Many women don’t know what to do when they find out that their husband or boyfriend likes to dress like her!

In the same way that most heterosexual men are attracted to female women, the majority of heterosexual women seek masculinity and virility in the men they want to relate to. Many women are unable to be attracted to men who wear women’s dresses, lingerie, and shoes, just as many men are not attracted to women who wear typical men’s clothing.

Of course, this also applies to most homosexual men and women, respectively.

Another issue is the continued confusion people make between gender and sexuality: Many women fear that crossdressers are homosexuals. Not all homosexuals are crossdressers, just as not all crossdressers are homosexuals – or transsexuals.


Another difficulty is that many men practice crossdressing and keep it hidden from girlfriends, wives, and others until they are discovered accidentally. In many cases, they may feel betrayed.

I believe that transparency is important in human relationships. On the other hand, I think that men do not need to tell everything they do, not even to girlfriends or wives as long as it does not harm them. It’s similar in that it also doesn’t make sense for other people to know her secrets and she most likely isn’t sharing. We all have things that we choose not to share. This is true the older we are when we establish a new relationship.

On the other hand, there are women who are tolerant of crossdressing and even support their boyfriends or husbands – – after all, on a planet of almost 8 billion inhabitants, there is certainly someone who will accept you and like you for just being you.

Some women often have fun with crossdressing boyfriends or husbands. Yes, there are women who like crossdressers. The range is endless as is the type of relationship one might have. From women who find a simple attraction to crossdressers to those who are more fetish inclined. In most cases, I don’t believe crossdressers think this is a punishment—if that is the intent.

And dreaming doesn’t cost anything, so why not a wedding with both wearing a wedding dress. Just look at how many fun things a couple can do thanks to crossdressing, all that is required is an open mind and open heart …

In retrospect, what if you found out that your girlfriend or wife likes to wear men’s clothes? Maybe even let the hair grow on her legs, etc. Men’s clothes are not as varied and interesting as women’s and the stigma so much less as it is. I believe there are more men who like to dress up as women than the other way around—in the true sense of crossdressing.

But I confess that if that happened to me … I go back to the beginning of the article … I wouldn’t know what to do.

– Would you like to have a girlfriend or wife who supports your crossdressing?

– Does your girlfriend or wife know about your crossdressing? Does she support you?

– What would you do if you found out that your girlfriend or wife liked to crossdress as a man?.


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Helene van der Tee
Active Member
1 year ago

Thanks for the article. I am quite visible on Quora and often answer the question ‘how can I get my wife to accept/help me with dressing as a woman?’ Using your analogy of would you help your wife if she said she needed help sticking her false Amish beard on, or help getting her ‘bubba’ overals over her workboots… or she asked would it be ok to start on the testosterone to help with a Burt Reynolds moustache. We can hope that our SO is ok, or at least tolerant of ‘our thang’ but not expect or coerce total acceptance.

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