Many of us braver ones and more experienced passing CDs wishing to have a day out often wonder, “How do I sneak out of the house without the neighbors or other people nearby who are neighborhood watchers detecting me?” Well, after years of experience (65 to be exact) and going out in public since I was a teenager, I can give you some very sensible and hopefully concrete, foolproof tips.

First: do all your makeup perfectly as you want, completely underdress with undergarments, and hosiery, put on your wig and outer clothes for final inspection, and wig and makeup touch up as you would appear in public “as the woman you ARE!” Now for the partial strip-down deception. Put on the baggiest pair of pants, loose, like cargo pants, or baggy jeans, pull them up over your skirt, or tuck in your dress bottom, or if you are wearing leggings or tight jeans. Next, carefully remove the wig and cautiously place it in a large bag where it won’t get tussled.

Put your purse, shoes, phone, wallet, and other necessities in another bag along with your femme shoes! (Don’t forget to have emergency makeup removal wipes to put in your bag along with some small purse-size tissues if you get stopped or must clean up before going back in the house. This is important to have.) Put on a light or middle-weight button-up or zip-up jacket or hoodie, then add a dark pair of male sunglasses to cover your eye makeup. Bring all that out to the car and toss it in the back seat.

Now, so you don’t have to re-do your lipstick or gloss that you spent so much time doing, pretend to blow your nose with a tissue or look down to the ground or turn your head in another direction from the houses and those who might see you when you take the final trip to the car.

Start the car and you’re on the way!

When you get to your desired destination, find a large, secluded parking lot with visibility all around, without exiting the car and being “half exposed” push back your seat, wiggle out of the cargo pants, pull down your slip, skirt, or dress bottom and smooth it out. Then unzip the jacket and expose your female outer top or suit coat or sweater. Next, dig out your jewelry from your purse and put on your rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or whatever.

Lastly, gently remove your wig, pull down the visor mirror, and touch it up with a pick or comb. Put on female sunglasses if it’s sunny or cheap women’s glasses or go “au naturel” with eye makeup.

You can exit the vehicle! You have transformed for the hours or day into the public-going woman that you are. Go out and enjoy, Girl!

When returning home, find a parking lot or plaza nearby and do the reverse order so you may enter your house in the “drab” mode. The fun is over for the day.

Put on a pair of loafers or step-in sneakers over those lovely stocking feet. Double-check the house so that all the makeup, lingerie, and outer clothes are all put away in case someone comes home and could find your “Prep Lady mess!”



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Joanne V
1 year ago

Love it

Helen Hardy
11 months ago

Thanks Meghan, this is almost exactly what I do, though not the make up! I live in the UK, where our streets are much narrower than the States. I’m 100% in the closet, my wife and friends don’t know I dress and she would never understand or approve. So I can only really go out when she is away. I put all of Helen’s outer stuff in the car in a bag, and wear her underclothes under my “drab" boy exterior. Then drive to a motorway service station a few miles away, with a large car park. I change in… Read more »

Daphanie Allison
3 months ago
Reply to  Helen Hardy

That’s great Helen. Where there’s a will there’s a way and it is so worth it. Happy times.

Daphanie Allison xxx

Daphanie Allison
3 months ago

I’ve done thise very things when discreetly leaving the house to go out in public. Have not been caught halfway dressed or undressed yet. It is so worth the effort to get to go out in public dressed completely feminine. I’ve never had a bad experience yet. I’ve caught some admiring glances at places where I’ve gone too. That makes me feel so goid about myself and gives me added encouragement to keep on keepin’ on.😊

Daphanie Allison

Last edited 3 months ago by Daphanie Allison
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