Many men have gynecomastia, which has been known to be caused by the amount of hormones in today’s foods and is one of the main contributing causes.. In the case of teenagers, the puberty process can lead to hormonal imbalances that can lead to breast growth. In older people, age itself, illnesses and medications can also lead to breast enlargement. There are also other reasons for this to happen.

But what to do in situations like this?

Surgery can be expensive, and you may have to wait for some time before it can be done – or depending on the patient’s health, it might not be done at all. To prevent the breasts from swaying and even pain, there are special men’s vests for gynecomastia. I never wore one, but I think it uncomfortable to wear because it has several hooks, despite the fact that it shapes the body in order to “reduce” the breasts.

A very sad and very wrong thing is the bullying practiced against teenagers who have gynecomastia. When he is not “advised” to wear a bra, there are those who presented them with one as a form of humiliation.

Of course, for bra lovers such as me, gynecomastia can even be fun – yes, it’s exciting to naturally fill a bra.

If you want a bra that shapes your breasts to “reduce them,” one exists. We’re familiar with bras that can also make less look like more. If a bra is for breasts, why can’t men who have breasts wear them? Why is this taboo?

If I had gynecomastia, I wouldn’t mind wearing a bra – I find the bra more practical and more beautiful than the male model vests for gynecomastia. It is better to wear a bra than to be in pain or to have to close a lot of hooks.

Besides, I would be much happier to know that I have a beautiful bra under my clothes and not a monotonous vest. And I believe that many men who start wearing a bra might find out they like doing so.

It is important that we accept our body as it is – at least until we can leave it the way we want …

We should not be concerned with what others think about us, although in some settings this is important. Wearing a bra because of gynecomastia cannot be a cause for shame for anyone; not everyone can or wants to have surgery.

I think that stores should be prepared to serve men who wear a bra, especially for gynecomastia. After all, bra is for breasts.

For those who suffer, it isn’t necessary to wear a pink lace-up push-up bra because of gynecomastia. A black bra, with a reducing effect, to “hide” your breasts and keep the bra hidden can help you. And for those of us that enjoy bras you can feel better with a more beautiful bra. After all, taking all the precautions, only you will know that you are wearing it under your clothes.

Do you have gynecomastia?

If you had gynecomastia, would you wear a bra?

Do you wear a bra even in public because of gynecomastia?

I’m curious about your answers.

Marie Claire

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4 months ago

I do have enlarged breasts due to gynecomastia, being overweight and low testosterone levels (normal estradiol levels).

I do not wear a bra, as I fear that the bra lines would be seen and I would be publicly embarrassed. Therefore I just wear loose clothing to cover up my breasts.

I am taking testosterone injections but as testosterone levels increased my body was converting to estradiol, so now on estradiol blocker medication too.

Surgeon told me to lose weight before breast reduction surgery or I would have an excessive amount of loose skin around breast area.

Joan Michaels
Trusted Member
4 months ago

Marie, Not to keep you too curious … Do you have gynecomastia? No,Yes, I’ll explain … Two years ago 2018, I went to a Wacoal Fit for the Cure bra fitting for Breast Cancer research. I’m a 38B/36C. No I did not know my breasts would fit a bra. Yes bring on more of that gynecomastia the Breast Life for me! Larger – Rounder – Fuller breasts. If you had gynecomastia, would you wear a bra? Yes, yes every day with a matching panties. simone perele bras and panties are my favorite. Do you wear a bra even in public… Read more »

Joan Michaels
Trusted Member
4 months ago

Great article.
Men are so ridiculed and shamed into having them surgically removed it’s disgusting. When mine begin to bounce, time for a fitting for a bra no vest or compression device for me.
I will tend to want to show my pair off.

Megan Edwards
4 months ago

I started wearing it because of cancer. Had lymph removed? Had a choice between compression garments or a sports bra. Did the compression shirts but they are hot in summer so went with bras. Have since gone started in other women’s clothes. Enjoying the ride.

Active Member
4 months ago

I too have gynecomastia and actually I love it because I have as of this day larger breast than some women have. I wear pushup bra’s to take advantage of the fact that I can draw attention from the men while having stares from the women. Some say that guy’s who have breast shouldn’t have them but I totally don’t agree. People should mind they’re own business and keep walking. That’s in the perfect world right! 

Active Member
4 months ago
Reply to  Marie Claire

You are right on 100 % girl. It is what it is and we are doing what we are suppose to be doing and was born to be. It don’t get ay plainer than that. 

Maddie Davids
3 months ago

Marie Claire- I had gynecomastia as a child when puberty started. You weren’t kidding, the bullying was relentless and after some mental health issue due to the bullying, my parents elected the surgery route. It obviously changed my life. I do miss having the slightly rounder and larger breasts, but at the time I just couldn’t stand the bullying anymore.

I’m brand new to embracing my cross dressing urges instead of running from them, and am grateful to have found this community.

Bobbisue Jones
3 months ago

Marie, great article. My story a little different, I think. I am 76 years old, suffered from low T. Apparently too low. Went to my primary because left breast was itching and nipples very sensitive. Was sent for mammogram. Report was Estrogen overload, your growing! Started T shots, I think they went overboard with T. Too much T turns to E, got a little bigger. Meanwhile, my feminine side became very active in my head. The moment I had thoughts of breasts might go down with introduction of T she vehemently became verbally opposed to that action. I kept hearing… Read more »

Active Member
3 months ago

I do not have gynecomastia as far as I know, but as a few others here l always dreamt of having my own breasts, yes actually I have wanted to be a girl/woman since l was five or six years old. Some years ago I found some cylindric glass jars with hose connectors in the basement of my workplace and got this idea trying to see if I could enlarge my breasts by connecting them to a small industrial grade vacuum pump. Today l have small but nicely shaped breasts filling an 36 A bra nicely. With clever use of… Read more »

7 days ago

Yes I have gynectomastia recently diagnosed from medications. Frankly, I’m pleased with the diagnosis have always wanted breasts and now have about a B cup! Like wearing bras, but have difficulty finding 42 B sizes.

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