From the Army to Dresses and Heels

Crossdressing and the army

Dear Readers,

It’s not often that I receive a story from a member of our armed services. It is with gratitude for her service that I share Linda’s story. She has kept the woman inside her alive even through the most masculine of environments. It just goes to show that our true soul can blossom anywhere if we nurture it.

Linda’s Crossdressing Success Story

As I have read far too often, I started when I was small. I couldn’t understand why I had only white underwear, but my sister had all sorts of wonderful pastel panties. Girls had all sorts of soft things, but boys had monotone cotton clothes. And, yes, I tried on many of them in secret.

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When I was 17 I joined the army, and had to set such thoughts aside.

I was still in the army when I met my wife. One day we were playing around and she had me wear a pair of her panties. All of those feelings came rushing back. We were married for about a year, and I had been wearing parities with her most of it when I decided that I had to tell her of my desires. Being the strong silent type, I knew that whatever I said had to be truthful. I got every book I could find on the subject and, pro or con on the subject I gave them to her. The first one she read was by Virginia Prince titled Understanding Cross dressing. After a couple of days we talked quite a while about it. A week later, we were in a thrift store and she asked me if I would like to get a dress. I was floored! She proceeded to the dresses and got 2 she liked. That evening after our girls went to bed, she put make-up on my face and for the first time I wore a dress in front of someone. She thought it was fun too. Over the next few months we got my own undergarments. The most fun was when she got us matching bras and pantie sets.

After the girls married and moved out my wife declared that one of their rooms was to be Linda’s room. I filled the closet with dresses and we even bought a vanity for me. I wore a dress almost every evening after I got home from work.

I have since retired and now when I get up I put on a dress. My wife thinks I am more relaxed and a nicer person if I am in a dress.

For our 35th anniversary, we decided to renew our vows. The event was held at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post. I bought a tux for it and got her a beautiful dress. Underneath, we were wearing matching bras, panties and garter belts with hose. There were probably 50 or so people at the ceremony. None knew but us that I stood there with a chest full of medals and a pink bra under them.

We live very near a Marine base, so going outside as Linda would be tantamount to suicide. So, I enjoy my dress and heels inside. Of course, having a fenced in back yard allows me to barbeque steaks in my dress. Often we will eat them outside too.

An update from Linda

I heard from Linda after posting her story, and she reminds us that one of the key points of her story is that she decided to tell her wife.  Many of the girls say that they wish that they could, but remain secretive about their inner self.

She says, “I did not find it easy to broach this with my wife.  I did because it opened another aspect of my inner person that I could share.  I decided that if she loved me, then the Linda inside was also part of what she married and I SHARED all of me with her.  Without doing so, I would be living with only half of who she knew.

If the others want to remain hidden, so be it.  They are a self-made prisoner of their own making, and they are living a lie to themselves. ”

If you would like to have your true life crossdressing success story featured on Crossdresser Heaven, please take a moment to submit your story.

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  1. Great stories ladies….thank you for relating them. I was in Nam but I did not cross dress until 25 years later. Then it was on/off for another 15 years and then now divorced….do it all the time.

  2. Another successful story…..I am happy for them!

    Lady Veronica

  3. Nikki 2 years ago

    I am currtenly in the military too. I started crossdressing when i was young hiding it from my family. I stopped cold when i went to a military collage and military. I even married and hid it all from my wife. Still hiding it to this day. Several years ago i was deployed and alone for the first time for over a year in my own room. I started Crossdressing again and buying clothes which i would wear at night in bed. After over 15 months alone crossdressing at night i could not stop when i went home. I hide from my wife and crossdressed when she was away or when i went away. I even got to the point where i tailored a female solider dress uniform for me. SKirt heels and top and all.
    I hide to this day but i do try it on when i am can. I understand this so much.

  4. Gloria Janine 3 years ago

    I had joined the military just before my 18th birthday. I thought that it would change my feminine ways, but after five years and living off base I started to dress again constantly in fear of being found out. With several transfers I had to get rid of all my girls things. Before I finished my 9 years enlistment I married my wife. At the time she was blissfully unaware of my personal torment. The desire to release the inner girl was constantly on my mind. Joining the Police force for 20 years still could not dampen my enthusiasm for femininity. I have been retire now for over 15 years and with our children married off we have the house to ourselves. Several years ago my wife started pick up on my emotional state and wanted to know what was going on. To cut a long story short we sat down one day and I told her of my past and my current desires. She was understandably shaken by my revelations. She does not approve of me going out dressed but allows it. I dress at home 24/7 as a female and only change if we have to go out somewhere or we get a visitor. She says I am more relaxed as a female and enjoy the domestic side of things. With her assistance I have purchased a large number of items of clothing and my makeup collection is extensive. Our marriage of over 35 years is still strong even with the house being basically occupied 24/7 by 2 women. When we go away on holidays I usually get to go en femme a couple of time for day trips and shopping. It’s a wonderful life and I love it. Take care one and all.

  5. Bobbi Anne Rox 3 years ago

    When I joined the Army at 18, I like many girls was hoping the Army would “cure” me of my feeling for dressing as a woman also. For the first year, it put those thoughts away, locked into the back of my mind. Then one day I was in the Stars ‘N Stripes bookstore and found Penthouse Variations magazine and decided to check it out. Almost every issue had at least two articles talking about cross dressing and involved sex. When I got discharged, I came home and started going to the adult bookstore and purchasing the same magazine. I started envisioning as the girl in the stories.

    I got together with my now wife about 10 months after my discharge, and married to her 14 months later. I kept my desire to dress from her, and while I was with her during the dating and into the beginning of our marriage, I truly had no desire to dress. Once we started working opposite shifts and our life started to settle down more, the urge to dress came back stronger than it was ever before. I would take her to work, come home, dress in her panties and bra (the bra was always way too big as she is DD girl). I would stuff the bra and put on one of her dresses and a pair of slingbacks and proceed to walk around the apartment just to hear the click of the heels. It got me so excited.

    After being married for about 5 years or so, the desire to dress somewhere other than at home came, and about that same time I had gotten a new job that had me traveling and staying away for a week at a time. I always volunteered for these trips as I started to amass my own collection of bras, panties, pantyhose, a skirt and top, along with a pair of heels I picked up at a garage sale during my travels. I would get dressed up in the hotel whenever I got the chance to, and would always make my way down to the vending machines while dressed to get a snack. It was scary the first dozen or so times, but I built more and more confidence as I went along, that I started to adventure more and more. I would go for drives, stopping and pumping gas or going into the store a CVS style store and picking up some lipstick or blush or something.

    After about a 3 years at that job, I finally got the courage to try something new with my wife. I told her to go ahead and go to sleep without me on one of the few nights we had together back then and that I would come to bed with a surprise for her. Once she went to sleep, I snuck into the bathroom where I proceeded to shave every bit of body hair I had, except for the top of my head as I had medium length hair by then. I put on some make up and some clip earrings, along with the teddy I purchased for her a few weeks before (she has already worn it a couple times and thought it was pretty). I slid into bed with her and rubbed her up and down trying to wake her up already in the mood for sex. She woke up slowly and seemingly in the mood for sex, then realized my legs were smooth and she jumped up startled. She asked what the hell was going on, and I told her I was trying to spice up our lovemaking by trying something new. She saw how much I had gone through and decided to see if she was interested. We had great sex that night (I thought), but in the morning she said it was not something she wanted to do again. I said ok, and I put any thoughts of dressing aside when I was at home for quite a while. I stayed at that job for about 1 more year, dressing at every opportunity while away, but the luster of dressing lost its appeal with the knowledge she didn’t approve. When I quit that job, I purged all my stuff and it was heartbreaking.

    I almost immediately got a new job, one that would eventually be well paying and become a career, but it was again on opposite shifts of my wife. I dressed sometimes when she was at work, but as she gained some weight, I didn’t fit into her clothes any more. I went out while she was at work and started to purchase my own, which in the beginning was a bunch of trial and error as I still didn’t know sizes worth a damn. I started to have a nice panty and bra collection, then ventured out to buy my own dresses and skirts, as well as the heels that went with them. I soon has about 4 or 5 outfits of my own to choose from, which I kept hidden in a footlocker that I picked up at the Army-Navy store. I started getting more and more brazen dressing at the house, as well as going on AOL at the time to go in to the chat rooms. That is where I got caught again. She looked into the browser history and saw where I was going, and then confronted me with it. I broke down and told her everything, purging everything again and telling her I wouldn’t never put on a dress again.

    That lasted almost 10 years when the itch to dress came again. I was working my career job as well as a part time delivery job that sent me up and down the NYS Thruway and Northway from Albany to Newburgh, or to Binghamton, or to Syracuse, or to Rochester, or to Plattsburgh, depending on what route I had that night. Once I made my delivery, I would find someplace secluded to dress (after the first month on the job I started to pick up girly things here and there) and drive towards home dressed as nice as I could look. To this day I still have that stash box of clothes and accessories in my truck hidden, although my wife knows it is there. She still does not tolerate my dressing, but I am trying to work things out where I can do that sometimes and she doesn’t have to participate.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me girls.

    • Priscilla65 3 years ago

      Been there, done that! Your whole thing about having these “desires” and dressing up and all is pretty classic stuff. Getting married and trying to get the wifey involved , ditto. However, our experiences as CD’s differ at this juncture. I hope to help you in your endeavors to have your wife participate in your transvestism.
      For me, I told my wife before we got married. We would go out to my place and she would help me dress up. When I was dressed, I was very demure, submissive and very accommodating to her. In essence, I was her “sissy” We did have sex, but it was on her terms. I would wait on her hand and foot. She would correct me if I was not feminine enough by spanking me over her knees. I am NOT into pain! Her spanks hurt!! I discovered my “inner feminine self”, and so did she. We have been married for 43 yrs. I don’t dress up now. Too old, and I have health problems. But we both have our memories!

    • Renee 2 years ago

      Let me know when you are going to be in Plattsburgh

  6. nichol 3 years ago

    I commend you I wish I could do it and it turn out half as well . at the present time my wife is mentally unstable and I am afraid that if I tell her she will end her life . I don’t think I could handle that .

  7. JaneS 3 years ago

    When I initially joined the Australian Army, at just over 16, I hoped that being in the army would ‘cure’ me of the urges and needs I had. What I didn’t realise then was that there was nothing to ‘cure’. What I did realise was how much I coveted the uniforms worn by the female members. The cure certainly wasn’t working.

    I suppressed my desires because of where I was but there were times when visiting friends that I had to explore laundry hampers just to imagine wearing what I found.

    I was still in denial and suppressing my inner self when I married and though the nedd to cross dress returned after about ten years of marriage I remained secretive for another 16 years. Wearing a uniform and being in such a macho environment just didn’t seem to match with wearing lovely lingerie undergarments.

    Finally, after I’d left the military, but was still in plain clothes government service, I had to tell all to my wife. She was shocked but accepted and we moved on from there.

    I have one big thing on my bucket list. One day Jane will attend a commemorative service, wearing my medals and with my head held high and proudly. Maybe not just yet, but one day.

  8. Carole Normand 4 years ago

    You’re right. The only thing you can’t do is what you don’t want to do. You may have good reason for not doing something, but it’s never because you can’t. It’s just because you’re not ready to do it.

    • Author
      Vanessa Law 4 years ago

      Well said Carole, the reasons for not acting are many, complicated and often completely rational. Our path may take us to that point more slowly, or more quickly.

  9. Shirley Corning 4 years ago

    “You can think you can or you can think you can’t and either way you’re right!” Henry Ford. I had very good reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t live the life I’d always wanted to so I didn’t and paid a terrible price. Looking back I can see I was wrong. I could’ve and should’ve much sooner. So everytime I hear someone say they can’t do this or they can’t do that I nod my head and say, “Yup. You’re right.” You can’t until you figure out that you can.

    • Author
      Vanessa Law 4 years ago

      Words of wisdom Shirley, thanks! I was fortunate to transition fairly young, and even then I look back and wonder why I waited so long. In the end, the time and circumstances were right for me. I think every woman will find a place and time that opens to them.

  10. Ronda Francine 4 years ago

    I was in the Navy for 25 years and I underdressed most of the time. My wife and I have married 45 years, she was very supportive, and encouraged me to join a transgender support group. So Linda, enjoy life being the women you were meant to be.

    • Author
      Vanessa Law 4 years ago

      Ronda thanks for your comment, it’s wonderful to hear about experiences from those in the military, and the courage you have shown in your personal lives as well to embrace this part of you. *hugs*

  11. wendygrrl 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing….

  12. Kristine Anne 4 years ago

    Men have fears, thet hust don’t telk anyone about them most of the tine. ESPECIALLY thier spouse.
    1- She will upgrade to a more powerful and dominant male.
    But if the spouse is too worried about her fears to nitice that. Her fears can include compating herself with oretty women with more dominant husbands than she has. But, what uf her crissdressed husbsnd looks better enfemme than her??! More competition?
    2- They also fear she might trust someone elde more. His needs to find elegance and femininity are because she is not suplying them.

  13. JinianVictoria Herdina 4 years ago

    BZ. For me itwasmuch the same thing. Iserved my time (26 years() in an ultra masculine environment (Marines). I lived off base for much of the time and dressed only in private in rare circumstances. When I finally retired. Thw oman I was came forward with a vengenance. I now wear dresses and skirts and heels only. Sure I still have some military things but my uniforms are all for female now with all of my awards./decs and I have been to Marine reunions as female. I am a whole new person now and the lady is more fun to be around..

    • Author
      Vanessa Law 4 years ago

      Bravo hon! I’m so happy to hear you came out successfully and are living as who you are!
      I’d love to hear (and share) some of your stories of coming out to your friends in the Marines if you’d like to Submit your success story

  14. Elle Denton 4 years ago

    An understanding and supportive wife can make all the difference. Linda is indeed fortunate.

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