I always dress en femme when I am traveling on business. Most of my trips are by car and occasionally I fly.  This was to be a short trip to the Chicago area for an audit.  I drove up on Wednesday stopping in Merriville for some shopping at the Macy’s and JCPenneys.  I prefer Kohl’s but they still have their fitting rooms closed.

Anyways I had a great non-eventful trip up and even found a new blouse.  Dinner at Chili’s car-to-go and back to the hotel.  Fairfield has mobile-key check-in so I do not have to interact with the front desk although I have checked in en femme before with no issues.

It was a successful trip and time to go back home on Friday.  It had snowed overnight and I did not have a brush to clean off the rental car.  So I took a towel and went out in the frigid cold to clean the car and pack up.  It was a difficult drive for the first few hours as the snow was still coming down and with the Chicago winds there were drifts everywhere.

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Once I got back to Indiana though the roads cleared up and I was booking along 79 in a 70.  I saw the trooper in the median, but I have never been pulled over as long as you stay below 11 over.  However, I looked in the mirror and he was pulling out.  OH Sh$t.  He couldn’t be for me though.  I moved over to the middle lane and he pulled up just beside and behind me for about a half mile.  Then he pulled behind me and popped on the lights.

This is the first time I had been stopped in 15 years and never while dressed.  I pulled over and he approached on the passenger side.  He asked for my license and registration.  I had to explain it was a rental and my registration was on my phone.  I showed it to him.  He then told me he had pulled me over because my plate was not visible.  It turns out my drive earlier in the snow and covered the back of the car white and you could not see anything.

He was very cordial but did write me a warning ticket.  He even cleaned off the plate for me.  Nothing was said about the discrepancy between my Drivers License and my appearance.  He said good-bye and I was on my way.  Whew!

About 30 minutes later I look in the mirror and again there is a state cop with his lights on.  I had New York Plates so I figure I am being targeted.  Turns out though he was not out for me, I pulled over and he passed going to an accident on the other side of the Interstate.

And on I continued.  As I got closer to home there was some construction I had forgotten about and I got re-routed though this really small town.  Wouldn’t you guess there was a sheriff sitting by the side of the road.  I am guessing a speed trap.  Fortunately, I hadn’t been speeding but guess what.  I pass and he pulls out behind me.  Not again.  He follows me for about a mile and then pulls off.  I guess my New York Plates were being checked.

Overall it was a great trip and I did get to do some more shopping on the way home and even found one more blouse to buy.  But I have seen enough Police for this week.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Please take the time to send in either a response to my article or one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you below.

*Have you ever been pulled over by a police office while you have your total girl on and how did it go?

*Have you never gone out driving in your vehicle for fear of either getting pulled over by the police or by getting in an accident while dressed fully en femme?

*How about gaining access to a bar or club which required showing your driver’s license shown towards the front door before entering. How did that situation go if you were dressed totally en femme and you looked nothing like the photo on your driver’s license?

En Femme Discover Woman Within

Thanks girls for reading my article and looking forward to your possible responses to my article or questions!

Sincerely, Diana



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Richelle Boatright
1 month ago

First and only time pulled over… riding with another TG after leaving a bar, got pulled over for a burned out headlight. We both produced ID’s as requested and the deputy returned to his car to run them. When he returned he simply asked each of us for our Social Security # since our appearance did not match our ID photos. After that all was good and my friend got a warning ticket.

Dawn Judson
Active Member
1 month ago

In 2019, on my way to a Christmas party, I was changing shoes at a stop light. I thought I had put the car in Park when I actually had it in Reverse. Took my foot off the brake & drifted into the car behind me. We got out & exchanged information. I was in a beautiful red party dress and before I even gave him my license, I said, “I’m a guy” because that’s what my license says. He was like, “So what?” Police were not called. Damage was minor & I paid for it. No issues.

1 month ago

Well I have been out driving in just my white lace lingerie with hose, garters and heels though heels are hard to drive with and fortunately I’ve never been pulled over but sometime love living a bit on the wild side as it’s fun and love the erotic.

Lucinda Hawkns
Active Member
1 month ago

I went out dressed up to a Buffalo Bells meeting one year, took the thruway to get there and was scared that some one passing by me would see that i was a man dressed up in a female clothing, or get pulled over for some dumb reason. no pull overs by a police officer thank god. got to the meeting place, put on my make up in truck, then heels , got out of truck and was scared to walk into the meeting place. but the sound of my heels was so exciting that I just walk into a… Read more »

Caty Ryan
Active Member
1 month ago

About 30 years ago muggins me went for an en femme late night drive in Perth Western Australia. I was on a business trip and drove around some of the industrial estates where I had customers. Cops thought I was “casing a few joints”.. So I got pulled over, flashing lights.. the works… I had not been drinking and I always carried my drivers license when femme.

All was well in the end and I was sent on my way with, “I think its time you went back to your hotel…. sir…..”


Amy Myers
Noble Member
1 month ago

I have been out many times, but have never been pulled over, nor had to produce my guy id for any reason. One time I had a nearish miss. I was running late for a makeover and was driving quite fast on the main highway. It is clear and open which of course encourages speeding, and for that reason it is patrolled on an irregular basis. Usually I’m quite cautious en femme so I don’t need to worry about it, but that day I was driving fast enough to attract official attention, then I realized how fast I was going… Read more »

Alison Anderson
1 month ago

Since the pandemic I have been dressed more often than not. Last August I was dressed heading to the supermarket. Traveling down the road, someone going the other way turned left in front of me. I hit the other car on the side, and ended up totaling my car. The air bag popped and with my seat belt, I was left with only a few minor bruises from the exploding air bag. It was a couple of black and blue marks, and cuts on the heels of the hand from the air bag exploding past. A gentleman who was a… Read more »

Joanne Oleary
1 month ago

Hi Diana, thanks for your article. I drive all the time in female dress and I haven’t been stopped yet but I can imagine the concern you must have felt. But these days I worry less about such stuff. I was recently invited to get my vaccination and decided I couldn’t be bothered to change into my male identity. I was asked for my ID three times, which didn’t produce any reaction. Sometimes we expect strange reactions when most people don’t bother. But I’m sure there are girls with less positive experiences and it’s important not to go to far… Read more »

Gina Sinclair
1 month ago

I was running late to meet up with some friends at Talbott Street and finished putting on jewelry and accessories in the car , I had dropped an ring on the floor and bent over to pick it up , keep in mind i am only 4 mile from my house and most of the officers around know me, well when I bent over I drifted over the center line and well there was a police officer hidden checking for speeders . I got pulled when he came to the car he asked for license and registration which I gave… Read more »

Jane Don
1 month ago

When I think about it, I’ve never been pulled over while driving fully Dressed–With wife driving & me fully dressed we’ve been pulled over–I’ve had some strange looks but never any problems from cops though–

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