Many crossdressers choose to keep their thrilling feminine hobby or lifestyle a secret. Why? The LGBT community have their rights, and cross dressers are under the “transgender umbrella” so why are some of us afraid of admitting that we’re a cross dresser? It can be for different reasons. We choose to keep it secret because cross dressers are misunderstood people, or perhaps we have kept it secret for so long, that we have a feeling of “guilt” and are afraid to reveal that we cross dress to family and friends.  In any case, if we decide to reveal that we cross dress to family and friends, it can be a great risk because if it goes bad, it can make your relationship with them worse instead of better. However, based upon my experience, there is a way to make it work. Here is my true story and advice…

My elderly father lives with me, and I’m his family caregiver. I kept being a cross dresser secret from my “Daddy” for over two years! This was not easy. I could only dress up as a woman and walk around freely in the comfort of my own home when he either went to town, or he went to sleep at night. How I finally decided to reveal “Revel” and that I’m a cross dresser was clever. There’s only one day (or night) of the year that you can dress up as anything you want, and not be judged – Halloween! So on Halloween night this year, I strongly felt it was “now or never” and I dressed up as sexy “Revel the Devil Girl” and made him close his eyes before I walked out in front of him. Then when I said out loud in my feminine voice “open your eyes for a surprise” he opened them and he was amazed! At first, he was a little shocked, but then he finally spoke and explained to me that I looked great! I thanked him, and gave him a big smile. Then he took a picture of me posing. When I felt comfortable enough, I explained to him that I’ve been cross dressing for quite some time – over two years since July 2018. He told me that he was “all for it” and was 100% supportive! I also modeled two more outfits for him as well. One was an orange dress, and the other was a shirt and a dark pink pleated skirt. My Daddy not only helped give me life, but he gave me the greatest gift of all…acceptance. So I gave him a kiss on his cheek and thanked him for being so kind. Halloween 2020 was the BEST Halloween I ever had! It will be a cherished memory forever!

We now have total respect for one another. He used to be a photographer at weddings. Now that he’s retired, he sometimes enjoys taking pictures of his daughter Revel (me) posing and modeling. Then after looking at the pictures together, we share some ideas back and forth. He taught me that “variety is the spice of life” and he once told me the best thing he likes about my place is Revel! Our bond is inseparable. This has made my life easier for me to be a cross dresser freely in the comfort of my own home. We have good clean fun together. I realize I’m in a distinct minority of crossdressers, but based upon my experience, it’s all about the right timing to make acceptance work.

So remember my cross dressing sisters, if you ever want to reveal to your family or friends that you’re a cross dresser, I strongly advise to wait until Halloween. It’s the safest time to dress up as a woman and not be judged. It may be worth the wait! I hope that you take my advice into consideration and if you decide to take the risk on Halloween, I wish you the best of luck! My Daddy and I both feel that crossdressers are very kind and beautiful people, and we hope that our true story is helpful to the cross dressing community. If you enjoyed my article, please leave a kind comment below or send me a private message. Or take the time to answer one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you below:

  • Who was the first member of your immediate family did you disclose the fact you were a cross dresser and how did they react and what did they say?
  • If it wasn’t a family member you first told about your thrill of cross dressing, who was it and were they accepting and supportive or just the opposite?
  • How many of you cross dressers have a supportive wife or SO and what are their limits placed on your ability to cross dress, if any?

Thanks for taking the time to read my article girls!

Sincerely, Revel


Scarlett’s edited version:

En Femme Style


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I was going through a kind of midlife crisis until I listened to some advice from actor Bill Duke on the importance of loving yourself. This excellent advice changed my life. It was the best advice that I ever heard. Thank you, Bill! He played "Mac" in the classic 1987 movie "Predator" filmed in Mexico. I started loving myself and having a new respect for myself. I eventually got into the art of cross-dressing, and it changed my life for the better. I love watching CBS soaps! I watch The Young and the Restless every weekday. My favorite characters are Victor Newman and Audra Charles. I have the Y&R logo on my cover image to show that I'm a fan. I love Y&R. ❤️ My elderly "Daddy" has acceptance in his heart. We have a unique relationship, and a new respect and understanding for one another. This all started on Halloween 2020. I wrote an article about it, and it has been published under "Hodgepodge" here at CDH. I have my own place out in the country, and it's a quiet, private, and peaceful life. It's like a piece of Heaven! My "CD Anniversary" took place on July 11, 2018. I decided to finally join CDH on December 5, 2020. I've had two articles published here at CDH, and started interesting polls/topics. I also have a nice private photo gallery. Check it out! The month of July 2022 was very special to me. I became a "Featured Member" on July 9, 2022, and June 7, 2024. My dearest Sofia "Sofy" Hurtado and I met here at CDH back in July 2022 as well. Love you, Sofy! I'm very proud to be a Baroness and Noble Member here. CDH has been a blessing to me. Thank you CDH.

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Samara Wilson
Samara Wilson
2 years ago

That is a wonderful story, hun!! Great idea about doing it on Halloween!! I have to say I started to get tears in my eyes reading about the way your Daddy reacted. What a wonderful man!! Too bad everybody couldn’t be as accepting as him. If everyone felt the same way as your Daddy, this would be a lot better world. We should all be accepting of each other. That was a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing that!! XOXO


Charlotte Walker
2 years ago

Hi Rev

Love your stories. You look awesome as the Devil.

The first person of immediate family was my grown up daughter. She was sat next to me and I showed her CDH she said I know and has been supportive, But has said if I look a disgrace she will tell me and get me something better,

Wife is not supportive wont discuss it.

Charlotte Walker
2 years ago

A lovely family best thing I ever did joining.

XXX Charlotte

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