Any members who wish to host their Local Chapter on Crossdresser Heaven are required to abide by the following rules:

  1. Each chapter may name their own group, names must not imply any impropriety. You must follow general site rules about suggestive names
  2. Each chapter must have a minimum of 4 people to obtain recognition, and one must be willing to act as the group leader and liaison
  3. Each chapter must not have any exclusionary criteria other than geography and that member must be a crossdresser or transgender individual in good standing with Crossdresser Heaven. Significant others may be allowed as well, this is up to the discretion of the group
  4. Chapter events off of the website cannot claim Crossdresser Heaven sponsorship of or endorsement of the activity. Activities may be listed on the Crossdresser Heaven website however, and the phrase “Friends of Crossdresser Heaven” may be used
  5. Use of the chapter or chapter events as a facilitator for dating or hookups/sexual liaisons is expressly forbidden and if discovered will be grounds for immediate and summary suspension of the chapter’s charter by any Managing Ambassador, Assistant Managing Ambassador, or the sites Administrators
  6. Likewise, use of the chapter’s name, Crossdresser Heaven, or members of the chapter for any political activism or religious functions shall be subject to the same. Exceptions to this are pride celebrations/marches that are non political in nature and possibly certain fundraisers. Events that could be construed as conflicting with this or the prior rule should have approval by a Managing Ambassador, Assistant Managing Ambassador or Site Administrator
  7. Chapters shall not require nor impose any form of monetary dues or levees independent of Crossdresser Heaven. Any form of chapter dues as a membership requirement is not allowed, beyond having a Baroness level membership at Crossdresser Heaven. Money may be collected for an event on a per event basis, but at this time no ongoing treasury or account is allowed. If the event is a major event (such as a mini conference with speakers, hotel, etc) you are required to consult with a Managing Ambassador, Assistant Manager or Site Administrator.
  8. Events may not be held intentionally for profit. Any unintentional profit gained by an event can be dispositioned in one of three ways: 1) donated to a charity of the groups choice and receipt provided, 2) refunded to the participants of the event
  9. No chapter shall use the Crossdresser Heaven name or their chapter’s name in any form of direct competition with another chapter, another organization, or another website.
  10. Violation of these rules is based on management’s application of them. If a chapter feels the judgement of a manager has not been fair, they may ask for a second manager/assistant manager to investigate as well, however, if in agreement the matter is considered closed and judgement final. Any incongruence in findings shall be referred to the Site Administrators. Local Chapter online hosting is subject to suspension and dissolution at any time, for any reason without appeal.

All existing Terms of Use are also applicable.

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