A Hodgepodge Submission


I’m a crossdresser,

I’ve a few things to tell.

Though I’m crossdressed,

I’d say I tell you rather well.

I try on shoes, tried on boots,

When I have a moment free.

If I’m not otherwise busy

As I take a walk down in the city

Or it’s a quarter after two.

I’m a crossdresser,

Just like you.


I’m a crossdresser,

I tell you something rare.

There’s this lady

Who once said to me:

“Oh how I love your hair”.

And then along came another sweet young lady,

All dressed in her bridal gown.

I said to her in a voice so true,

Now I did not say I would marry you,

But I would like to try that on.

I’m a crossdresser,

Just like you.


I write myself a note each day,

And I place it in my fancy hat.

The wind comes by, my hat blows high,

But that’s not the end of that.

For round and round in the air it goes,

It lands right here behind myself.

I pick it up, and I read the note,

Which merely is to remind myself.

I’m a crossdresser,

Just like you.


My pen is like a babbling brook,

Permit me to show you, Madam and Sir,

My very latest look.

Now here to the simple fools,

Just glance at a page or two.

They laugh Ha, Ha, but they blush a bit

For they realize while they’re viewing it.

Now that it’s not fairly new.

I’m a crossdresser,

Just like you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

I’m a crossdresser,

Upon an April Day.

It’s full of magic that I need,

To speed me on my way.

My pocket book has an empty look,

I limp on a lumpy high heel shoe.

I wish I was a  little fish,

Or an elder with a rocking chair.

And a dumpling in my stew.

I’m a crossdresser,

Just Like You.




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Am a 66 year old retiree with some slightly disabilities. American, white, English speaking. Love to be someone like Tootsie or Mrs Doubtfire. Everyday, I would dress in woman undees and go outdoor with blouses, slacks, sweaters, jackets I don't use jewelries, makeup, lipsticks or wig. My face always shaved.

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  1. Lea 2 months ago

    Wonderful prose!

  2. *skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 months ago

    Well written Johnanna! I love poetry!

  3. Laura Lovett 1 month ago


    Sums up the carefree and flittery, glittery spirit so well.

    An enigma wrapped in a cloud. A light, sunny day cloud, there one moment in a delightful shape, the next, just a happy memory.

    Love Laura

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