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Crossdressing cabaret

Crossdressing is one of my favourite things. I’m not entirely sure why that is but these days I tend not to question it as I have finally made peace with it. Like many people I started at a young age, possibly between the ages of 5 and 8. I only started getting good at it in my mid twenties when I discovered eBay and was able to purchase wigs etc and establish a look. The most difficult thing about it is the secretive aspect. I wish I had opened up to my wife a lot sooner. I’m sure you all know how tricky that potential conversation can seem. Somehow I managed to keep it from her for 11 years and she was genuinely surprised when I told her. It was a revelation and a half. To her credit she has been as supportive and understanding as she can be and in this I realise I am very lucky. We have two young children too but I doubt if they’ll be finding out about it soon.

It gave me the confidence to come out a little bit more, creating in the process an elite group of folk to whom I’m able to lean on or talk things over with. I know I’ve been able to do this via social media for years but it’s not the same as physical interaction. A couple of years after coming out to my wife I grew tired with Facebook and started a blog on WordPress in an attempt to work through my curious habit in word form. So far I haven’t come any closer to understanding but through writing about it I definitely feel more at ease. I’ve started to include poetry as well as musings and the ubiquitous photographs. This in time led me to plan my first ever night out which to date is the most exciting thing I’ve done as Anna. Dinner in a normal restaurant with a friend from work and then cocktails. Bliss! My next step is to take Anna to the stage – the cabaret stage to be precise. My online name for years has been Anna Secret Poet and I reckon it’s time I lived up to the moniker properly. My love of performing can finally be consolidated with my feminine urges and I’m giddy with excitement! I’ve been pitching it to people as a ‘drag poet’. There’s a gap in the market I’m sure and I’m more than willing to fill it. Obviously I don’t know how this will go down – it may be terrible. I’m going to give it my best shot though. I’ve been stockpiling material for a few weeks now and have even been given my first gig. That is due to take place in under 2 weeks and I shall be performing alongside burlesque dancers, magicians, comedians, musicians and all sorts of other weird and wonderful people. I can’t wait!

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I'm a married crossdresser in my 30s who performs as his alter ego at cabarets and comedy clubs. I've been keeping a blog about what I get up to and my evolving styles at 'Confessions of Anna, Secret Poet' for over 3 years.

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julianne w
julianne w

The very best of luck Anna anyone brave enough to step out on stage in front of an audience deserves a round of applause . You are an inspiration not only to budding performers but to us as crossdressers as well .You go girl enjoy and feel proud no matter what happens you were brave enough to take on the challenge .Hugs Julianne

Active Member

Ana! an amazing story and incredibly brave of you to share yourself-first i your writing, then in going out and now the stage! good luck and cant wait to read THAT story!

Tracey Rose
Tracey Rose

thank you anna for a great story , and beautiful profile pic

tracey x

Rosaliy Lynne
Rosaliy Lynne

I hope your stage debut is everything you thought it would be – good luck!!!!

Elaine Marie Rose

Good luck dear I hope everything goes well enough that you get asked back. Just remember that being “stressed” is “desserts” spelled backward.
Staying fem
Elaine Marie Rose

Samantha G.....

Congrats Anna, As the old show biz saying goes “break a leg kid”
But please don’t break a heel, that would be tragic.
Best of luck, you have far more confidence than a lot of us.


Oh Ana O think that’s amazing. I am recently coming out as a performer, not just as a drag performer but a trans gender woman performer. Please let me know how it went. I’m working on several dance routines but I also Perform as an aerialist.


That is awesome Anna. I have always wondered what doing Burlesque would be like. I lip sync occasionally at one of our bars here where I live, it usually goes over great after about three daiquiri’s and some pushing from behind. I don’t know why I can go out in public as either a drag queen or just dressed up with makeup but when it comes to being in front of another type of crowd or audience I freeze so kuddos to you and I hope all goes well for you. Jackie:)

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