Macys loves crossdressers

Macy's Loves CrossdressersA few weeks ago you shared your favorite crossdresser friendly stores with me. Thanks for all your submissions so far! Many of you ladies raved about a store I dearly love (a bit too much according to my wife 🙂 ). Macy’s is the transgender friendly store to shop at!

If you look in my closet you’ll find tops and skirts I’ve purchased there. Their clothes fit well, look great and I always have a positive experience out shopping. Best of all, Macy’s makes it easy to avoid a common crossdressing pitfall – choosing inappropriate clothes. Macy’s has a selection of clothes to fit all ages and styles. You don’t have to look frumpy just because your figure is slightly larger than most woman.

Okay, enough of my glowing review, I thought I’d share two more perspectives on Macy’s.

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Deena wrote me a glowing review recommending Macy’s:

I have shopped at Macy’s department stores and found them to be very helpful in finding the right size and look in clothing. They are very understanding with the transgendered and crossdressing community. Also they are very supportive in the Pride Day festival as they realize that the GLBT community has a economical benefit in the communities they serve.

Petra even wrote an article describing her positive experience with Macy’s

I want to give a particularly warm (and hopefully not overly familiar) hug to our friends at Macy’s – the Grand Old Lady of department stores. Sales Assistants have been helpful and just nicely curious about my shopping,en femme and in drab. When I have been in a Macy’s wearing a Macy’s dress, it gets noticed by staff. On 2 separate occasions an SA has excitedly told me that I look terrific and that they appreciate that I am a Macys customer. Online, my reviews have been published quickly, and weirdly, other customers have found them helpful.

Thank you Macy’s! Take a moment to browse their selection of women’s clothes. I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

What’s your favorites transgender store? Please send me a quick email to with the name of your favorite store, and a short story on your positive transgender experience and I’ll share it with others.

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Petra Bellejambes
10 years ago

Dear Vanessa, Thanks so much for this post. I hope that all your readers take note and shop openly where welcomed. It is important as well that we do not subsidize ignorance and ill-will by shopping furtively or by shopping where we are not welcomed. I realize that many of the CD/TG set simply cannot shop openly for themselves (en femme or in drab) but for those of us that can, we can make our numbers felt, and really help advance the frontiers of acceptance when we do. Easy steps (once you chase the butterflies away) – The garment is… Read more »

7 years ago

beauty supply store at SC were friendly even they do not have any policy like Macy’s .They supported me in selection of wigs.

6 years ago

The customer service employees at online stores that cater to plus sized women know we make up a large part of their business. I shop regularly at Catherines, Lane Bryant , Woman Within and Full Beauty and could not be treated nicer. One time after rating some of their products, they contacted me. After determining I was male I filled out the longest survey I’ve ever taken. Where upon they sent me a 40% off coupon and now they contact me using my femme name asking specific questions about certain purchases. No man’s store ever did that!

Jacqueline Marie
6 years ago

Dear Vanessa, When I was 15 years old, I came out that I was a crossdresser, I had a lot of help from my understanding and supportive mother, sister and aunts. I have been living full time as young women for the past ten years with little regrets. Woman’s fashion is never boring, the fashions change with the seasons, the styles, materials are endless. My mother, sister or Aunts go shopping a lot of the time with me, which relieves some of the stress of buying clothes. I found finding woman’s clothes that fit can be hard, the sizes are… Read more »

4 years ago

My shopping experience at some stores has been great and at different times bad I have found it all depends on the sales lady I love to shop dressed in my girl cloths and I never pass as a femaie the only time I go out as a female is in the morning when the stores open most of the time I have a sales lady all to my self I would really like some one to go shopping with me any one out their

4 years ago

Well, I have never called a store before going shopping. I shop anywhere I decide to shop. Please don’t think I think I am better than anyone because I am not. I feel for the people that say they don’t look like a female. I know it has to be hard for them. I am only sharing my experiences. I do not like to shop online. Not at all. The only article I would think about buying online is shoes because I know my size and it seems like shoe sizes don’t change with the designer. The reason I don’t… Read more »

4 years ago

Part of the reason of why Macy’s is crossdresser friendly is that they are in the middle of NYC. Employees dress up as clowns annually for the Thanksgiving Day parade, to be around the parade, but also to handle the balloons. Being in the heart of the Big Apple, where I grew up, I can tell you that since I was a teenager at least (I’m 60) there have always been gay men working there. My dearly departed brother was one. My brother was gay, and knew a lot of the employees at Macy’s who were crossdressers, and many who… Read more »

cross dressing
3 years ago

Privately, she has supported her husband in his 20-year struggle
with Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps the most popular are the timeless pumps (otherwise known as court shoes).
But it is worth noting that one of the monster trucks is a prototype, and very hard to get hold of.

Brittany Travis
2 years ago

I have been in a macys a few times. Never been in as a crossdresser shopping for girly stuff. The only places that I have bought girl panties, bras, clothes, heels and make up would be walmart and thrift stores. I used to just steal my panties, bras, dresses, make up, nail polish from my Mom, girl cousins, or friends that are girls. I dont want my secret to get out but at the same time I do because I love the feeling I get when im all girly.. i love being a crossdresser i just wish i was gay… Read more »

toby aka rebecca
2 years ago

Im a cross dresser and I’m glad I finally came out and woman’s clothes and all r awesome I feel more comfortable in my skin and um a 33 year old male and my wife yes my wife loves and accepts me for what I am she’s such an angel I love her

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