Have you been reverse read?

There is no experience quite like it for a crossdresser. Whenever I’m reverse read it’s as if sunlight streams through the clouds warming my soul. A part of me feels that all is well with the universe and I have a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

“That’s Great,” you might be thinking, “but I have no idea what reverse read means, and why you would be talking about it on Crossdresser Heaven.” Many crossdressers spend time practicing their feminine persona. Whether it’s makeup, hair style or the clothes they wear, most (but not all) crossdressers I’ve met have a desire to appear as a woman to others. To pass as a woman.

For a few of us it can be a fearful moment when someone sees through our veil of femininity – when we’re read as a man in a dress. (If you have this happen often, perhaps read through some tips for passing as a woman).

You guessed it – being reverse read is just the opposite. It’s being mistaken for a woman when you’re presenting as a man. This happened to me just recently when a nurse at the hospital mistook my wife and I for sisters. For a brief moment I almost answered her question as to our familial relationship with an affirmative, “Yes, we are sisters”. Then reality came crashing through my mind and I tentatively admitted our relationship was of a different nature.

I’ve been pondering what could cause one to be reverse read, and I think it’s primarily a combination of feminine movement and posture. Naturally, a crossdresser with a beard won’t have much luck passing or being reverse read, neither will a crossdresser with a military buzz cut. My hair isn’t much past my ears, and at 6’1” I’m quite tall for a woman, yet I’ve been reverse read on a few occasions. My favorite so far was in Palm Springs, where my wife and I were sun tanning in a spa and were addressed as ‘ladies’ by the waiter.

Have you ever been reverse read? I’d love to hear your story about being reverse read, take a moment to comment.


If you’d like to be reverse read, or just pass as a woman more often don’t miss out on this ultimate crossdressing guide. If you’re serious about presenting a more feminine persona I highly recommend Kathe’s Voice Feminization training.

En Femme Style

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I’m passionate about creating a safe space for everyone in the transgender community to find laughter and friendship on their journey. I completed my physical transition in 2011 and through it I lost everything, and gained everything. I am blessed that I was forced to gaze inward and embark on the journey to discover and live my authentic self. My deepest wish is that all who wander here may find peace, happiness and freedom.

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Rebecca Smith
7 years ago

I had to laugh a little, as I was reverse read when I was 19 or 20. I had really long hair then. And a moustache and goatee.

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