Crossdresser learning from those who went before

I would like to thank Vanessa for the opportunity to be a contributor here on Crossdresser Heaven. I am still finding my way through here so excuse my lack of my techie novice skills! I truly hope I can add some small value in sharing thoughts and my experiences and maybe offer some support or mentoring as a way to acknowledge the support I have been fortunate enough to have had.

It’s always such a challenge when I am asked to provide a brief bio but let me try. I have been on my journey for many years. While I personally dislike labels as they often times are so limiting, I realize they do offer some context for others, so in my case it would most closely align in describing myself as transsexual.

Arriving at that didn’t happen over night and it has involved many years of soul searching and counseling to realize or should I say recognize and accept the real me. Today I am living my dream and I have been undergoing supervised hormone replacement therapy. I also have had some cosmetic work done which in my case has boosted my over all confidence level.

I have been active in our community for quite a few years, been a member of a number of groups, attended numerous events, and have gone down many different paths in my self discovery, I have come to understand that it is such an individual and personal journey with no exactly right way or wrong way….just My way! Early on I questioned myself often about the way I was thinking and feeling and ask myself why? ….Today I think and say Why Not!

What I hope I can add here are my thoughts and experiences covering subjects of my interest which I hope will also be of interest to others here. Fashion, make up, blending in, challenges we encounter, and relationships. I like to think of myself as somewhat of an open book and will try to be open and honest on my thoughts as long as it is acknowledged that I am by no means an expert on most subjects, just someone who is out on her journey offering to share what I am experiencing and have the opportunity to learn also from others….

[Ed: Diana thank you for joining the author program and sharing what you’ve learned in your journey! The ladies here are eagerly awaiting your next article!]

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Diana A

An early 50's pre-op TS on her journey through life! I have a variety of interests I would love to share and hope to meet new friends here!

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  1. Lauren P. 4 years ago

    Great entry Diana! I eagerly await reading more from you on how you’ve navigated your journey through life. I especially love the quote you included:

    “Early on I questioned myself often about the way I was thinking and feeling and ask myself why? ….Today I think and say Why Not!”

    Speaks volumes to me personally as I had the exact same thoughts early on in life. Now, however, I am moving (all be it very slowly) towards the realization that the only person holding me back from living life the way I was destined to live.. is me!

    <3 Lauren

    • Tracey Rose 4 years ago

      Spoke to me also .
      Thank you for this great story

      Tracey x

    • Author
      Diana A 4 years ago

      Thank you so much Lauren and Tracey! I am looking forward to sharing my journey but more importantly also having the opportunity to hear and learn from others. When I first thought I was ready for my transition back a number of years ago, I discovered how much I wasn’t ready then. Taking time to truly understand whether it is the right thing for you and then putting together a plan before you embark is so very important! I would love to hear how things are going for you.


  2. Dianne Baldwin 4 years ago

    Looking forward to hearing more about journey. I have also questioned my life and why I feel the way I do haven’t come up with any answers other than the only time I feel happy is when I’m exploring my femminne side

    • Author
      Diana A 4 years ago

      Dianne I think the questions are always out there. I guess it is our human nature to always want answers. In my situation being the real me and recognizing that has made me so happy was my answer. I wrestled with myself for such a long time trying to conform but realized for me my answer was in front of me. I hope you will continue to explore and find your answers….;o)

  3. nikki 4 years ago

    i started my transition about 5 yrs ago and ive never been happier in my whole life i only wish i would have done it 20 yrs ago but i also struggled with it and did not really understand it then you know. i tell everybody that now i dress as the person i truly am now, before i cross dressed as a man for 45yrs

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