Hi all you lovely ladies out there in CD land.  I just thought I would put a little ditty on here about keeping everything clean and smelling sweet. We don’t want smelly knickers or underwear, do we?

I Just love the sweet smell of clean fresh clothes, the feel of smooth satin against my skin, and the way it all moves when walking and sitting. If you are like me, you can only dress whenever possible, be it for an hour here and there or if you are lucky enough, having the time to dress whenever and however you want (what dreams are made of!) Although I plucked up the courage to tell my long-standing wife that I enjoy dressing as a woman regularly and wanted it to continue with her knowledge, it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

Even though she loves drag queens and is besotted by men dressed as women, she doesn’t want to be married to one!! It took months for it to settle down, as it was best left alone for a while; at least she knows and in the back of her mind it may turn around one day and she’ll want to meet Cindi, wow you think you know someone!!!.

Anyway, when I do get the chance to dress up, it gets to the point where I don’t want to put her away but must. It sometimes gets a bit sweaty under the wig and under my bra. So, when possible, I have a wash day! Tell you what, I enjoy every moment. I sort out all my favourites and stick them in the washing machine and set it running with some fabric softener. After the wash-n-spin, it’s into the tumble dryer, and once that’s done it’s time to iron! I don’t know why women moan about ironing.

Personally, I love the smell of clean wash as you iron it, especially satin. When you iron a satin slip or knickers the smell is wonderful, and to see that lovely, smooth material is very satisfying. The whole experience is always made better by making an occasion out of it. I get dressed in a nice skirt and top, nice matching underwear, (not a pinny, I don’t want to look stupid.) It all looks great and everything is clean and lovely, ironed, folded, and ready to wear. I can’t wait to wear it all again!

How do you other girls do it? What would be even better is to see all my clothes blowing freely on the washing line. We’ve got to stay lovely, and part of dressing up is to look your best. Having it clean, fresh, and feeling lovely when you put it on, and then adding some makeup and a pair of heels, and “POW” there she is. Here is Cindi Coral.

Even if it is only for my own self-esteem, I think there are many of us out there who indulge in some type of house chores. So come on girls, tell us about your wash day, how, when you do it, how it makes you feel. I just think the smell and sight of nice clean woman’s clothing is lovely.

I would love to read your thoughts!



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    cross dressing all my life,just loved the feeling of fem clothing at first, very sexual, but now love fully dressing with make up and walking out, fully dressed when ever i can, used to dress and go out solo but after having a make over and meeting an understanding female (not my wife) it feels more natural now.( told wife once but best forgotten, was very difficult for a number of months) just try to spend time as cindi whenever i can.i have a number of dresses, skirts, tops and of course wigs,satin and spandex underwear , bras, pantys and slips. much to much but i dont want to get rid of anything, and to say to somebody " yes i am a crossdresser and i love it " something we all do on here and other sites ,its the feeling, its a habbit that you just cant break.

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    SarahJane Bell
    3 years ago

    I use old fashioned soap flakes to hand wash my undies, stockings and tights, then rinse in warm water with conditioner added. To dry I put my bras on hangers, dry my knickers on towels on a flat surface, stockings and tights on an airer.

    Rowena Gold
    3 years ago

    When I was still on the QT I would hand wash and then use the attic to dry my undies since I was the only one who ever went up there. Things have changed and now I am in charge of the laundry and so I wash, dry and sort both my own and my daughter’s clothes. I am still a beginner so I guess I am going to make a few mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Since most of my dresses, tops and skirts were in “storage" I have had to air them out and hang them up.… Read more »

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