It Turns Out Transgender Engineers Are Prolific

Transgender engineers are prolific

Dear Readers, thank you for all your wonderful responses to last week’s poll about crossdresser occupations. I learnt two things: Firstly, the set of careers I offered in the poll was woefully inadequate – thanks for all the comments – the set of careers staffed by the transgender community is as diverse as we are. Secondly, there is some truth that engineers are everywhere in the transgender community. Of the almost 600 responses more than 100 transgender woman are in engineering.

Where Does Your Feminine Persona Need The Most Work?

All of us have one area that challenges us the most in feminine presentation – which we worry about or at least consider when we’re out in the world. Personally I find my voice to be the most difficult area for me to get comfortable with. I’m blessed to have a wonderful voice teacher who is helping me unleash my feminine song, but it’s hard work, and I still find it too easy to slip back into old habits.

In this weeks poll, inquiring minds want to know… where does your feminine persona need the most work?

Makeup Magic

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  1. Jessica De Leon 8 years ago

    I didn't have a chance to vote but I am a computer engineer 😀

  2. Emily 8 years ago

    I'd say my fashion sense is a little bit off, working on it though 😀

    can't be bothered with the dating thing tbh, I'm still fairly young, love will find me when the time is right 🙂

    pass ability wise, it's not too bad, I'm even passing as femme in male attire, so I'm doing something good 🙂

    all the best everyone

    Kind regards


  3. Amanda 8 years ago

    Hello Ladies,
    As I am still embarking on the first step of this journey I find myself in the precariuos position needing help in almost every area. But I can say this through tough deterination and some perserverance, I feel as if I can finally start to bring the inner woman I know is there out to the suface. Maybe we'll finally get to meet face to face!


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