Free Sex Change for Convicted Felons goes too Far

The radio waves and Internet have been abuzz recently with the court case of a transgendered inmate, Michelle Kosilek (formerly Robert) who is suing to be allowed a sex change in prison. Michelle, a convicted murderer is suing because she has been refused sex-change surgery, and treatments such as hair removal and hormone treatment.

This has angered some in the blogosphere, who are vehemently against our tax dollars being used to provide a sex change for a convicted felon. Michelle claims that “The greatest loss is the dying I do inside a little bit every day.”


Perhaps you should have thought about that before you murdered your wife.

It’s ridiculous that lawyers are claiming this as an example of poor treatment transgendered inmates receive. Very few hardworking, law abiding transsexuals can afford to have sex reassignment surgery. We shouldn’t be providing this free of charge to criminals.

Judge Mark Wolf should be ashamed of himself for ruling that tax payers should foot the more than $20,000 required for the surgery.

Papamoka sums it up nicely:

This monster is making the crime he committed secondary in public opinion and murder is still murder but his sex change is more important to him? Screw him …. He killed his wife! This is not a transgender argument as much as it is a manipulative monster using up court time for something that should be a simple answer. NO! You can not have a sex change operation!

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  1. Vanessa Law 11 years ago

    Susan, I’m sorry for your loss.
    This emphasizes the pain he has caused – lest we forget there are many people’s lives that this murderer has ruined.

  2. Racquel Lynn 10 years ago

    So sorry Susan. maybe if we spent less tax money on coddling criminals all the time, then we would have more dollars available for law abiding citizens to have healthcare and other more important resources.
    I have zero sympathy for criminals, especially repeat criminals, especially those that involve any violent crimes, drugs, gang activity, robbery, breaking and entering, or sex offenses, especially against children.
    Some crimes I can understand making a mistake if you learn from it and do not do it again, but I don’t care if it is shoplifting bubble gum. If you do it enough times, there should be a point to say enough is enough and not let them back out into society.
    It is rediculous how much the good upstanding citizens have to shell out to keep these kind of people comfortable.
    Personally, I am all for using the death penalty way more than we do.
    And the more prior repeat offenses someone has for violent, drug related or sex crimes, then the fewer appeals they should be granted.

    • Vanessa Law 10 years ago

      Perhaps on this topic we’ll have to agree to disagree 🙂
      I don’t think criminals should be coddled, but I believe that every person has the capacity for love, and the ability to make a positive contribution to society. Many, many people take a hard journey through life – one that I would not wish on my worst enemy. It’s a shame that the best we can do is society is punish people – it feels like the challenge we should take is how to build a better society – one that makes it as tantalizing for the downtrodden to get an education and build a life as it is to devolve into violence and crime.

  3. Jessica Sideways 10 years ago

    While I believe this person should not get the surgery, I believe it for different matters, such as the fact that this person may not have the mental sanity to decide properly. However, I do believe there should be surgery for some inmates after serious psychiatric evaluation and years of proven, consistent desire for a sex change. It should be accompanied with a court ordered name change and other legal issues should be taken into consideration.

  4. rogina garter 10 years ago

    when the media has a go of a story like this it really puts us a few steps backwards in the minds of the ignorant.This happened last year when the murdering doctor,who happened to be pushing their “Transrights” while serving time,hung itself.The Boston area media had a real go at the transworld with that one.So bad that only the local Unitarian minister could get one ignorant paper to shut up…power of the press doesn’t always help our cause..

  5. Valerie 10 years ago

    I don’t understand why this is even an issue, we all make bad choices in life
    albeit some worse than others & this person is the mother of all mess ups.
    I’m not going to even talk about what a loser Kosilek is as i believe we are all in agreement on that, simply put this person is a monster! this being said where is the issue? I myself am m2f and the point of surgery and electrolysis is for 2 reasons 1: to make you look more to how you feel
    and 2: make you fit better in the gender you feel you are.
    ok so first as to where she is (mens maximum security prison) she is a woman (compared 2 everyone where she is she is a runway model) i mean she has no reason to be any prettier (and where do we draw the line, ffc, implants etc…?) my next point is (anyone transitioning knows) how expensive transitioning is and how long it takes because of
    the expense! yet this moron was a DOCTOR and had all the money she needed and could have had all this done but CHOSE to instead of divorcing to MURDER his wife!… she has no rights she CHOSE to give them up when she chose to kill her wife & the part that gets me is this country is so worried about the convicts and nobody says what about the victims RIGHTS?
    if i buy a car held together with ducktape as is and the car dies on the way home do i get a mulligan? will the taxpayers buy me a Ferrari? (yes i know bad analogy but my point is nobody cares) and i’m no psychologist nor claim 2 be, i didn’nt even stay in a motel 6 last night (lol) but the feeling i get is this person might be trying to get a gender change so she can get out of a mans prison (i’m assuming he’s in walpole) and that would be 1 heck of a difference Walpole ( Mens) to framingham (womans) ? plus if she actually became female (legally) wouldnt that be next in court? i’m a female in a man’s prison legally they would have 2 move her) so lets remember this, when she killed her wife she was MALE and punished as such, if she gets undeserved surgery a whole new can of worms will b opened & the whole time further punishing the victims family, and als punishing transgender people everywhere as fox25 and other news outlets (i live in boston so i see this story frequently) use this moron
    to push how were all like this moron, yet never showing that we to are normal members of society & that we think he’s a monster as well…

    • Racquel Lynn 10 years ago

      Exactly. So many of us struggle to be able to afford our own gender needs, so why should our hard earned tax dollars go to reward someone like this with free hormones, SRS, etc for killing her wife?

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