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One of the fastest way to tell if someone is just pretending at womanhood is to look at their hands. A woman’s hands are small, delicate, and well kept. In stark contrast to a man’s, which are usually large, rough and dirty. Even crossdressers often do no more than hastily slap on a coat of nail polish before walking out the door.

There’s not much we can do about the size and shape of our hands, but there is still a lot else we can do to enhance our femininity. There are two mistakes crossdressers often make with their hands and nails.

Crossdresser Hand Care

Firstly, your average transgendered girl doesn’t take care of her hands. If your hands are rough and calloused I’m talking to you. With a few changes you can dramatically improve the appearance of your hands. Start by moisturizing your hands regularly using a moisturizer such as Dove Nourishing Moisture Beauty Hand Cream. I moisturize my hands a few times a day when they start to feel dry. If you’re not able to keep a moisturizer with you during the day, moisturize once when you wake up (after showering), and once before you go to bed.

Makeup Magic

If your hands still feel rough you can use an exfoliating scrub a few times a week, such as this One Minute Manicure Spa Treatment. This will help remove any dead skin that has built up, and start to work on smoothing your calluses.

Now that you’re on the road to smooth and beautiful hands don’t waste all your effort in the yard this weekend. We all have chores that need to be done, and some of them involve heavy lifting and rough outdoor work. Don’t forget to wear gloves to preserve your feminine appearance!

Nail Polish and Cross Dressers

Nail polish has a seductive feminine allure for cross dressers. Many times this allure is satisfied by a quick dash of nail polish. It may feel good, but unless you’re well practiced your nails will look messy and distinctly unfeminine. Not all of us can create the salon-manicured look, but with practice and by following a few simple steps your nails can accentuate your female appearance.

Clean your nails: Water and soap work well 🙂
File your nails: Use a nail file to gently round your nails. This will take some practice to do with your off hand.
Apply basecoat: A basecoat (such as OPI Natural Nail Base Coat) will help nourish and strengthen your nails, and at the same time provide a smooth surface for the nail color to bond to.
Apply your favorite color nail polish: It’s best to apply two thin coats, rather than a single thick coat. Start from the center of your nail and work outwards.
Apply topcoat: A top coat will add shine to your nails, and prevent them from chipping. Stay away from 2-in-1 base coat and top coats, rather use a dedicated top coat such as OPI Rapidry Topcoat.  The base coat and top coat are designed to do separate things, and neither will be done well with a mixed formula.
Let your nails dry: Don’t rush it. Your nails will need at least 15 minutes before they’re dry enough for tasks like driving. Wait longer if you plan to wash dishes or change clothes otherwise you’ll smudge your nail polish.

Add some practice and patience and you’re well on your way to beautifully manicured hands without the salon cost!

For more great crossdressing tips download this top rated crossdressing guide.

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  1. Joanna Santos 10 years ago

    Vanessa, I agree regarding whole heartedly regarding the moisturizing. Before going out I have begun applying cream to my hands and it makes a huge difference to their appearence. I also find that staying away from bright red polish is best if you have larger hands as I do – so I stick to pinkish or earth toned hues…Joanna

  2. Lynn Jones 10 years ago

    Decent nail varnish remover is a good investment. There’s one – by Nailene (do you have that brand?) – which is in a pot. You dunk your finger and rub it on the plastic bristles inside. It’s much faster and more reliable than cotton wool and out-of-a-bottle remover. But… YMMV 🙂

    • Vanessa Law 10 years ago

      @Lynn – That sounds quite handy. I haven’t seen anything like that in the store here, though truth be told I haven’t look that hard. I did a quick search on Amazon without much luck. I find that sometimes there is polish around the edge of my nails that is quite a pain to get to.

      @Joanna – I like your thinking. We don’t want people to be attracted to our hands from across the room 🙂

  3. Danielle Lisbeth 4 years ago


    Hi Ladies. 🙂

    I love my nails. I keep Emory boards everywhere!!

    I use a 7 step buffer as well. Here is why.

    One day, recently, I got up the nerve to accept who I am, and decided to pop into a store that caters to CDs and TGs. When I entered…as a male, I could see a slight trepidation on the store clerks face…as if embarrased. I was hoping for a smiling happy cute face, but got an odd looking smirk and hardly a warm welcome. Anyway, I completely understood, and set myself to help this person see me as friend not foe. I was not there to shoot up the place, but rather to shop for lingerie. But to the point. The clerk, a CDer, had large hands, and they were noticeable and distinct because of the nails and polish. This person did not have an understanding of the feminine hands. Her hands were course and unkempt, and her nails had RIDGES!!!! YIKES… THAT SCREAM MMM OUT MALE CD…MALE CD!!!

    I don’t mean to point out flaws of others. I’m sure many of you could pick me apart, makeup mistakes and all. But my point is exactly what this article is stating. The importance of keeping your hands efeminate, if you want to look feminine. There are lots of reasons why we, as born male and puberty stuck males, don’t look feminine. But we can do alot to recuse the apparent male traits, and lessen their prominence enough to cause one to second guess whether we are, or are not ladies.

    Nails nails nails. Clean ladies. Clean. Well shaped. Manicured. NO RIDGES LADIES. For god sake, if you can’t get you nails done, get a 3 dollar buffer and sant those dunes off your lovely nails!!! It is a sure giveaway if you have those ridges. Learn how to sand and buff your nails to a high gloss, then at least use a matte or shiney gloss gel coat to protect them. And for god sake, keep them clean.

    Spend a day staring at every woman’s hand you possibly can. Keep track of how many look bad. Likely, there will be very few women over 25 that have less than clean well manicured hands and nails.


    If you want to be a woman, then do as women do. Not part of it, all of it. Then you will be walking in a woman’s shoes, and living as one too.

  4. Genivieve Bujold 2 years ago

    My toes are very unpretty! Can you get acrylic toenails at a salon?

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