I’ve always identified as a straight man, and when I am my boy self that is what I am, but when I become Georgia something in me flips. I suddenly want to drive the boys wild.

It’s funny what a dress can do. I started crossdressing when I was a teen. I would sneak into my sister’s room or my mum’s room when they were out and try on their clothes. The transformation wasn’t just material; this whole new me came out. A girl with confidence, a girl with sass, a girl who realised she wanted to be like the other girls.

I was so jealous of my girlfriends at school. I would see the outfits they wore at parties and think, “why can’t that be me?” I often found myself looking at the gorgeous, sexy clothes that women wore, wanting to be the one wearing them.

Having bought my own clothes and dressing the way I want I find myself craving the attention of men. Recently, I went to a drive-thru in my leggings. I could tell the man in the booth could see my legs and imagined him thinking, “they look good.” When I am in boy mode I am not interested in men.


Letting the girl inside me out properly for my significant other has made the boy inside me so much happier. Whether in either girl or boy mode, a weight has been lifted, and I feel confident and happy. It shows what crossdressing can do for a relationship.

I was terrified when I came out properly to my SO. When I say properly I mean that she knew I enjoyed dressing up from very early on in our relationship, but until about 2 months ago she didn’t know how important it was to me.

The truth is that neither did I. Until 2 months ago, I would grab any fleeting chance I got to crossdress, and I knew there was something different about me, something that I wasn’t sure of. I envied girls. I always knew I wanted to let that side of me out, but I didn’t know quite how much…

My SO had to go away for 6 weeks. Whilst I missed her, I relished the idea of just being able to dress up whenever I wanted, and I did it all the time. It felt right. It felt like Georgia was growing, and I loved it.

I ordered clothes – tights, skirts, shorts, heels, bodysuit, stockings, garter belt, dress, leggings, flats. I wore lingerie under my work clothes. I would rush home to get home and let Georgia out of her box. Heaven!

I went out for walks in the dark, in my leggings and a male hoodie, with canvas slip ons. I was terrified but so exhilarated. And then I wanted more.

I went out in the dark, down a country lane. I was petrified about being seen, but also, I wanted to be. Some cars passed me and must have seen me. It felt incredible!

My SO knew that I was crossdressing while she was away but not to this extent. I didn’t know how to tell her. When she returned, Georgia went back in her box.

God, I missed her. She is a part of me. I wanted to share it all with my SO but did not dare.

Last week, I felt really low. I was still wearing lingerie to work but wanted to be Georgia with my SO. I brought it up. I was petrified. She said it was fine. She has let me be me. I am so blessed. I am such a lucky girl.

I actually feel as if it has made us closer. We are hugging and kissing, being more intimate as I am happier.

I walked out as my boy self today and felt confident, like I could take on the world.

Georgia did that. She’s an incredible girl, and she is incredibly lucky to have an amazing SO.

I suppose my SO sees what Georgia does for me. We both know that girls just want to have fun!





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    Georgia Danes

    I am gender fluid. I love being both my female and male self and expressing both as the happy and proud boy girl I am! I started dressing up in my mums and sisters clothes when I was about 14. I could wait for the house to be empty so I could be myself. My partner has been aware of how I feel and what I want to wear for a long time, and has been amazing and accepting. I have only recently gone into boy girl mode seriously recently though. I wear female clothes everyday at home, and under male clothes when out. I would love to be out in society as the genderluid person I am, showing off my girly side as much as my boy side. I love figure hugging and revealing clothing. I love tights, leggings, skirts, dresses, shorts, body suits and heels! OMG HEELS! love them. I would love to find friends to share my world with.

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    Anastasia Irish
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    Thank you Georgia for sharing this lovely part of your life
    It has so many parallels to my, and I am sure so many others lives.
    Georgia is a beautiful and gracious woman for sharing.

    Paula Malmborg
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Georgia what a great read
    XX Paula

    Trusted Member
    3 years ago

    Georgia, what a great article… I am happy for you that Georgia is so much part of your life and you can balance her with your alter ego (I too share with my alter ego) also, an accepting SO is a definite plus … cherish the moments you have together..Leonara

    Denise Little
    3 years ago

    Thank you Georgia for sharing, I can relate to your story having taken the chance to be more Denise in the presence of my SO with better acceptance.

    Jannie Murry
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    Hi Georgia I know exactly what you are talking about. I am simular in the way I feel when I’m dressed as Janine. What I’m Janine I want to be noticed by a man. I dress provocatively showing lots of leg and a great set of breasts to get a man’s attention. I took it to the next level while I was on vacation where I met a man and spent time with him. On the last night before I was leaving to go home we slept together. What a incredible experience that was I did something that I never… Read more »

    Deborah Sullivan
    Trusted Member
    3 years ago
    Reply to  Jannie Murry

    Good for you girl. We all have the need to keep exploring and going to higher levels making our experince better and more complete

    Jannie Murry
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    Thanks Debbie for agreeing with me on exploring my needs. That experience is something that I’ll never forget and it’s opened up a new lifestyle for me

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