If a site like Crossdresser Heaven did not exist, we girls would feel lost. I know I feel loved and accepted and we are able to share our experiences and “true” selves on this site. For some of us, that includes coming out to your spouse and slowly transitioning before and with them. My wife is accepting but she does not fully understand our conundrum; this IS our real self. If you are like me, I never feel more alive than when I am in full girl mode as Miss Hope.

The purpose of this article is to share my experience when I planned my “girl day” for my own sanity and my stay at home “girlcation”.  Well let me say that this adventure took quite a bit of planning, as my wife is having surgery next week for her second hip replacement. She accepts me as Miss Hope on a daily basis, since I dress almost every day and often come to bed in my girl PJs with my forms in my bra. I told her that I have to have my girl day to recharge my batteries before her surgery. She was Ok with it and fully aware of all my plans.

I figured I needed a local hotel, about 10 minutes from home to minimize travel and traffic time. I needed to drop off Opie (as a male) at 7 am. He loves the doggie daycare and he is high energy so it is a mutually beneficial day for all.

After arriving home, I quickly loaded the suitcase – a pretty blue carry-on bag (my wife’s) – and I had my outfits in a clothes bag. I made sure to pack some shoes in a bag in the front seat so I could change out if I wanted to.


After I loaded the cargo, I went to shower to get ready for girl day. I just love knowing in the shower that I am going to leave the bathroom, go into “Miss Hope’s room” right next door, and transform into my female self.

I wore my tan shorts, panty/girdle with butt and hip pads from Amazon, and my waist cincher on top of that. My wife had given me a light blue sleeveless top that I wore with my toe sandals. I try to achieve a natural look with my eyes as they are sensitive and it is hard to wear eyeliner without irritation. Luckily, I found a mascara from Almay that is wonderful and not bothersome to my eyes. For today, the small blue hoop earrings will do. Once the wig is on, lipstick, and another dash of perfume and Miss Hope is ready! Almost. And now it was time to glue on my French Manicure nails. I make sure to have all my IDs and cards in my girl wallet and extra nail glue and spare nails in my purse. I kissed my wife goodbye and told her I would be home at 6 pm or so with Opie. I was hoping that she would not badger me with phone calls all day.

It felt good to finally be embarking on my day journey. The first stop was to make sure I knew where the hotel was and I wanted to scope out the pool. There were a lot of families and kids in the pool and it was small, but still a pool for later.

I crossed the street to the shopping corner in search of a nail salon. There was one near the TJ Maxx, but it was not busy at all. I went in anyway and a nice Asian man gave me a pedicure. After my pedicure, I went shopping. I went to Belk to look for a bra and found one. I also found the family restroom because I had to pee while in “Hope” mode. I tried changing my shoes in the parking lot and my toenails smudged. Damn, that pedicure sucked. What’s a girl to do?

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So, I found Princess Nails in another shopping mall nearby and sauntered in. It was an upscale atmosphere and I was seated for my second pedicure in less than 3 hours. Go figure. Anyway, I chose a different shade of pink this time – more of a magenta. I left confident. I made sure not to change my shoes for at least a few hours.  Now it was on to Bath and Body to buy my wife her soaps she likes. I was looking for a place to eat a light lunch but could not find one.

By this time, it was close to 2 pm so I headed to the hotel and checked in. I confidently handed the front desk clerk my male ID since my reservation was under my male name because I had used Expedia. After I unloaded all my luggage and got to my room and settled in it was time to change.

I changed into my running shorts, sports bra, pink top and toe sandals.  Off to Total Wine to get a bottle of wine with a screw top. When I returned to the hotel, I also bought a bottle of water. The hotel was busy this afternoon and I passed a few folks, smiled and said hello. I enjoyed a nice glass of wine and some water.

Now, it was outfit change time. I changed into my black skort and pretty pink flowered top.  I strolled down the hallway carrying my ice bucket to find the vending area. Again, I passed a bunch of kids running down the hallway.

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It was around 3:30 pm and I decided I would take a chance on the pool. So I changed into my bathing suit and cover up, got my beach bag and off to the pool. I wore my sunglasses out of the room. When I got to the pool it was empty. I was glad about that but could have dealt with saying hello to people. I put my stuff down on a lounge chair and stepped into the pool. It was so refreshing on such a hot day. Girls, this allowed me to check off another item on my girl bucket list – bathing suit and pool. I just floated around a bit, careful not to get my wig wet. I was hanging onto the side of the pool and enjoying the coolness of the water. I was refreshed and ready for the next stage of my adventure. I dried off and went back to my room. I knew I had a little time to fix my face before going to pick up Opie at doggie daycare.

I changed back into my black gym shorts, sports bra and put on a comfortable orange sleeveless tank top. It was actually one of my wife’s favorites! I was starting to get a 5 o’clock shadow so I had to quickly shave but my eyes were fine. I applied my makeup again and off to Pooch Palace en femme to pick up Opie. The girls were really nice and did not seem to bat an eye with me picking up Opie as a woman. He was happy to see me and wild as ever! I got him in his seat belt and went home fed him and fed my wife. I had some leftovers. I was hungry. I told my wife I was going back to the hotel in an hour or so and would be back home by midnight or so.

Inside, I was hoping that I had the opportunity to spend the full night and next morning en femme but that was not going to happen. I took another shower and shaved my legs again and put on my favorite dress. By this time, it was around 10 pm. I really wanted to go out and have a drink somewhere, but I have never done that and was a bit anxious. I drove around for a little bit but did not go in. It was too late to go to the drugstore or Walmart. So I went back to the hotel, got out of my dress, changed into something more comfortable, had some wine and then pleasured myself.

Once I got home, I unloaded everything and put it in the bedroom and got in my girl PJs and went to bed. I was exhausted. The day was over but at least I still had my nails on and I had the day off to recover.

So, what were my major takeaways from this glorious day?

  • I am totally comfortable presenting as a woman and very at ease in public
  • I look good and pass quite well
  • I long to stay en femme for extended periods of time
  • I realized I need to work on my feminine voice, but it is not too bad
  • I don’t feel guilty about who I am anymore
  • I embrace my womanhood and will continue to learn more about makeup and fashion
  • Pedicures are fabulous and I will have many more

Thank you girls for taking the time to read about my Girlcation day and night!

Sincerely, Hope




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Holly Morris
Holly Morris
1 year ago

Hi Hope, thanks so much for sharing this with us. It sounds like you had an amazingly fabulous day! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to spend time as who you really are and be out in public? Now you can treasure the memories you made, as well as look forward to your next time when you can spend a full day as a woman!



Cassie Jayson
Trusted Member
1 year ago

Sounds like a dreamy day. I hope you have many more. I hope your wife recovers fast, but with a hip ????? Thanks for sharing, I hope I can do the time at a pool someday, but have already done so much.

. Cassie

Rozalyn Richards
Trusted Member
1 year ago

Hi Hope, you sound as if you had a great time, I would love to have a Girl-Cation be able to spend a few days or a week in girl mode without a worry in the world, And spend it with girls like me and have some small talk about girly things, like what the latest fashions are, be able to have a complete makeover with a professional makeup artist, I hope i get to have a
Girl-Cation soon X
Hugs Rozalyn X

Trusted Member
1 year ago

Thank you Hope, for sharing your girl-cation with us..you are an inspiration for us ladies to present to the “world” our true self.. your smile at the top of the article says it all. So happy for you that you had a nice day.

Rachel Williams
1 year ago

Hi Hope. That was such a great story. I, too, love traveling out of town so I can live as Rachel during that time.

Famed Member
1 year ago

About 5 years ago I got an American Express Card in my Girl Name – JACKIE – they have an option for cardholders to get a card for their Children. Nothing more than having it sent from the Web Site. It also tracks your spending under your alter ego

Evie Skylar
Evie Skylar
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing, sounds like a wonderful time:-) Next time you get your nails done try to find a place that uses Dazzle Dry. It’s pretty amazing in that it dries super fast! Still have to be careful with shoes but way quicker than regular polish:-) I have quite the collection at home now. Haha.

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