God cannot save the crossdresser

This week I feel the Holy Spirit moving in me to share what’s on my heart about His son, and His love for us. Before I do so, I want to let you know about a wonderful blog I just discovered this evening called First Born Son. The author Omar is wonderfully in touch with the word of God, and the intentions of Jesus and shares his thoughts in a well written and often humorous manner.

The crossdresser is doomed

God cannot save her. In response to my recent post on why do men cross dress, Katie shared some of her thoughts about verses in the Bible that perhaps shouldn’t be taken at face value. It’s worth a read, and as you’ll see, verses such as Lev 1:9, Lev 15:19-24, Lev 25:44, Lev 11:10 and Lev 19:27 clearly demonstrate that there are parts of the Bible that are not directly applicable in the modern context. The verses vilify seafood, allow slavery and command against a good haircut.

Swimming within a sea of verses specific to the culture and society of the times, we encounter Deuteronomy 22:5 – the Christian Crossdressers kryptonite (try saying that three times fast!). The church doesn’t seem to have a problem dismissing all the verses in Leviticus, yet for some reason holds on to the verse against crossdressing. Strange. Who got to decide?

Stepping Out Secrets

I digress though, I did not mean to

Lament about Christianity and Crossdressing

I’ve come to realize that no matter how long you stray from God, He is there waiting for you. I found it amazing, as I read through my Bible this evening how close I felt to God. It had been a while, and I’ve been going through some struggles reconciling my support for a church that has different political beliefs. Like a rush of water, or a warm ray of sunshine I could feel my heart drawing closer to God as I immersed myself in His word.

God’s word is more than just a book – it is a living and ever adapting expression of His will for us and His love. Tonight I am encouraged, because I know that in the grand scheme of things

God will not disown me for cross-dressing

Try Him. Spent some time searching for Him and He will show up. There is nothing like His presence to still a frantic heart, to bring rest to a weary soul.

May the weekend be filled with love for all of you.


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  1. Jaimelynn 3 years ago

    Have read the KJV thru cover to cover 50 times and working on 51 now.

    Hope to have read it cover to cover as many times as I am old when I die.

    Notice over the years it is true you can use the Bible to teach anything you want it to teach. That is why we have so many flavors of religion where one religion says one thing and another religion can say another thing…none agree on much of anything except … if you act like me…talk like me…think like me…dress like me…you are okay.

    God does not save Baptists…God does not save Catholics…in heaven there are no Baptists…in heaven there are no Catholics…there are only sinners…saved by the blood of the crucified one.

    Another thing I have noticed is the Bible is a closed book…unless you have been born again…it remains a closed book. If you are born again…the Holy Spirit can lead and guide us thru God’s word…not our own personal interpretation of God’s word. Many have a lot of opinions on God’s word but often it is taken out of context…misapplied…conveniently high lights others sins and ignores our own. Example…Preachers ought to only be married once. Many preachers have one wedding ring but by Bible definitions of marriage (flesh joining flesh) have more 5, 6, and many wives…and conveniently hide behind the pulpit and the Bible as great men of God…at least in their own minds.

    II Tim 2.15 notes…study…rightly dividing. The New King James does not have that verse that commands you to study…only one version does in the English language…The authorized King James Version 1611. So for me that makes my choice of Bible simple…the one that commands me to study. The 244* versions of Bibles ‘add to’ and ‘take from’ the words of God. ‘Words’ may sound harmless but most folks want a Bible convenient for themselves…and the Word of God for them becomes the ‘message’ ‘original intent’ etc.

    If we are born again again…it is because we came to Jesus as a sinner…in need of a saviour…and that is definitely me…’he that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out’. If you tend to be a religious person you might want to remember religion crucified Christ. The religious elite incited the mobs to chant crucify him.

    Now that I am born again the third heaven is mine…I did not earn it and I can’t lose it…and at the judgement seat of Christ I will be judged for did I glorify God or waste my time on earth glorifying myself. And my judge (your judge if you are born again) said this ‘But I say unto , That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement.’

    Now say you were never born again…but are counting on your own…righteousness, as opposed to God’s righteousness which is his Son Jesus Christ. If you are a godly sort of person…and a righteous kind of person…that is too bad because Jesus died for the ungodly, Jesus died for the unrighteous, Jesus died for sinners…he did not die for you. So if you religious and self righteous don’t waste time God’s time or our time. Save your breath for arguing with God at the White Throne Judgement where you can explain to God why your righteousness is just as good as God’s if not better. Good luck with that humble religious approach but count me out.

    As the CDH notes they try to avoid religion…
    Religion is man reaching out to God
    Salvation is God reaching out to man
    Religion never saved anyone Mt 1.21 … thou shalt call his name JESUS for he shall save his people from their sins.

    As the CDH notes they try to avoid politics…
    And some cried…we have no god but Caesar!

    The god of this world is the wrong god if is he your choice.
    His goal…
    II Cor 4.4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not…

    If you are concerned about where you will spend eternity…that is a good start. The conviction of Holy Spirit is the only way that happens (not the guilt trips of religion, or immoral folks trying to legislate their morals on others).

    Here is hoping as you go thru your journey in this world you have not rejected the call of the spirit…
    As Jesus said Mk 8.36,37 What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his own soul?

    In heaven there are no Baptists, Catholics, Democrats, Republicans, Communists, Capitalists…only sinners saved by the blood of the crucified one. In the interim whether CDH or elsewhere I need worry only about myself and answer to God in the end…not waste my time seeking the approval of men, or religious men, however good are the intentions they may have.

    Here is hoping you find God’s will for you in this life…and more importantly be prepared to meet God in eternity on his terms…not yours.

    CDH helped me accept myself, and God helps me work out my own salvation with fear and trembling (not earning salvation…but how to live for Him after salvation).

    Best wishes on your journey thru CDH, planet earth, and eternity.

  2. Stefanie 3 years ago

    Great topic
    I read deut 22:5 and it says what it says
    Everything else is a man made interpretation
    Deut is a covenant made with God for Israel, hence we can eat shellfish pork etc and NT backs this up eg. everything prayed for can be eaten.
    New Testament Jesus fulfills the Law
    Eg men should not be effeminate
    However if women can wear pants
    Then men can wear dresses and skirts
    If they are made for them
    Hmm this is getting tricky
    I m sure (but my opinion) God doesnt want deception.
    So are you or me trying to fool someone into thinking we are wonen? Or am i a guy that likes the feel of a bra? If i am and i get one from home mystere how am i crossdressing?
    Another thing : if i m crossdressing for sexual gratification which i did for a long time is the a sin of sexual immorality or perversion, not sure but i know it is a sin of sensuality
    So now if i dont do it for sexual gratification and i get my clothes from homme mystere
    My own personality made custom shoes and wear as a guy with heels on sexy jeans bra and panties under am I crossdressing am i even sinning?
    Very confusing especially if u consider the context of Deut 22:5
    Israel going into a new land that practiced crossdressing as a religious ritual….
    If you take that approach and that deut is a covenant with israel(foods forbidden, stoning, etc) and that the NT doesnt mention it,
    If your re wearing lingerie for men heels made for men dresses skirts made for men then where are we????
    Interesting topic

  3. LaFemmeCoco Coco 3 years ago

    As an ordained clergy with four degrees in religious studies I may be of some help here. First, the Tanaka or Old Testament is not our book. There is no need to pretend that we can find Jesus in most of the Old Testament, the exception is the last few chapters of Isaiah. Those passages in Leviticus are reactions to the way the neighbors of Israel were living and the response created rigid boundaries between them and us.

    Paul is a commentator upon the story of Jesus but he is not our Savior. It is wrong to elevate Paul to being equal in truth bearing to Jesus. No doubt Paul agonizes on what we do with his words in making them equally authoritative with the words of Jesus.

    What did Jesus say about crossdressing? Nothing. I cannot imagine Jesus erecting walls where walls don’t exist. I believe that sin is anything that unbalances a person. If all the money goes to clothes of any gender and nothing is left for food for the children then the unbalance the person embraces is what is sinful not how he or she does the unbalancing.

    The Old Testament seeks to motivate a balanced life through laws permitting some things and forbidding others. Jesus motivates by giving a new status to a sinner: you are royalty. Jesus makes us a child of God, an inheritor of a royal status. We are surprised to find out about this gift and the gift giver: its unexpected, it is freely given. As long as we live within the reality that we are royalty and keep our eyes on the King’s son, Jesus, we will want to live as royalty. But if we take our eyes off Jesus we will fall back into our old reality. The only folks who go to hell are those who can no longer enjoy heaven. Their souls are so full of hatred that there is no room for grace. I have yet to meet any crossdresser who hates even a little bit.

    I did meet a demon one Sunday afternoon when my studies in rhetoric and persuasion took me to a Klan rally. As I stepped closer to interview the leader I felt as if I had stepped into a freezer. When I looked into his eyes I saw pure evil. Hating had eaten out everything in him. I never have had that experience with anyone else in my 68 years. So let us live as the royalty Jesus declares that we are, choose the words of Jesus over the O.T. and Paul, and do deeds of love and kindness to all.

    When I have to take a long trip, especially on a plane, I tuck a $20 bill in my pocket and make it my mission to get rid of it by giving it to someone who needs it. That means I really need to listen to what people are saying. Once I give the person the money and tell them how I know they need it, I walk quickly away. It creates enough dissonance as to open a crevice for Jesus. No matter how we dress, no one can deny that a disciple of Jesus just did a Jesus thing.

    I hope this helps all of us feel rebalanced into true royalty.

  4. Ralph Carter 2 years ago

    Will I go to hell for crossdressing

  5. Morgan Staar 12 months ago

    I think God will ask us What did you do with your gift from Jesus when the day comes when we meet..not what clothes did you wear while you were on earth..Just as he wont ask did you believe that world was really created in 6 days and that He actually ever rested..How did all the time you spend pondering that build My kingdom.

    The bible condemns sexual immorality, in those days that was any sex outside of marriage.

    Just my thoughts

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