As a closet crossdresser of many years, the opportunity to dress is not always available. The need for time alone with no disturbance is precious. Rarely get opportunity of more than a few hours these days so when chance of getting a few days alone at home arose I was so excited.

I started purchasing a few items in preparation online over preceding weeks. I ordered a corset for first time and several pairs of tights and stockings as well as a couple of dresses and some underwear.

The feeling of anticipation when arriving home knowing the house would be empty for three days and being the weekend was intoxicating.

Being late November, I could close all the curtains without any attention being drawn. I gathered up all my items and laid them out ready to go. It was so nice seeing all your normally hidden items visibly out on display. I bathed and shaved my face and legs. I rarely shave legs but with it being Winter, it wasn’t an issue.


I don’t normally paint toenails, however, I now have the time to apply the polish. I had such a feminine feeling sitting and applying the polish on my toenails and then looking down at my toes. Next was my favorite bit of whole experience. Putting on a pair of tights/pantyhose. A feeling like no other I never tire of. For tonight I have 15 denier light grey. I love seeing painted toes though nylons. Especially mine!

Next I put on my corset and pulled it tight. So snug and feminine feeling again. It was my very first time wearing one and it certainly holds you in place. I then slip on a bra with false breasts and am ready for makeup.

Not very good with makeup as limited to time and products I have. Still feeling great sitting and applying it. Trying false lashes for first time. Struggle a bit as shaking with excitement a bit as enjoying the night so much. After makeup it’s time to put my wig on. Have a shoulder length wavy fair haired one for tonight. Do my best to style it and spray some hairspray to hold it. Love the smell which adds to the atmosphere.

I stand back and see results in the mirror. Only when I put wig on do I see how well the make-up looks and tonight quite pleased with it.

I spray on some perfume and sit with a cigarette enjoying the sensation. Oddly I never smoke but when dressed like this I have a desire to. It.could be from my early years watching my mother and aunt get ready. Always the smell of cigarettes and perfume bring back memories. I start applying my false nails while sitting. I love how ladylike my hands become. Sometimes I paint my own nails but enjoy the look of longer nails better.

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I start getting dressed by putting on a navy blue flowing pattern dress with 3″ navy blue suede heels. Another feeling I love is sliding nylon feet into shoes.

I then clip on some earrings and put on a necklace along with few rings and a bracelet.

The feeling of contentment is overwhelming and liberating. The knowledge that not constantly having to check the time to get cleared up is wonderful. Looking down and seeing your legs in nylon with your feet in heels gives one an incredible feeling as well. The feeling of nylon on your legs as you move around is sexy. Looking at your hands and seeing long nails feels so feminine as well. Looking in the mirror and seeing a woman looking back at you is a real rush. I’m trying to decide what to try on next. Getting undressed for bed and putting on a nightie and tights to sleep in knowing I can do it all again tomorrow is wonderful too.

I can’t work out my reason of why I dress, but at this moment, I don’t really care as am totally immersed and happy.

* Do you girls experience these same feelings when you rare chance to dress comes up?

* Do you girls who dress regularly and openly still experience these feelings?

* How often is it that you get a chance to get your total girl on?

Thank you girls for taking the time to read my article. Feel free to give a response to either my article or one or more of the questions posed to you above.

Sincerely, Jane







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    Jane MacLeod

    Over 50 life long closet crossdresser. Don't often get opportunity to dress but when i do it fells so good. Married with no kids. Wife knows but not understanding as such. Basically started with a fascination with tights. Must have been about 5 when first wore them but was early teens started wearing dresses and skirts working up to being fully made up. Was difficult to purchase clothing,make up wigs etc so was restricted for years. So much easier now. Rarely get chance to totally dress up to extent i would like. Just love being able to get dressed and enjoy experience without watching the clock. Never seriously thought would wish to dress full time but would be nice to experience a period of complete femminisation.

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    T.J. Byron
    T.J. Byron
    2 years ago

    To respond to the very well written article; Yes, I feel the feelings you felt, Every time I dress. I am 75 in October, and dressing since 6-9 yo. Sometimes I dress couple days in a row, sometimes 3-5 times a month.
    There are millions of Us at there! I hear from Us from many countries weekly. Many folks must think they might be " the only ones who do this!" If they only knew the rest of us are out here , available to talk, interact. CDH provides those opening cracks in the shell…come on Out!!

    Sarah Lane
    Active Member
    2 years ago

    Fantastic Article Jane. Yes, Even after a long day and the kids have just gone to bed, I find despite how tired or grumpy I am I am energised being dressed as Sarah. I now enjoy going to my wardrobe each night and thinking about what I am going to wear, trying different outfits with each wig and then settling on the one I want for that evening.. For a couple of hours each night I am Sarah. (everything but makeup ) I have yet to dabble in makeup, I need to get approval from the wife but I am… Read more »

    Gail Bingyi
    Active Member
    2 years ago

    Hi Jane you describe so very well the feelings I have every time I get a chance to be dressed and enjoy my Gail time. Especially when you know there is a few days in a row that you can savour and stretch out doing things like your nails and makeup. Even something as simple as sitting on the couch reading takes on a whole new feeling when you look down and see the breasts under your blouse and feel the hair falling across your face.
    Enjoy every moment
    Love as always

    2 years ago

    I really loved that article and felt every word. I understand how that feels to not have anyone’s expectations. Indulge into the other 1/2 of my make up as a human. Femininity. Fortunately at this time I live by myself so I embrace every part of me fully.

    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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