In my previous article, I wrote about “Happy Surprises,” little things that one doesn’t expect as a closeted crossdresser. And for over 60 years, I had a monster secret on my back. It was let loose once before in 1995 and it led to a horrific divorce. For whatever reason, I approached my wife of 20 years a few weeks ago with the idea of me dressing as “Elphaba” the witch of the West from the play “Wicked.” I had never been in costume for Halloween, nor had I ever gone into public dressed as a female character. So, imagine my surprise when she said, “Sure. And we’ll need to get some bright red lipstick for you.” I ordered my costume, wig, hat and stockings and when it all arrived, I put everything on, except the makeup in front of her. She looked at me and said, “I’ve never seen you like this.” I wasn’t sure where this was going or coming from! I just went with the flow. Then on Halloween afternoon, we got ready to hand out the candy to the neighborhood kids. We dressed and she did my makeup. Needless to say, I scared a few of the kids when they realized “The witch is a man!” The night went well, and we shut down about 9 PM that evening.

We went into the master bath and removed our costumes and makeup, taking showers. When she finished hers, I handed her a towel and she dried off. Then she looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you like wearing women’s clothes?” I was stunned! I have tried desperately to keep my “hobby” secret. I thought about lying for a second then blurted out, “yes.” My mind was blown!

Well, after hours of talking it became very apparent that she not only was comfortable with it, she encouraged me to pursue my feminine side, with her help! Her biggest concern was for me to be happy and enjoy life. She couldn’t understand why I didn’t tell her years ago. Like most of us closeted types, it’s not something we relish revealing about ourselves, especially to our significant others when we have no clue as to the outcome of the reveal.

Since those talks, she has helped me order shoes, clothes, bras and given me some of her panties. We agreed I would be able to dress all the time, wear makeup, whatever, but in the house. This morning, she had me try on her jeans and slacks and a couple of blouses so we could go out to lunch and shopping with me en femme without makeup. Life is good!

The hidden CD Monster is dead, Kathryn has risen from the ashes!

PS: I love my wife even more than I thought possible!

PPS: The title was suggested by a dear friend, @carolyn Carolyn Kay. She’s been wonderful to me!

Girls, how long have you been in the closet and still afraid to come out to wife concerning your cross dressing?

Have you came out of the closet to your wife yet and how did she take it?

Does your wife help you pick out your femme clothes and makeup like my wife does? Tell me about what level of acceptance your wife is at with your cross dressing right now.

Thanks for reading my wonderful success story of my wife’s acceptance of my cross dressing! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Sincerely, Kathryn Lynn



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I am a long-time CDer. Living the dream!

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Jillian Walker
Jillian Walker
4 years ago

How wonderful for you! A little good luck and a seized opportunity leads to a fantastic outcome. I am so happy for you!

Vanessa Jones
Active Member
4 years ago


That is wonderful to hear that your wife is willing to support “YOU"! You must be overjoyed and relieved to be able to be yourself and BREATHE. I know I was when I came out to my second wife early in our relationship.
I am very happy for you!


Rochelle Mills
Active Member
4 years ago

How wonderful, Kathryn. So happy for you and your wife…I need a hankie!

Brenda Scott
Active Member
4 years ago

Congratulations on the monster coming off your back. It is difficult to tell someone a huge secret when you see one path for success but many that lead elsewhere. Once you say the words there is no way to UN-speak them. Thankfully your wife is supportive and things have worked out. My wife knows of my dressing. I also try to dress within the limits where she can fell comfortable as well. While dressing up starts off often as a solo act, and just as often stays that way for a long time, it is important to remember how your… Read more »

Emily Pants
4 years ago

Well yes & no, well yes really. My adorable wife is so amazing I can’t imagine where I would be without her help & acceptance. I have been so lucky in love, but there are times when she feels I go too far. I guess I do take things a little too far, I don’t know. I love wearing Female shoes & have no male trousers, all are Female slacks of varying styles (I especially like Pallazo Pants). My shoe habit is something does irk, so I try to be descreet. Sometimes sneeking out to work in some lovely Brogues… Read more »

3 years ago

I came out to my wife and daughter they aren’t accepting of it and don’t want to see me dressed up. They said it hurt them to see me dressed that way. So I still do it in private. I don’t talk to my wife about it. Thanks Julie Wayne

Carole Corbett
Active Member
2 years ago

This has inspired me. I am working with a therapist and hope to tell her at some point. I truly hope she is accepting as yours.

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