Happy Valentine’s Day To All!!!!

To: All of Our Members and Guests Past, Present and Future

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Know here you will always have Support, Friendship and Love!

From: Myself, Vanessa and All the Crossdresser Heaven Ambassadors

Unleash Your Inner Woman

Yours Truly,

Codille Benton
Managing Ambassador

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  1. Paula Warbucks 9 months ago

    I “joined” this website on March 17th and thought that, as it says you may, had cancelled my membership the next day. As it turns out, I hadn’t. So I set about trying to correct that today only to find out that there is absolutely nothing you can click on that even mentions cancellation. I’ve tried to reply to messages sent to me but get no field up in which to write, just a solicitation to upgrade my membership. Except for this, everything I’ve tried to do here leads me back to the membership upgrade page. I DO NOT want to upgrade my membership, in fact it is beginning to feel like the third level of hell trying to get out of here. I (perhaps mistakenly) assumed that this site was populated by human beings but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just one big viral trap. Please, for God’s sake, will somebody please email me at paul4s2000@yahoo.com and tell me how to end my relationship with this website. I wish nobody any harm or disrespect, I’ve just changed my mind about membership at this time. If somebody will tell me how to cancel my membership now I may rejoin later. Thank you very much, Paula.

  2. Laura Samuels 10 months ago

    This site is apart of my daily ritual. Just before bed it’s forums and hopefully a new article. It makes my day. I get peace from this site. I have a place to go at all times. We need a CDH superstore.

  3. Lori Shane 10 months ago

    I finally found a home

  4. Ashleigh 10 months ago

    Thanks for providing a safe place where we can share our tue selves without fear of rejection or condemnation.

  5. Stephanie Bass 10 months ago

    Thank you all. CDH is the greatest.

  6. Terri Anne 10 months ago

    Thank you to all for allowing us this safe comforting site.
    All my best,
    -Terri Anne

  7. karley delaware 10 months ago

    Thank You Wonderful Girls for all you do!!! I know if I gave you girls a real hug, I could never let go of you. My eyes are teary with Happiness and Love.

  8. Mishael Lovelace 10 months ago

    Happy Valentines Day to all the girls on CDH! I’m so glad I found this site and made new friends with some amazing people. Hugs, Mishael

  9. Amanda Patrick 10 months ago

    Yes Codille : This is a wonderful Site. I am very Happy this is the first one I found and The first Choice I made.

  10. Gisela Claudine 10 months ago

    Thank you. I’m glad I had found this wonderful place. I can call it home. I love CDH and all the amazing girls. Have a nice Valentine’s Day.
    Now I will go to the Ball.
    Cinnamon kisses,

  11. Wanda Smith 10 months ago

    i love CDH wish I could of found it sooner thanks sooo much and a Happy Valentines to every one

  12. Stephanie-Kimberlie 10 months ago

    Thank you. I love CDH !

  13. andrea 10 months ago

    So glad I found this wonderful site and all the lovely people on it

  14. Celina Skye 10 months ago

    Thanks for keeping a wonderful space where we can just be ourselves.

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