Crossdresser Shop - Lingerie

The stores below offer great variety, whether you’re looking for everyday cotton panties, lacy bras or silk slips you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Highly Recommended – Bare Necessities: Bras, panties, slips and camis in a variety of styles – from everyday to seductive goddess. Great prices and wide range of sizes.

Hanes: Comfortable bras and panties in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

Fredericks of Hollywood: Sexy bras, teddies and lacy nightgowns. Drive your woman (or man) wild in bed!
Highly Recommended – Her Room: High quality lingerie at affordable prices. Great selection of styles and sizes, including plus size lingerie.

Just My Size: Specializes in plus size lingerie that is comfortable and flattering for the larger woman.

Silkies: A selection of everyday bras, panties and comfortable camis.

Victoria’s Secret: I’m sure you’ve heard of them – buy online to avoid the teenage girls at the mall

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  1. Rani Begum 2 years ago

    Thanks for your great ideas and efforts so for.I always obliged you for these tips to promote our inner women

  2. June Darling 2 years ago

    Some of the best are the local Boutiques around your area. I find all kinds of good things at several here. You can even find Highend stuff for extremely reasonable prices and if yur out its exciting to try them on to see if they fit and the look is you! Happy hunting ladies.

  3. Sahi saheli 2 years ago

    The article is fine and it occurs to everybody who wants to become crossdresser but we on our part support our section of individuals .We are also undergoing the trials and tribulations and we expect sympathy and understanding .We hope someday we will be accepted as we are and respect

  4. shaay wels 1 year ago

    I’m here

  5. Kacy-Jo Logan 1 year ago

    I have been really scared to go out in full fem but i do wear panties everyday. I like the feel of a low cut lacy thong

  6. Jess Brown 1 year ago

    Thank u for this site love it

  7. Rose Smith 1 year ago

    I have grown to love shopping in drab at Victoria’s Secret they treat me with honor and dignity the whole time. They even made getting fitted for a bra enjoyable

    • Stephanie 1 year ago

      You are so pretty in those pretty girl panties. I Don’t know if you are attracted but I wish I could be there in person and I have a feeling that you can teach me to be dressed up like that

  8. Dean 1 year ago

    For me the lingerie doesn’t need be high end. If I see something cute/sexy I buy it. For me the fun is in trying it on and feeling a little naughty. I buy things for wife so I can wear it too, if it makes my junk tingle I’m all in.

    • dee onmyknees 9 months ago

      thanks dean ive always looked to express how i feel from the first time till this afternoon that when i put on a bra and panty just get that tingle with excitement and especially when i shop for more and get giddy when i get home and try them on i always get enough variety of bras panties or whatever to keep me smiling for days..its that feeling that gets me everytime..

  9. Elana Germaine 1 year ago

    I love to shop at JCPenney, there is a woman that works there that is so nice to me, I know she has seen some of my underdressings. She always wears stockings with her outfits. She likes pencil skirts, and so do I.

  10. Ronda Macon 11 months ago

    I love felling sexy an I got a friend that is a girl she so kool helps me with make up an things

  11. Christy 11 months ago

    I like my sexy lingerie and feel good on me and my hubby like my sexy lingerie

  12. Kristinaaz Redding 10 months ago

    I think since I started wearing sexy lingerie (Lacy thong panties, stockings and garter, and either a cami or bralette to work I feel more alive. I love being in lingerie both at home and and work.

    • Aaron Dukes 10 months ago

      I feel exact the same way Hun. I live the way they feel on my skin, I just live everything about it!

  13. Kelly Magic 10 months ago

    I love to wear red lingerie, like the picture at the top. it makes me feel so lovely and my inner feelings rocket.

    • Sue Rowe 10 months ago

      Hi Kelly same here is feel so sexy as soon as i start putting my lingerie on,i love annsummers lingerie , the bras feel really comfortable

    • Paddlegirl 10 months ago

      Looks nice never put on bra

  14. Alison White 10 months ago

    When I wear women’s clothing I feel sexy mu

    ch of time I’m more comfortable in a dress and I want to try dressing up for or with someone never have before

  15. Gina Jones 10 months ago

    Would love to have someone to dress with, especially a woman that could give me tips and advice. I love wearing lacy, frilly, girly things as often as possible. Unfortunately that is not very often. I have worn panties under my pants at work a few times and absolutely loved it, felt so feminine and sexy. Am definitely a girly girl inside.

  16. Carmen Cross 9 months ago

    I got a pre-op transsexual escort to my house last week my wife walked in on me halfway through our session now my wife thinks I’m gay but I’m not I don’t fancy men

  17. Marie Sweets 9 months ago

    Buy pink panties and bra. Support breast cancer awareness. I did.

  18. JackieOhNo Raples 8 months ago

    ElanaGermaine,I also love JCPenny in Stroud mall in stroudsburgPa
    A couple sales ladies there were super with their help and advice.
    One lady says its my job and I like to do it well,and she loved talking with people.
    I am going to enjoy CDH I feel giddy reading all.yhankyou Luv

  19. Naomi Duncanson 8 months ago

    Yes there’s nothing like a nice pair of panties and the excitement of finding them
    I now underdress daily in some sort of lingerie when full fem not possible from light weight cotton in summer to leotards or bodysuits in winter , even sleep with them and very well I would add .
    My panty draw is now more full than the boring old jocks draw !
    Cheers , Naomi D

  20. Jefferina Pantywaist 7 months ago

    Excellent lingerie retailers and manufacturers listed in the top of this thread.

    My most recent purchase of Panties was from Bare Necessities, they are a retailer for Vanity Fair Panties in many exciting colors, my biggest disappointment in them is their refusal to post reviews from male customers.

    Frederick’s of Hollywood sells nice things, I own quite a bit, but save it for winter!

    I have some Just My Size Panties which came from Walmart, very nice ones in nylon and lace!

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