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    Chloe Rose
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    I wanted to know more about your entire shopping experience from online fast fashion retailers such as SHEIN, Fashion Nova, etc. Sizing, quality, returns, whatever you deem relevant for our community. They have lots of choices, very nice looking clothing, low prices, but clothing quality or service I don’t know.

    Given that I (unfortunately) don’t have the liberty to wear whatever I want whenever I want, I thought these online stores would be a great solution to diversify my wardrobe.

    But I still like to shop offline, at retail stores and try the clothes. The staff have usually been so nice and helpful with me.  All my shopping experiences have been so extraordinary and liberating so far.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Chloe xx

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      I have usually tried to buy in local retail outlets. I like to touch and feel when I shop. But the last year has driven me to shop online and I’ve been overall disappointed with Chinese sizing and quality of my purchases. I’m starting to go back to my local stores now where I’m happier.

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      Madeleine Clarkson
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      Yay, here comes the online shopping expert. Just kidding. If speaking about clothes, I’m a huge fan of Fashion Nova. The quality is excellent, and it indeed corresponds with the price. However, they have a small variety of handbags, and I prefer to order them from borboletabag.com. This store has become my favorite lately because it has a vast collection of handbags and purses at great prices. In addition, the delivery is fast and really cheap, so you don’t have to wait for your order forever. Anyways, where do you buy trendy bags?

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      Mary Priscilla
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      I like Shein and am amazed at its low prices, and range of choices and sizes. Caution, after the first order, you become their best email friend.

      Otherwise, I was very pleased with my last pandemic related shopping spree. This girl needed to recapture her identity even if only for a brief fashion show at a friend’s house.

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      Jamie Kane
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      I love Shein and Rottita. Shipping takes longer than Amazon but quality and prices are great.

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      Michelle Trott
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      I shop for my clothes at local stores. I have purchased a lot from Kohls. If you watch they have amazingly low priced items on sale often. I purchased a amazing long dress for 12 bucks for example. It is way more fun for me to shop enfemme. I have also purchased a ton of items from Venus. They are online. Very fashionable clothes and I always hit their clearance items. No problems with fit or quality for me. Anyone else buy there? I have purchased some from China. Good thing is when they finally arrive it is a great surprise because you forgot you ordered them six weeks ago.. sometimes longer. They have been very hit or miss for me. Sometimes you think WOW I can’t believe what I paid for this wonderful item. More often I know exactly why they were so reasonable. Still most stuff is so reasonable that it may be worth the risks.  Did I get off track  a little?  Sorry if so.


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      I have pretty much got all my clothes from SHEIN, it can take a while to get here, but everything has fitted perfectly fine. I would agree though, be very careful regarding sizing, most online companies have a size chart, be very careful before buying. I have bought some heeled ankle boots online, I was very cautious about the size, but thankfully they fit perfectly.
      Shop carefully, shop wisely, but most of all, shop classy 😉🖤

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      Wendy Swift
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      I’ve purchased many articles of clothing on line, and some have been a bust but some I’ve had good success with.

      Here is a list of online stores I’ve purchased from in the past with good success :

      le chateau – most of my purchases I’ve been very happy with.  Quality is good, and sizing for the most part is bang on.  I did purchase a blouse, XL, but it felt more like a small.  But that one blouse is just one purchse out of many.

      sporting goods stores – I only purchase womens one piece swimsuits from sporting goods stores, and I am familiar with major brands sizing so I’ve not had an issue.

      amazon – for the most part, good.  I did order a really nice 50s style dress, side zip, but the size chart was rather confusing and it wound up being a tad too small.  Returned item and amazon gave me my money back.

      aliexpress – I mostly just buy women’s one piece swimsuits here.  I am familiar with chinese sizing for swimsuits, so I’ve not had an issue here.  I know people say quality of clothing from china can be iffy, but ironically, the swimsuits I’ve bought the quality, for me, has far exceeded the quality from N. American brands, and the fit is way better.

      Articles of clothing is a different story.  I bought a really nice blue pencil skirt but the size chart was accurate, but it was a tad too big and the material was very stretchy, so it didn’t right right at all.  Plus the quality was questionable.




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      Aubri Mikayla
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      I love Shein, I have had nothing but good experiences so far with it. You MUST pay attention to the sizing and as certain things will fit differently depending on how stretchy the material is.

      I always pay the little bit extra or spend enough to get the Express shipping. I usually have it within a week from China to Canada. SO far everything I have bought has been of decent quality

      Hope this helps a bit

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      Beth T
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      I’ve had excellent service from Amazon and Old Navy online. Shein was very slow.

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      Regi Kelly
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      I have bought 2 dresses from Shein, and love them both(one is my wifes favourite)
      Shipping was fairly quick, and the fit was perfet
      Hugs, Regi👩💕

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      Andi DuBois
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      If you order directly from companies…especially from china, it CAN take weeks…even months…..and returns CAN be a minefield!!!

      My SO has had exactly this problem with something she ordered from a glossy .co.uk website that was nothing more than a front for a Chinese company.

      It took raising it as a claim through Paypal to get them to agree to a refund but we had to ship two pairs of shoes at our cost back to China!

      In all these things I guess caveat emptor applies.


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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hi Chloe…

      If I buy on line, it’s usually Amazon…I have Amazon prime and everything I buy if endorsed, usually comes next day…two or three days at most, with a great refund policy…..unless…

      If you order directly from companies…especially from china, it CAN take weeks…even months…..and returns CAN be a minefield!!!

      Also beware….lots of Chinese fashion is designed for Barbie dolls….very very small…if you are interested in anything, please check the reviews first…..

      I have learned the hard way …now I’m very careful, and if you double check everything, it’s fun to on- line shop……

      Grace xx

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      Lily-Rose Nielsen
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      I to like to buy clothes in retail stores. But the pandemic has made me buy clothes online. I live in Sweden, we have an online store called Bubbleroom. I believe they have webstores in other countries as well. I use to read the description to learn about the fabric, is it stretchy or is it firm, for example. And so far I haven’t returned a single item. Maybe it’s pure luck, but I know my sizes well. The clothes are of very good quality and well known brands so this far I’m very satisfied. And I have bought a lot from them.



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      Andi DuBois
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      PrettyLittleThing is one of the brands owned by Boohoo. They have a bunch of others they own as well as they buy the brand identity and online presence for bricks and mortar retail companies that have gone bust.

      Sadly, you don’t have to search too far in the news media (here in the UK) about some of their dubious practices. I have no evidence one way or the other whether they are true – just what I have read.

      Whilst I am all in for a bargain, I’m not happy for my money to be supporting this if it is true!



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