Hi Girls, I’m Karen!

Once a month I go to a support group meeting. This support group has stopped meeting only because just a few people were showing up as of late. I’m looking for a cross dresser group in Indianapolis. Since there’s a lot information online about cross dressing and so many more sites to join related to cross dressing, people are not going to meetings as much as they used to. I believe meetings are good because for some people it’s a safe place to be dressed and not worry about not being accepted. I was that way for many years and dressed only at home or when going to a cross dresser meeting. Then there was a feeling inside me that I needed more. First time going to a store while dressed in feminine clothing was scary not knowing how people would react. However, at that time, I was only wearing women clothes with no makeup or wig. In the past six years, I started enjoying putting on makeup and wigs.

Once I started going out dressed, it led to such a great feeling going out shopping or to a restaurant while dressed en femme.  When I go shopping for clothes and makeup, I wear dresses or skirts. I tried slacks and jeans, but they don’t look good on me. I find while I’m out dressed, most people are very nice to me.  I found store clerks or workers are willing to help cross dressers. I was at Ulta beauty where clerks and makeup staff are so nice and helpful to cross dressers. They also help by suggesting certain types of makeup based on one’s skin type and tone. And the girls also help with teaching teach me how to put on each type of makeup as well.

I went to dress barn once and the salesgirl helped me pick out a dress, a skirt, and some tops. I was even able to try them on at the store. I had some clerks say, “May I help you ma’am?”  I also had other women compliment me on what was wearing from my shoes to my skirt and lace tights.  It makes you feel good about yourself while out shopping and getting compliments from other people while out dressed as a lady.

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I also had a feeling to go out and get a pedicure. I made a point to email salons to make sure there was no problem with me coming in dressed in feminine clothing. I had two replies where there was no problem whatsoever. I set up appointment and had such great time and the entire staff was so very nice to me!

Recently, I have a feeling inside I wish I was a woman. I am married to my wife who is very accepting of my thrill of cross dressing. Occasionally, she’ll even buy me feminine clothing.  I am 58 now and wish I would have started cross dressing when I was much younger as do many cross dressers who are my age. But I love women and think they are so lucky having all those clothing choices they can wear. The selection of clothing in the ladies, women’s, and junior’s departments of a retail store is so much greater than what we have to choose from in the men’s department! No wonder women love to shop and spend much more money on clothing and footwear than men!

  • If you had to make a guess as to the total amount of money you spend each year on feminine clothing, footwear, makeup, and accessories, how much money, within a few hundred dollars, would that amount be?
  • Do you enjoy shopping for feminine clothing so much more than men’s clothing and rarely find yourself in the men’s department anymore like me?
  • How many times have you totally purged your feminine clothing based on an unaccepting spouse or significant other?

Thank you for reading my article and please take the time to answer one or more questions I’ve posed to you above.

Sincerely, Karen

En Femme Style



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    Karen May

    I am married, 60 years old, I love to cross-dress. my wife is understanding but has limits. I feel so much better when dressed. Wife has bought me clothes. I started to wear women cloths in my teens. which was hidden. over years it's has involved. I like to go shopping . Just wish I had a friend to go shopping with.

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    3 years ago
    Reply to  Karen May

    i hope your easter weekend is well and your best look is forward . im getting ready as we chat

    Daisy Marie
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    Hey Karen,

    Thank you for your article.
    Nowadays I only purchase men’s clothing when I want to mix with girl’s clothing I want to purchase as well, like a disguise strategy, as I’ve never got out dressed as a girl. Surely the amount of men’s apparel purchased fell drastically.


    Vanessa Vanreed' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    Vanessa Vanreed
    3 years ago

    I too am looking for support around Indy. I love going out as a girl. Where do you feel safe.

    Alanna Crossdresser
    1 year ago

    You’re a very lucky and blessed woman. Most every ‘lady’ that I know is either hiding in the closet (me) or has been given some sort of ultimatum.

    I know one who’s wife is somewhat accepting and she and I have time to have ‘dress-up’ play dates.

    I’m located somewhat close to you but have to keep myself hidden from the public eye, but would love to chat more if you’d find that accepting.

    crossdresserindy@gmail.com is a great way to reach me.

    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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