Crossdresser Heaven is a safe, welcoming and supportive place for everyone in the transgender community. Our Community Rules and Code of Conduct are designed to keep our community safe, welcoming and supportive.

  • All rules are equally enforced
  • One account per person – leave some accounts for the next person
  • No hateful, bashing, flaming, shaming, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, threatening or other abusive behavior
  • No profanity, sexual references or lewd behavior
  • No admirers are allowed – this is strictly for those in the transgender community and their friends and family
  • No pornography, nudity or otherwise lewd or obscene photos. If you wouldn’t want your daughter, sister, mother or aunt to wear it out in public don’t post it
  • No commercial postings unless given special permission by the Administrators
  • No trolling or community disruption
  • A valid email address must be associated with your account. If you mark email from Crossdresser Heaven as spam, or if email is returned as undeliverable your account may be suspended. To control the email notifications you receive follow these instructions
  • You will encounter members of a different age, race, nationality, gender, sexuality, gender identity, life circumstance and progression on their transgender journey. Treat others with respect and honor their path. Use your words to lift up and encourage
  • Keep your words, photos and intentions family friendly
  • Discussion about controversial subjects unrelated to the transgender journey such as politics and religion are discouraged

Your username is your identifier on Crossdresser Heaven. Choose something that represents your personality – something fun, meaningful, memorable, or even your name.

If you choose an inappropriate username you will be asked to delete and recreate your account.

The following are some examples of unacceptable user names:

  • Numbers in any format
  • Symbols, emoticons, punctuation marks and other characters not part of the latin alphabet
  • Profanity, lewd or vulgar words

Please see the complete terms of service.

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  1. Kim Stoick 2 years ago

    Hello im wondering if if disregarded some kinda Etiquette . I posted a Inquiry at 5.14 on Public , totally ignored, if i used a unacceptable format or words i would like to know, thnks for your help.

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