Transgender teenage girl success story

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This week’s transgender success story comes from a lady who knew early on who she was meant to be. Despite pressure from some, she pursued her dream to become the woman she is. While Jennifer’s story on Crossdresser Heaven may be short, her struggle and acceptance over many years is a legacy she will enjoy for the rest of her life.

If you have a crossdressing success story you’d like to share with other readers at Crossdresser Heaven, please take a moment to submit your story. Whether you’re just stepping out for the first time, going through a transition, or are still coming to terms with your husband’s crossdressing your words will be like dew drops in the desert to others in the transgender community.

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Jennifer’s Transgender Success Story

Hi I’m Jennifer and here to tell you my crossdressing sucess story. It started when I was five and started putting my sisters bras and panties on and had a big turn on with it on and then started playing dressup with the local girls. When I was 8 I knew I wanted to be a girl and started wearing girl’s panties to school and some of the students found out and started to make fun of me but it didnt stop me. I started to crossdress fully when I was 12 with the local girls and when i was home alone.

I went out fully dressed in public when I was 16 with a GG friend and thats when I discovered thats the person I want to be and feel more comfortable being. For the next 10 years I dressed every chance I got and had alot of support with my GG friends and then I decided to go full time and everyone said if that makes you happy go for it and I did it and began my transition to Jennifer and love every minute of it and with the help and support of my GG friends they made it happen to bring out the person I was to be. I now dress and work as Jennifer full time and currently taking hormones to become the woman I want to be.

  1. leona 10 years ago

    hello sisters, it has been along journey for me to accept who i am and to throw off the fear and confussion.but through a therapist (friend) i have come to see that there is no need for a cure.i am a very spiritual person and know now that the Creator designed me just as i am. i spent years trying to destroy that but in 2007 i had a heart attack one so severe that my family was told that i might not survive the night. but because of the grace of the Creator i am here. i knew that if i did survive i would no longer deny who Leona is and started my journey to become the woman who keeps growing and learning. i mentioned my friend who has not once told me to seek acure never being dicouraged. each time we meet i am encouraged to fullfill that which i denied all my life. you see i am 57 and hated myself forever. desiring to be only normal. but i am normal! what i need to do is fullfill that life that has been hidden and hated. this all came rushing into me as i was walking home. i forgot my money and no one to call. there was joy and tears as i thought about my freedom from quilt and knowing that it was OK tolove myself and who this older woman is and becoming. it was very cold here today but this i know. tears and joy can keep us warm. i dont know of anyother time in my life that i felt so free. the last few years i have trying to define who Leona is. i am not a young girl nor want to act as such. most likely i fit into the “natural girl” and still trying to figure that out.but it is slowly opening to me. i am trying to find a group in my area but hard to find. it does get lonely at times with no one to share with. but all good things will come. Venessa thank you for the courage you gave me here

    • Vanessa Law 10 years ago

      Bravo Leona! So wonderful to hear that you’ve taken a rough shock and made something beautiful of it.

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