Since I have become me, I have also learned how to take better care of my body, mind, and spirit.

I look good now, appearing 20 years younger, a slim, and attractive person. My skin is youthful, very soft and smooth all over, almost as soft as a baby’s skin. I owe it to the diet, supplements, exercise, and in keeping hydrated every day. Getting the best nutrition so you can feed your cells, so they have sufficient cell signaling molecules. Doing so can help the body rebuild itself as it did when you were much younger. In my fifties, with no gray hair, and I always get compliments from strangers on how I look.

I wanted to share what I found out. This has been a tremendous help to me in improving my health, libido, strength, endurance, and stamina. These are things that may help you.

Of utmost importance is for you to have a strong immune system, one that is balanced. Which means the immune system does not go into overdrive and attack healthy tissue. When it is overactive, you have what is called an autoimmune disease. If we balanced our immune system, the symptoms from autoimmune diseases can be reduced or even eliminated. This also includes your gut, or what is called your microbiome.


So where to start? Diet is the first to focus on. Exercise is second. Eliminating foods and ingredients, which are harmful and can cause inflammation and stress to the body. The following foods and ingredients should be avoided or at least significantly reduced. Look at the back of the label of the foods before buying them:

  1. Cane sugars of all types
  2. Polysorbates
  3. Distilled vinegars. The good vinegars that are safe and healthful: (Rice, cider, and balsamic vinegars.)
  4. Gluten grains, not because of the gluten alone, but there are other harmful proteins in these grains that can harm your gut (microbiome) and immune system. These grains are wheat, barley, oats, and rye; even gluten-free oats have been contaminated with Glyphosate (see below).
  5. Artificial food colorings, sweeteners, additives, and GMO–genetically modified foods.
  6. Rapeseed oil
  7. Canola Oil–a GMO, is made from the harmful Rapeseed oil
  8. Avoid all foods that have glyphosate.
    A. American dairy products that came not from grass-fed cattle.
    B. American meats that are not grass fed and organic.
  9. Flax seed oil, ground flax seeds are only recommended, but the processed flax seed oil hurts the prostate. Suggest added (3) tablespoons of ground flaxseeds to your diet to reduce inflammation in the gut. Make sure you investigate the brand before you buy it. Some reports say that there is cadmium in the flax seeds which is poisonous and causes cancer.

Glyphosate is the major cause of fatty liver disease in the USA today.

The soy, corn and oats fields in the USA were exposed to Round Up since about 1990, which is an herbicide. Foods became contaminated with harmful proteins from the roundup. When our cattle and poultry consumed these grains, they got the poison, then when humans consumed the meat, milk, butter, and eggs from these animals, humans got the poisons. It’s estimated that about 70% of the population has fatty liver disease. One way to eliminate all the poisons in your liver is to stop consuming meats, poultry, or dairy products that are not clean. Buy European cheese, not American, unless it came from an animal that is grass fed. They must be grass fed and organic. To help clean your liver, you can consume a tablespoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper every morning for three weeks, and that might be enough to rid your liver of the poisons.

The first thing you should do anyway is have a glass of water with a tablespoon of lemon juice added to it every morning when you wake up, before consuming any food. This will stimulate the liver to excrete the proper chemistry to support your immune system. The alternatives are to have a glass of grapefruit juice or eat a fresh grapefruit or a cup of pineapple every morning.
Consume organic fruits and vegetables. Look for those foods listed that must be organic, go to the: Environmental working group.

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It is recommended that you consume more leafy green vegetables, such as lettuces, spinach, kale, microgreens, and or algae, with every meal.

Take a half-hour walk a day and do some weightlifting, a few pounds a day, for ten minutes. The exercise stimulates the body to produce various hormones to build bones and muscles and to strengthen the immune system. These hormones are also called redox communication molecules and are critical for cell-to-cell communication. If your body has more redox molecules, your body will fight disease and pathogens and repair itself like a younger person does.

For those with cancers, tumors, lesions, a good diet and exercise will help, but here are a few more items. For those who have any debilitating health challenge, the following should be added to your diet.

  1. Asparagus and beets have a chemistry that prevents cancer growth and a few fruits daily that have vitamin C also support the body to fight cancer and other bacteria.
  2. Vitamin D3; take at least 20,000 IUD a day of this vitamin and you cannot overdose on this vitamin.
  3. B vitamins and make sure the vitamin B12 is methylated, so it is fully digestible.
  4. Fulvic minerals daily added to beverage. About one tablespoon of liquid minerals.
  5. Magnesium added if not part of the Fulvic minerals daily.
  6. Kelp or iodine if not part of the Fulvic minerals daily.
  7. Avoid farm fish with one exception. Farm shrimp is better that wild shrimp.

***Editor’s note: As with any recommendations, you should always seek professional guidance and do your own research. These statements are the warrants of the author and not publicly endorsed or certified by CDH.

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    Amy Smythe
    9 months ago

    I love your info on health.

    Trusted Member
    9 months ago

    Thank you Ayre for taking the time for your research to help us ladies to lose pounds and especially to maintain our “girly” curves. I will keep you posted following your “losing weight suggestions”. Your article was timely for me. Warmest regards, Leonara

    9 months ago

    Hi Ayre
    Thank you very much for your article. I have focused on this topic for many years. ‘Beauty comes from within’ is kind of a cliche, often from people who are already beautiful. But it is totally true. it’s a struggle we all go through. On the left there’s the broccoli. On the right-the double cheeseburger. Next time you look in the mirror, you will see your choice.

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