As a closet crossdresser of many years, the opportunity to dress is not always available. The need for time alone with no disturbance is precious. Rarely get opportunity of more than a few hours these days so when chance of getting a few days alone at home arose I was so excited.

I started purchasing a few items in preparation online over preceding weeks. I ordered a corset for first time and several pairs of tights and stockings as well as a couple of dresses and some underwear.

The feeling of anticipation when arriving home knowing the house would be empty for three days and being the weekend was intoxicating.

Being late November, I could close all the curtains without any attention being drawn. I gathered up all my items and laid them out ready to go. It was so nice seeing all your normally hidden items visibly out on display. I bathed and shaved my face and legs. I rarely shave legs but with it being Winter, it wasn’t an issue.

I don’t normally paint toenails, however, I now have the time to apply the polish. I had such a feminine feeling sitting and applying the polish on my toenails and then looking down at my toes. Next was my favorite bit of whole experience. Putting on a pair of tights/pantyhose. A feeling like no other I never tire of. For tonight I have 15 denier light grey. I love seeing painted toes though nylons. Especially mine!

Next I put on my corset and pulled it tight. So snug and feminine feeling again. It was my very first time wearing one and it certainly holds you in place. I then slip on a bra with false breasts and am ready for makeup.

Not very good with makeup as limited to time and products I have. Still feeling great sitting and applying it. Trying false lashes for first time. Struggle a bit as shaking with excitement a bit as enjoying the night so much. After makeup it’s time to put my wig on. Have a shoulder length wavy fair haired one for tonight. Do my best to style it and spray some hairspray to hold it. Love the smell which adds to the atmosphere.

Exceptional Voice

I stand back and see results in the mirror. Only when I put wig on do I see how well the make-up looks and tonight quite pleased with it.

I spray on some perfume and sit with a cigarette enjoying the sensation. Oddly I never smoke but when dressed like this I have a desire to. It.could be from my early years watching my mother and aunt get ready. Always the smell of cigarettes and perfume bring back memories. I start applying my false nails while sitting. I love how ladylike my hands become. Sometimes I paint my own nails but enjoy the look of longer nails better.

I start getting dressed by putting on a navy blue flowing pattern dress with 3″ navy blue suede heels. Another feeling I love is sliding nylon feet into shoes.

I then clip on some earrings and put on a necklace along with few rings and a bracelet.

The feeling of contentment is overwhelming and liberating. The knowledge that not constantly having to check the time to get cleared up is wonderful. Looking down and seeing your legs in nylon with your feet in heels gives one an incredible feeling as well. The feeling of nylon on your legs as you move around is sexy. Looking at your hands and seeing long nails feels so feminine as well. Looking in the mirror and seeing a woman looking back at you is a real rush. I’m trying to decide what to try on next. Getting undressed for bed and putting on a nightie and tights to sleep in knowing I can do it all again tomorrow is wonderful too.

I can’t work out my reason of why I dress, but at this moment, I don’t really care as am totally immersed and happy.

* Do you girls experience these same feelings when you rare chance to dress comes up?

* Do you girls who dress regularly and openly still experience these feelings?

* How often is it that you get a chance to get your total girl on?

Thank you girls for taking the time to read my article. Feel free to give a response to either my article or one or more of the questions posed to you above.

Sincerely, Jane






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    Active Member
    4 months ago

    Jane, to paraphrase your article if I may I too, can’t work out my reason of why I dress, but at this moment, I don’t really care as am totally immersed and happy. * Leonara experiences these same feelings when the opportunity presents itself … I dress to the nines and application of makeup and getting dress is so feminine as I present my self as the woman within.. * I at least 3x a week I get a chance to dress thank you for sharing your feelings and inner thoughts of dressing up it is comforting to know I… Read more »

    T.J. Byron
    Trusted Member
    4 months ago
    Reply to  Leonara

    Good to hear your ,always valuable opinion, Leonard. I think we both added a layer of explanation to the questions posed.
    Thank you for your continuing efforts to expose our needs to be open, promoting exchange of ideas of this subject matter.
    Love to all… Dr. T.J.

    Trusted Member
    4 months ago

    Jane, Great article and very much similar to my own experience. Those few times a year when I have the house to myself for several days are heavenly indeed. It allows for full immersion in every aspect of transforming myself into a woman, as you describe. The single-day “quicky” dressing sessions that I can’t resist when the urge gets too strong are increasingly unsatisfying. Actually, these sessions only last about 6-7 hours while my wife is at work and I have the day off. So frustrating to have to rush everything, and immensely exhausting as I have to drag heavy… Read more »

    Active Member
    4 months ago

    Hi Jane,

    When I first began Dressing, it was only for a few hours a couple times a month when my wife went out for social meetings with her friends – and I couldn’t try makeup. Still, I relished every minute spent in my simple tee shirt dress and a wig. Now, I’m in a skirt or dress 75% of the time (and I still get a thrill), with my own hair, and in makeup every time I do my shopping chores.

    Alice Black
    Active Member
    4 months ago

    Jane, I enjoyed your article. My wife is going away at end of August so am looking forward to some full fledged Alice time then.

    Andrea Kelly
    4 months ago

    Hi Jane,

    Know just how you feel. Although my wife is OK with partial dressing and has, on occasion, seen me fully dressed, I live for the days when I can have the house to myself. I’m hoping to have a couple of weeks in late summer when all the borders are open.

    Deena Smith
    Active Member
    4 months ago

    I loved reading this and felt that so much of it reflected my position. I don’t know what it is but even just having a simple skirt on or anything feminine makes me feel so much more at ease and a different person.

    Roberta Broussard
    Active Member
    4 months ago

    Last year was the first time that I acquired more than under things to dress. It was such a rush first time seeing a woman looking back in the mirror. It really is intoxicating.

    Rachael Winters
    4 months ago

    Jane, good to enjoy the three day “moment “.

    Lucinda Hawkns
    Active Member
    4 months ago

    what a lovely words, yes i get the same feeling when i start to dress up, first taking off that boring male cloths and then putting on panties and pad, Don’t forget a pad makes you feel more feminine.. putting on a sexy bra and boob inserts, then a nice sexy dress, nylons to match. ear rings and necklace, make up and perfume. the smell of perfume gets me all the time. love the smell of perfume. I buy my own make up and perfume and dresses and all that, for wife knows i dress up. she got tired of… Read more »

    4 months ago

    Oh Jane, I loved your article. It rang true to my past experiences. It’s nearly a year since I came out to my wife and I have made huge strides since. Before it was an hour here and there as my wife worked nearby and could pop home without notice. Nowadays I dress fully at home once or twice a week for an evening and still get the same complete, wonderful feeling when I’m dressed. I’ve found another CD friend in the next town and every two weeks we go into town and go shopping then end up in a… Read more »

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