maybe someday.

      Hope you get to have more days like that.


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      Lynne Eden

      Hi Becka,

      It sounds like you had a really good day, Becka and you’re not rambling. You’re just sharing a wonderful experience.

      You are very fortunate in having such an understanding wife and being able to go shopping with her.
      It must be really good to be able to share girl time together like that.

      Aurora Eden

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