Growth and Hibernation

Leaving crossdressing hibernation

In nature, most animals and plants are most active during the spring and summer months, and then during the fall they begin preparing for the winter when they typically become much less active even to the point of hibernating. Hibernation is a state of almost suspended animation that many species such as bats and woodchucks and some birds enter where they are deep in rest to the point where almost NOTHING can wake them up.

For many of us in the transgender community, however, this cycle of activity is shifted 180 degrees. It is during the winter that we can become more active in our dressing as there are many more opportunities with the colder weather for wearing our desired clothing underneath coats and sweaters. We put on leggings or stockings over legs we can shave because we won’t typically be wearing shorts in the winter time. We can wear camis and bras under our tops because the bulkiness of winter sweaters and coats hides the telltale straps and curves. So for many of us this is the chance to live life a little more as we wish we could all the time.

Crossdresser Heaven in its current incarnation-really began to grow during the fall and winter of 2015-2016. I know that, for myself, I made tremendous strides in my journey of gender exploration. From the first tentative post I made in August of last year-“Dipping my toes in the water-with pink toenail polish”, my journey accelerated as I made new friends and decided that Cynthia would be open and honest and begin to explore her role in my life. With the encouragement of other members, I shaved my entire body of hair leaving smooth and silky skin. I drove back from a football game dressed completely as woman including full makeup and wig and even stopped for gas along the way. I talked to many other members and shared my story of how I had gotten to this point on my transgender journey. I began to dress most evenings after work to the point where I now spend more time as Cynthia than I do as my male shell (although I still haven’t gotten out in the world outside of my car yet). I “got my milkshake” (the story of my first interaction with the world as Cynthia-a brief experience going through the drive thru of Dairy Queen!) Starting electrolysis to permanent remove my facial hair.

Stepping Out Secrets


Being discovered by my niece to be wearing nail polish which led to my telling her of my trans status-the first person outside of my counselor and the ladies on site here that knows who I truly am!. The trip to the Bowl game and New Orleans with my friend from pool where I desperately wanted to open up and tell her of my TG feelings but failed each time I tried. The hints I dropped on that trip-buying women’s shirts in my size, looking at dresses and skirts in the stores, walking in shorts with my smooth legs showing. Finally telling her about three quarters of the way home on the long drive. The relief I felt from the heavy weight of secrecy I had been struggling under for so many years when she accepted me unconditionally. Showing her pictures of myself in Cynthia mode and thrilling to her compliments! The worry I felt that maybe she had changed her mind about accepting me when a lack of replies to my emails and texts occurred for about three weeks. The joy I felt when we finally touched base again and I realized my fears were for naught! Signing up for the Southern Comfort Conference (a TG/CD conference/meeting with about 750 attendees) in Ft. Lauderdale for this September-with one of my closest friends–a whole week of being able to be Cynthia and interact with hundreds of people-a thought both terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Knowing that my friend and I will support each other through our fears and will celebrate the joys and triumphs together. All of that in six months! And I am certain many others have similar stories and I encourage you to reflect on your own journey and to PLEASE reply to this post with a listing of what you have accomplished since you found this site that has been a lifesaver for so many of us.

But now spring approaches-the time of year when many of us will allow our feminine sides to go into our own form of hibernation. Our smooth skin so often allowed to have the hair return for fear of what others will think as we being to wear summer shorts and swimsuits. The pretty underthings we wore under our sweaters and coats relegated to only being worn in the privacy of our homes as we fear discovery of a strapline here, a piece of lace peeking out there. So many of us are afraid of letting the world know of our feminine sides, so we put that side away-in a sense putting her into hibernation. I wonder how many of us will let the gains we have made over the past six months recede into the background.

But this need not be the case! We can choose to retain those gains and even build on them. In my own case, I decided last fall that unlike all the previous times when I shaved my body hair off, this is the year that I LEAVE it that way for the spring and summer – and the heck with what people may think! Bodybuilders, swimmers and bikers do it all the time anyway and though I am not one of those-no one ELSE knows that!. I’m continuing the electrolysis which has noticeably reduced the shadow of facial hair that used to be quite prominent. In the next week or two, I plan on having a dermabrasion facial (part of a three session special already paid for). I want to try getting a pedicure this spring-not certain yet whether it will be en femme or in male mode but either way I THINK I want to do it with colored polish! I am considering going with a friend for a consultation with a wig specialist and then maybe a makeover at a place like Ulta. And I want to get out more in Cynthia mode and interact with the world. This is the only way I’ll be able to learn if further steps toward transitioning are in my future or not. The trip to the convention this fall will be a big step for me!
I guess the main thing is that I don’t want to lose ground on any of the progress I have made so far, and in fact I want to BUILD on that progress! And I encourage each and every one of you to do the same! Whatever your goals may be, continue to strive toward reaching them! Don’t let the hard work you have made go for naught. Don’t let any obstacles you may be facing on your journey force you to turn back from crossing the finish line! I would encourage each of you to reply to this post with your goals for the year. Commit to taking steps to move forward towards your desired destination.

In conclusion below is a poem I wrote trying to encapsulate the above thoughts!

Tipping Point

Her life had reached a tipping point that late mid-summer day.
The gender questions of her life upon her thoughts did weigh.
Could she be happy dressing in the quiet of her home?
Or was it time to let her shine and through the world to roam?

She pondered o‘er the pros and cons of making either choice-
To let the girl stay silent or to finally give her voice.
The fears so far were winning as she added up the cost-
The dangers of her job and family permanently lost?

For life had been quite difficult-the hiding and denying-
Had oft made her believe that part of her was slowly dying.
The joy she felt those too few times when she put on a dress
And felt the way a girl should feel when she looks at her best.

What hope that she could ever be the girl she was inside?
The world would not accept her thus her femme side was denied.
She put the mask of manhood on and part of her was crushed-
The giggles of her girlishness were soon forever hushed.

But then she came upon a site that opened up her eyes-
The moment she perused it, she began to realize
That she was NOT alone as she had feared for many years
And as that thought alit, she shed the first of many tears.

The dreams she had forsaken were not dead but merely sleeping-
And as they surfaced in her mind, she slowly began weeping
For all the wasted years when she let other peoples hate
Keep her in chains but now she realized it’s not too late.

Though she approaches middle age, her destiny is free
To be the girl she knows that she was always meant to be.
The fears she faces daily will still be there it is true
But now she walks with others who are in the same boat too!

No longer isolated, she walks proudly with her friends,
And knows as she progresses that the journey never ends!
Life is what you make it and the most important part
Is to follow what you know to be the truth inside your heart.

So don’t be like the bears who in the winter hibernate-
Take every opportunity to make the journey great.
Striving to move forward as the years go slowly by
And no regrets for steps untaken-always ALWAYS TRY!

I hope I haven’t wasted not a moment of you time
And that this poem makes you think as even now it rhymes.
There’s only one responsible for living life anew
The person who’s reflected in the mirror-YEP! IT’S YOU!

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a person trying to find her own way in the world. And I hope you will please reply with your own accomplishments you have made in the last year and your goals for the year to come!


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The Original Cyn, or OC for short. Cynthia is from Richmond Virginia, she crossdresses every day (lucky gal!) and has a knack for tracking down niggling technical issues so we can fix them. She is also on a journey of self-examination to figure out where her feminine journey will lead her, and is always willing to talk with others about their feelings and questions or her own.

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  1. Katie H 3 years ago

    I loved the article and have done many of the same things. I knew I was not the right sex even before I was into my teens.I would find female clothes wherever I could and run out to a nearby forest to try them on. I would feel so alive and right being who I should have been all along a female. As time went on and I was out on my own the feeling to be a woman became stronger and stronger. I would start to crossdress more and put on makeup and wigs and feel bold enough to go out for drives to see others reactions. They were seeing me as another woman when they would be next to me in my car and that was boosting me to even more trips outside. I twice went to a public mall in the winter time and went inside to walk around and look in the store windows at peoples reactions. I was feeling great as nobody gave me a second look and I could really feel my inner woman shine. I have yet to have the confidence to be able to come out fully but my inner woman urges are realy making it hard not to find some way soon to be able to do that. I need to complete the journey to become the true woman I know that I am. Even as I am writing this now I am dressed up in my (Sunday Best) with nice lace bra and panties a nice blue with stripes across dress and stockings. I also have on my makeup and nice necklace,earrings,bracelet and a ring for my hand. I hope that I will soon find the courage and help to complete my journey and would appreciate any help from my sisters out there. Love Katie H

  2. Lola Getz 3 years ago

    That was a wonderful revealing story and a very well written poem Cynthia. It takes a lot of creative talent to write a poem. I think the hardest part is to write a sentence that ends with a rhyming word to the previous sentence. Only a well educated person would use words like ‘encapsulate’. I had to look it up.

    Your story had a great impact on me. I have not come out to anyone in person yet. The experience would both excite me and terrify me. I realize now that crossdressing is not about having sex. It is for me. I want to be the woman having a sexual experience with a man. That experience would both excite me and terrify me too.

    I have felt some relief from the heavy weight of secrecy I have hidden my whole life. I have revealed myself to many people online. It was easy because I don’t know any of them.

    You have a great day and take care of you.


  3. Ally 3 years ago

    This time it was you who moved my soul to tears! I loved the article and the poem. They strike home with me on a lot of levels, both pleasant and sad. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  4. Jamie 3 years ago

    That is a great story and poem i can relate to everything you said since I started to crossdressing and enjoying life.I keep my body shaven every day and getting my second face waxing today and am proud to be out of closet.The girls at Ultra Salon have been so helpful on my new life.

  5. dani 3 years ago

    great article cynthia. As I have posted elsewhere I have had laser and am completely hairless face chest belly legs back of hands. No one notices. My toes are bright colors in the winter and light pink in the summer, only one person ever noticed in 25 years to date. My fingers are always sheer nude and no one ever has noticed. Our greatest fear is fear itself. So go for it with confidence

  6. nancy 3 years ago

    Love your artical very nicely you have described the weather which helps us to full fill our wishes i eagerly wait for the winter to arrive rsther i wish that winter should not go away but nature has to take its corse during winter i always put on the bra panty stocking under neeth my woolen clothes i full fill my desire once i cleaned my body haires and i do little make up i was working in one of the hospital one day i went to hospital in night for surprise check i was putting breadt form under my bra one of the gemale staff could judge it she asked me frankely sir are you wearing bra i said with confidence yes i she ssked me why i said i enjoy the feel of this she could understand my feeling and becam frank with me she use yo openly talk to me girlish talks with me and even inwited me to her residence and he

  7. Dianne Baldwin 3 years ago

    Love your article there’s a whole lot of truth in what you wrote. Since joining this site I have gained a lot of confidence. I told my wife that I I was cross dressing and had been since early teens with exception when our two kids were growing up . Her reaction was that I was sick and disgusting I didn’t want to talk about it
    My body is completely shaved and I plan to leave it that way.
    I would love to be Dianne 24/7 but not possible right now

  8. Amanda Patrick 3 years ago

    Hi Cynthia,

    Let me start by saying you are a great poet and I like your new pic. you look beautiful. Thanks to this site I have done things I thought I could not do. when these feelings came back so strong last year after being some what quiet for so long. this site help me accept that this is just me and not to keep trying to ignore them. when I asked my wife if she would purchase me some things that I was to nervous She said if I wanted to indulge I would have to purchase things my self. but she did relent and purchased me some silk lady boxers on line for sleeping in and said the rest was up to me. Thanks to this site helping me with my confidence I was able to purchase bra , panties, which I were almost 24/7. nylons, and a wig which I plan to replace with something nicer. ( I jumped the gun to quick on that purchase) and also forms. several months later I mustered the courage to purchase a skirt, blouse, top, and dress from a department store. As you can imagine I was truly nervous but did it any way. Recently I purchased lady pyjamas for my self my wife was with me and helped me pick out a new top for my self ( I was Thrilled ) She is ok with me cd ing as long as it is in private and I am ok with that. My goals for this year is to replace that wig of course and purchase my first summer outer items. which I am very excited about. I hope to also meet other cds in person for the first time. That would be awesome. I joined this site in October and I feel I am slowly accepting my self but I know Like any thing else in life there will , be Highs’ and lows.

    Take care and all the best on your Journey.



  9. Renee Elysse Stuart 3 years ago

    Cyn, thank you so much for your wonderful article. You have been such a support and role model for me and so many other girls here on the site. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles and successes. My immediate concern about hibernating is that since rediscovering Renee a month ago I have exclusively been wearing ladies slacks that pass for men’s at work. I have discovered that women’s slacks have very small pockets! I now need to carry my keys in the pocket of my outer jacket. With the warmer weather, I’m not sure what I will do since I’m not quite ready to carry a purse into the office. Most likely I will use my briefcase which I rarely use now but will be an essential accessory in the warmer months, I guess, LOL. Please also check out a post I just wrote on the forum in crossdressing success stories under “Happy birthday to me,” for a more detailed description of my personal journey in the past month. All the best, hugs and kisses, Renee

  10. Monika Sweet 3 years ago

    I love Winter for the Sam reasons you just mentioned… Wearing tights, stockings, Bra/Bustier/Teddy under winter clothes and chance to wear my boots… !!! Even the clothing options open up so much in winter that it is so much more fun to dress up.

    Spring does has its charm but the choice in colors, dresses and shoes becomes so much restricted… Wearing nylons or tights or boots just seems so out of place..

  11. Monika Sweet 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your Journey Cynthia and No doubt you look so fabulous as Cynthia and you inspire so many CD/TGs around here.

    I usually go for mani/pedicure in my male persona and therefore the choice is limited to clear polish… But then I come back home and take out my new nail color which usually is shiny and glossy, and apply it which is lot easier and cleaner after the pedi.

    Only thing I hate is to remove it as I cannot wear socks all the time and kids around the house I just cannot go barefoot.

    I wish there was a LGBT conference around my place or a LGBT community to get along with. That would be so much fun to share, mix and enjoy being ourselves.

  12. Rosaliy Lynne 3 years ago

    “I want to try getting a pedicure this spring-not certain yet whether it will be en femme or in male mode but either way I THINK I want to do it with colored polish!” If you are going to do it – do it en femme dear. You know you want to and it will be great for you.

    Now – Your story shows so much growth and strength. Never been to SC Myself but I have heard a lot about it. Perhaps one year I’ll make it there too.

    Your poem stuck was beautifully written and so many cords.

    As for CDH – since coming here I have learned how much luckier I am than ever I thought I was. More than a few of our sisters have run into issues I could never have thought would happen. Many are just coming out of their shells, something I did some few years back. Hopefully I can provide friendship and some help along the way. The discussions have also been great – none of the garbage so common on other sites. It’s a good place. I like it here and hope everyone else does too.

  13. Sallysim 3 years ago

    What a wonderful article Cyn, and so true.
    I’ve enjoyed and still enjoy wearing bra’s and cami tops under baggy shirts and coats. Although I on one occasion went to a local cafe with the rock wearing a bra under a very bright feminine jumper, and with little encouragement removed my coat and sat in the busy cafe with the jumper in full view and not one person batted an eyelid which made me feel good.
    I’m looking forward to the summer not with fear but with excitement to see what I can wear without people noticing too much. Although I have some wonderful summer skirts and tops to wear when I’m around the people who accept me and understand my gender issues.
    Since joining CDH my confidence and belief in who I really am has grown emensely, and look forward to the future and my continued discoveries about my true inner self.
    Thanks Cyn, you are such an inspiration and thanks to all the lovely girls on CDH.

  14. Stephanie Q 3 years ago

    Wonderful article Cynthia! It’s always a great feeling when you come out to someone and they accept you for the person you are, and do not care how you present your gender to the world.
    Sometimes you have to take a series of little steps to overcome fear and build confidence so that you can reach an ultimate goal. Divide and conquer is a common strategy for solving complex issues, and dressing IS a complex issue.

    Thanks for contributing this piece!

  15. Jesse Nicole(Smokey) 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing. You reflect what I strive for in my life..your encouraging words help all of us continue our journey. I almost gave up and threw in the towel a few weeks ago, because I am so alone here in my world, but your bright, happy self shines through everytime I talk in chat and read your posts. Thank you and all the girls here on CDH for keeping Jesse alive and happy!!

  16. Abbie Simons 3 years ago

    Great article as usual Cynthia, i have enjoyed this winter and hiding everything under sweaters. This will be my first real summer since really discovering myself, and since meeting everyone on the site. I hope the flower which has bloomed will continue to do so.

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