One day I got a call asking me to show up at a certain address on this day and this time. I was requested to be clean and groomed, not sweaty from working outside. I thought it was a weird call, but said ok; after all, it came from my wife. A week passed and the time came. I got all cleaned up, dressed, and showed up to the address I had been given. It was a nice hotel out of the way from where we lived. I though ooh my wife set up a romantic getaway for us to enjoy together. Oh, I was only half-right in this as I soon learned after I gave my name at the front desk and was handed the key to my room.


I put the key in the door and opened it to find three ladies inside. One sat at a desk with nail care stuff by her, one with a makeup case and other stuff, and the last one stands by a bunch of bags. She welcomes me as I enter, handing me one of the bags. She instructs me to go change into the items in the bag and come back out. On entering the bathroom and opening the bag, I find some white stockings, panties, a corset, and a silk robe all in my size. I stick my head out of the door and ask what’s going on. I was told to change into this at my wife’s request.


I changed into the lingerie and slipped into the silk robe, tying the belt to hold it closed. When I walk out to the room, I’m told to sit in this chair that is by the other women. They begin working on me; one does my hands and nails, putting on some tips and painting them white. The other lady is doing my hair, adding in extensions to make my hair longer and with more volume. She then styled it, adding accessories to make it even more attractive and feminine. In my mind, I’m thinking that my wife wanted to pamper me by giving me a spa day en femme Again, I was half-right. When the lady finished my hair she started on my makeup. It was a good thing I shaved or I would have had to before she started. When they were done, I still couldn’t see how I looked, other than my hands.


After the two finished, they left the room, leaving me with the lady that handed me the bag. I asked her what was next and when will I see my wife. She replied that it would be soon and I’d know what was next in a moment. Now my mind is going, what is going to happen next and where is my wife? A knock at the door startled me; I thought that it was my wife. But no, it is the lady who did my hair. She’s holding a large box in her hands as she came into the room. She dropped it down on the floor. The other lady opened a bag and pulled out a large, puffy skirt. She hands it to me, requesting that I take the robe off and put it on as they turn their backs to me. I do as they ask and let them know when I’m done.


As I’m standing there, one of them goes and gets the box from the floor as the other hands me a eye mask in order to blindfold me from seeing the next part. Now honestly, I’m getting a bit scared. I’m in a room at my wife’s orders, with two women I don’t know, and about to do something I don’t know about. I say ok, it’s for my wife, and after all, I’m dressed this way for a reason, so I should go through with it. I put the mask on.


One of the ladies tells me to stand still and raise my hands up in the air. The next thing I feel is something going over me like a tube. They spend some time tugging and pulling at my back. With every tug I feel my waist get tighter. Then I’m told to hold my breath and she pulls a bit more. When I let my breath out it’s harder to breathe, but I also feel as if I’m standing straighter. They ask me to sit down (now this was hard to do) and then I feel my feet slip into some shoes and the straps getting wrapped around my legs. They help me to stand up. I can tell that I have at least two inch heels on. Now I’m thinking what is going on?


I’m told to follow her, and she leads me blindfolded to somewhere else in the hotel. I’m getting nervous, and then we stop. I hear voices. I’m instructed to remove the mask. I’m standing at the end of an aisle. Looking down, I see that I’m in a beautiful white wedding gown that is fluffed out like a princess dress. The Wedding March begins to play and the lady accompanies me down the aisle to where my wife is standing at the end. I ask her what’s going on. She compassionately replies, “I married Rob, and if you want to be Bobbi I’ve got to marry her as well.”


So this day is how my wife expressed to me her complete acceptance of Bobbi. Now my wife is just fine with whom I am, for she knows that the other woman belongs to her as well.



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Well i'm 43 years old married and have been going on 19 years. First time i had put on a fem outfit i was 5 years old. First time i was dressed in all fem in public was when i got told i had to wear a girls swimsuit if i was going to swim in the school pool because i had breasts ( at that time i had perky b cup breasts.) I had the female breasts all my life started to grow when i was around 9 - 10 years old and stopped at a nice c/d cup so i learned about womens wear as a way to fit my body and to feel myself. I seen it as a curse and a blessing. So i learned clothing is not labeled or what makes you you but what is inside of you. Clothing don't make a person gay or bi queer or anything like that. It is something that you wear to make yourself feel good and to cover your body so you don't expose yourself. So when i embraced myself as a whole i became more happy and felt like this is me and im not ashamed of my clothing or myself. You dont like it i can think of a few words for you! ( grow the #@$^ up and get over yourself im not hurting you or anyone else). I short i also have 3 wonderful girls they love dress up day and have daddy dressed as a disney princess. Or some other caricature they like to be or be around.
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Michelle Liefde
Active Member
3 years ago

How very cool and what a incredible show of love!


Itumeleng Selepe
3 years ago

Very nice fantasy, loved it. I dress up in my wife’s sexy lingerie and kinky high heels whenever I’m alone in the house, the unfortunate thing is that her panties are now too big for me and I wish I can get perfect fit for me but I don’t know where I’m gonna hide them. These days I enjoy video calling with strangers with dressed up, I guess I get lonely and want someone who can apprciate me when I’m dressed up

3 years ago

What a fabulous story! I think being a fully dressed bride is the dream of many CD’ers! I know it’s mine!

I hope you know how fortunate you are to have such a wonderful caring and sharing wife!

Berta Thurs., 11/14/2019 4:30 PM ET

Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox
3 years ago

Congratulations Bobbi. You are a very lucky lady.

Samantha Henry
3 years ago

So exciting

Samantha Henry
3 years ago

Two nights ago I got up the nerve to come out to a long time female friend, who happens to be a therapist and yoga/meditation teacher. I finally (2 xanax later) got up the nerve to reveal my secret of being a cross dresser. I gave her my original story to read first. She was so understanding and supportive I almost cried. What a relief to finally be able to share my secret. She even said how honored she felt to be the woman I shared my secret with. I’m was so emotionally overwhelmed. Later that night, we texted each… Read more »

Samantha Henry
3 years ago
Reply to  bobbi

Thanks Bobbi. It certainly gave my confidence level a big boost. I’m now going on dating sites and being very upfront about the fact that cross dressing is part of who I am. If I meet a woman who isn’t freaked out by it I may find the woman of my dreams

Christine V
Active Member
2 years ago

I wish I had a wife like that. I have always wanted to wear a wedding dress

Roberta Broussard
Trusted Member
10 months ago

Hi Bobbi, I just now read your love Story. What an incredible experience that must have been.

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