Crossdressing and the army

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It’s not often that I receive a story from a member of our armed services. It is with gratitude for her service that I share Linda’s story. She has kept the woman inside her alive even through the most masculine of environments. It just goes to show that our true soul can blossom anywhere if we nurture it.

Linda’s Crossdressing Success Story

As I have read far too often, I started when I was small. I couldn’t understand why I had only white underwear, but my sister had all sorts of wonderful pastel panties. Girls had all sorts of soft things, but boys had monotone cotton clothes. And, yes, I tried on many of them in secret.

When I was 17 I joined the army, and had to set such thoughts aside.

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I was still in the army when I met my wife. One day we were playing around and she had me wear a pair of her panties. All of those feelings came rushing back. We were married for about a year, and I had been wearing parities with her most of it when I decided that I had to tell her of my desires. Being the strong silent type, I knew that whatever I said had to be truthful. I got every book I could find on the subject and, pro or con on the subject I gave them to her. The first one she read was by Virginia Prince titled Understanding Cross dressing. After a couple of days we talked quite a while about it. A week later, we were in a thrift store and she asked me if I would like to get a dress. I was floored! She proceeded to the dresses and got 2 she liked. That evening after our girls went to bed, she put make-up on my face and for the first time I wore a dress in front of someone. She thought it was fun too. Over the next few months we got my own undergarments. The most fun was when she got us matching bras and pantie sets.

After the girls married and moved out my wife declared that one of their rooms was to be Linda’s room. I filled the closet with dresses and we even bought a vanity for me. I wore a dress almost every evening after I got home from work.

I have since retired and now when I get up I put on a dress. My wife thinks I am more relaxed and a nicer person if I am in a dress.

For our 35th anniversary, we decided to renew our vows. The event was held at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post. I bought a tux for it and got her a beautiful dress. Underneath, we were wearing matching bras, panties and garter belts with hose. There were probably 50 or so people at the ceremony. None knew but us that I stood there with a chest full of medals and a pink bra under them.

We live very near a Marine base, so going outside as Linda would be tantamount to suicide. So, I enjoy my dress and heels inside. Of course, having a fenced in back yard allows me to barbeque steaks in my dress. Often we will eat them outside too.

An update from Linda

I heard from Linda after posting her story, and she reminds us that one of the key points of her story is that she decided to tell her wife.  Many of the girls say that they wish that they could, but remain secretive about their inner self.

She says, “I did not find it easy to broach this with my wife.  I did because it opened another aspect of my inner person that I could share.  I decided that if she loved me, then the Linda inside was also part of what she married and I SHARED all of me with her.  Without doing so, I would be living with only half of who she knew.

If the others want to remain hidden, so be it.  They are a self-made prisoner of their own making, and they are living a lie to themselves. ”

If you would like to have your true life crossdressing success story featured on Crossdresser Heaven, please take a moment to submit your story.


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Gloria Janine
Gloria Janine
8 years ago

I had joined the military just before my 18th birthday. I thought that it would change my feminine ways, but after five years and living off base I started to dress again constantly in fear of being found out. With several transfers I had to get rid of all my girls things. Before I finished my 9 years enlistment I married my wife. At the time she was blissfully unaware of my personal torment. The desire to release the inner girl was constantly on my mind. Joining the Police force for 20 years still could not dampen my enthusiasm for… Read more »

7 years ago

I am currtenly in the military too. I started crossdressing when i was young hiding it from my family. I stopped cold when i went to a military collage and military. I even married and hid it all from my wife. Still hiding it to this day. Several years ago i was deployed and alone for the first time for over a year in my own room. I started Crossdressing again and buying clothes which i would wear at night in bed. After over 15 months alone crossdressing at night i could not stop when i went home. I hide… Read more »

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member

Another successful story…..I am happy for them!

Lady Veronica

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member

Great stories ladies….thank you for relating them. I was in Nam but I did not cross dress until 25 years later. Then it was on/off for another 15 years and then now divorced….do it all the time.

Stacey Ropke
4 years ago

I enlisted in the Coast Guard the day after my High School graduation. I was active duty and served on two ships in the Southwest Pacific. I couldn’t crossdress while I was deployed at sea but thankfully I had a barracks room with no shipmates. I would wear bras and panties under my civilian clothes but only if I was alone. During that time if my command found out it would be the end of my career and I was a mechanic on the ship so I had to be the “crusty sailor” to keep up with my fellow shipmates.… Read more »

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