I went from buying nail polish to getting makeup brushes. These were the only feminine items I had in my house. I didn’t wear a dress. I thought I could control my urge to crossdress. This is something that you can’t do. I so wanted to try on a dress that I took trash bags and cut holes for my head and arms. I put it on and loved it. I watched videos on how to make a plastic dress.

I now accept that I am a crossdresser. The urge to crossdress comes from a good place. It comes from being attracted to feminine things. It is a totally okay thing to do and a natural thing to be. It’s donning colors you like or wearing hats. This same feeling is where the urge stems from.

People have both a masculine side and a feminine side. I believe that’s what leads us to crossdress. My masculine side is Kris, and my feminine side is Nicole. Kris is out most of the day. When I’m Kris, I wear shirts and pants. At night, after mom goes to bed, Nicole comes out for a few hours. When I’m Nicole, I’ll wear my dress. I love both of my personas.

I would love to wear my dress more often, but my mom gets upset at Nicole and she has to go. So, I’ll take off my dress, and I put it in the drawer so Nicole will be safe and free to come back whenever she wants. I know crossdressing can be difficult when you live with parents that don’t approve or agree with your lifestyle. This is hard but isn’t impossible.

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It does mean that you have to get creative. If you want to make your dress, you’ll need to find materials or a way to purchase your dress. You’ll love the feel of the dress and how it will make you feel relaxed. This can be when you’re sleeping, or even when you’re awake in the morning. You can try a range of styles to see what things work best for you.

I know I love wearing nail polish and that it is technically considered feminine. This is the same line of thinking, but more advanced and to a much different degree. Imagine your love for nail polish, or any form of makeup, and add clothes into the mix. That’s literally what crossdressing is. In fact, crossdressing means wearing clothing associated with the opposite sex.

I support the right to crossdress. So, if you want to wear dresses, that’s fine. I’m happy wearing a dress and I’ll do it in the privacy of my home. That’s okay, but in public, problems lie. This has nothing to do with just judging and lack of support. Though, there’s most definitely that too. I’m writing this from experience. You definitely can’t ask those who disagree with your life’s choice to buy you a dress. If you ask, you would probably be kicked out or rejected. If you’re able to drive or have found a spouse that’s okay with you expressing who you are, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

A closet full of dresses is something I would love to have. I can’t do that currently, but maybe someday. Some people are exceedingly mean to crossdressers and throw away their clothes. I don’t agree with that behavior. Before I decided on my feminine name, some people called me Kristy. That just didn’t feel right to me. I wanted to go with a name that would have been if born a girl. I decided on the name Nicole for my feminine persona.

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People who want to go by feminine names are fine. I wouldn’t want to be called that by any random person across the street. I go out and do boy things. The only thing I wear that’s feminine in public is nail polish. I don’t wear my dress out in public. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t tell anyone, but it would be someone that I can trust.

However, crossdressing is sometimes something you do for fun. It’s an art, a skill, and a hobby. Some people make movies and write for fun. That’s acceptable for men to do. Well, that’s art. Crossdressing is taking what’s acceptable for women to do and transforming it into an art of sorts. If you focus so much time on living as others want you to live, you’ll miss out on opportunities.

It’s healthy to express your feminine side, whether you want to wear a dress or some form of feminine items. This isn’t just about wearing a formal gown, it can be whatever feminine clothing you want, (or that you can get.) So, I encourage any of you reading this to consider exploring things outside your comfort zone. You may love the look and feel of it. You don’t need to be afraid of wearing feminine clothing.

If you want to try it. Then, you can try it. I embrace my femininity and I love crossdressing. You should have fun. I walk around the house; I look at myself, feeling confident and totally relaxed. The air blowing on my dress makes me happy. I move my legs and arms proudly. It gives me positive vibes. I have gone to sleep and have felt really good in my dress. When I woke up, I took off my dress. I put it back in my drawer. I do support crossdressers and I love how they crossdress. My experience won’t be the same as yours. I hope this article has been helpful.

I would love to know what your crossdressing experience has been like.

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    Lucinda Hawkns
    Trusted Member
    2 months ago

    hello and you said it all right there. parents and society does not know what cross dressing is. woman cross dress all the time and get away with it.so why can not men cross dress? it’s been way back when men wore a skirt. my wife knows i cross dress, we have a 23-year-old son still living with us so when our son is at work at night i dress up and wife will tell me i can do what i like to do, but wife knows but will not let me sit in same room as her. she has… Read more »

    2 months ago

    I see other women with nice pretty painted nails and I wish I could have them, too. Maybe grow my nails a little bit long, painted pastel colors or just white. Something darker for Fall though. I think it’s fun and so pretty. But I really can’t because of work/stupid social norms and so I find myself just admiring those who can. It’s a strange attraction I know but, that’s me.

    Daisy Dandelion
    2 months ago

    Brilliant article, expresses feelings so well

    Active Member
    2 months ago

    great article thanks for sharing

    Dorothy Brinson
    Active Member
    2 months ago

    Wonderful story. I have been cross dressing as long as I can remember. My parents did not approve of my crossdressing either. I would play dress up with my sisters all the time when I was little. My mom would get so angry with me. I was already hooked. I Love the way the material felt against my skin. Of course crossdressing in the 60’s was taboo. My wife knows I cross dress. She does not have a problem with it. I wear panties and bras everyday. My way of being true to my feminine self. I come home from… Read more »

    Margaret Lalane
    1 month ago

    That dress idea is actually ingenious it’s almost couture in a odd way, Oddly my family doesn’t mind my crossdressing (I came out awhile back) they just don’t want me getting picked on or worse which is understandable, so would Prefer I don’t go dressed in public unless it’s like a Costume party thing or a comic con (which I’ve seen guys be female characters and no one cares there)

    Michelle Burk
    1 month ago

    Live profile honey

    Active Member
    1 month ago

    Love your profile

    Emily Burnett
    1 month ago

    So true in every sense. I would love to be Emily in public, but I am simply afraid. My SO isn’t anywhere near ready for Emily to accompany her to a nice dinner or even a fun picnic on Peaks Island. So apart from this wonderful community I am alone and hurting. As a pianist I would love to perform en femme and I will likely do some video recordings in appropriate formal attire, but…but…but…it’s the But…that hurts my heart. Stepping out of my comfort zone wouldn’t be so challenging if it weren’t for the fact that it would be… Read more »

    Janet Williams
    1 month ago

    if that is how u look and ur wearing a plastic I say keep dressing and u do look sexy and so much like a female love it   

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