I found Cora Harrington on Twitter and Instagram. She has been running the lingerie blog, The Lingerie Addict, which has been one of my “go to” sites for information (and sales or discounts!) for years. She is a specialist in the field of lingerie. Her first book, In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie, is a necessary read for anyone who wants to understand the ins and outs of what, how, and how to care for those lovely dainties.

The book is broken into chapters covering the different types of categories of lingerie. If you are looking for specific information about one particular for (bras, for example), you can read that chapter. She gets really informative about the proper terminology and selection. There are separate chapters for shopping and caring for and storing lingerie. The great thing about Cora is that she is gender-diverse friendly. She understands the special needs of transgender persons and addresses those in a little detail.

What I find most powerful about the book is how it speaks to us, all of us, and not just genetic females.

Nice lingerie is for everyone. It’s for you. It’s for me. It’s for anyone who wants it. This book breaks down the barriers around lingerie, answers questions, simplifies hard-to-understand concepts, and makes sense of all the little things the experts take for granted. (Loc.94)

You should war what you love and what makes you feel good, because you deserve that. (Loc.94)

Lingerie isn’t intimate apparel just because it’s hidden; it’s intimate because it can reflect your innermost self, your secret identity. That’s powerful.(Loc.136)

No matter what you show to the rest of the world, your lingerie can be the truest expression of who you are. It can be something worn just for you because you want to, and that can be incredibly empowering. It can even be life changing. (Loc.151)

(All quotes taken from the Introduction of In Intimate Detail, Kindle edition.)

No matter if you are a silk satin and lace lover or a cotton comfies type, there is information for your style in this book. If you are a fetish crossdresser, this book will be useful to know how to wash and care for that passionate piece of lingerie. If you are a transgender individual looking to present yourself, this book has knowledge on how to get the most from your foundation garments. If you are a transitioned female, then you need to hear the affirmations in this book on what you deserve to feel beautiful for yourself.

If you love lingerie as much as I do, then I encourage you to pick up this book. It will expand your working knowledge, as well as give you ideas of new things you may wish to wear. And if you are inclined, follow Cora Harrington on Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon to support the work she is doing to educate girls of all types on the beauty of lingerie for self-expression.

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My journey to becoming Genevieve began when I was 7, trying on a pair of nylon briefs and (most likely) Playtex bra. Something seem to be right because I continued to experience that through my teen age years, discovering satin bikinis. When I entered college, there were other concerns on my mind in discovering myself. After I got married, I felt that I needed to resume. It seemed like it was just a fetish or sexual expression. Right after I turned 40, something changed. I didn't want to just wear women's underwear. I wanted to dress like them, make myself up like them. I really wanted to experience being a woman. I shared with my wife my full desire to dress and that began the dissolution of our marriage, until she and I agreed that we didn't need to continue trying. Then, I was awakened to the powerful urge to become my female self. I knew that there would be no one in my house to condemn or judge me. There may be some fallout from family (OH BOY! Is there!). There was also my job: a pastor in a mainline denomination in a very conservative state where normal is "boys are boys, girls are girls, and we don't know what else there is." But (this is short for me) now I am becoming the female I think of myself as. It is a road of discovery with new little villages and rough spots every day. But I seem to be pressing on.

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Michelle Liefde
Active Member

Cool! How many of us have unwittingly ruined a lingerie item for not knowing how to handle and storing them? I know I have with a few things. I look forward to checking out her site and might see if I can get her book. Thank you Genie for a wonderful article.


Amanda Burton

Excellent find Genevieve thank you.
I can see it’s a must for lingerie, and lingerie care. Gender diversity is an absolute must in the field of lingerie, not just for CD’s, like us, and females, but also males with a fetish to wear it for sexual pleasure too.
Will definitely look Coral up Genevieve thanks for the post, its a really great good heads up.
Amanda X

Jezzebelle Sanchez
Jezzebelle Sanchez

Genie thanks for the book to get share I really appreciate the help I’ve had fun trying to find the right fit. Thanks Again

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