A Hodgepodge Submission

My makeup Journey

Okay, not the whole journey, just an excerpt. Like most everyone who’s started this path, I’ve collected my share of random stuff along the way and needed to put things in order.

Recently, I came out to a pile of friends and while most were sort of standoffish, some really embraced the new me. A few even offered to help me with my makeup and clothes, which got me thinking about what I had and if it was actually suitable.

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After a couple of discussions and some embarrassing pictures later, I had a list of things that I needed to address.

Number one on the list was a better concealer (the usual chemist store ones weren’t cutting it) and foundation matched to my skin tone. It seems that my hurried race though the chemist and grabbing the dark stuff wasn’t working out so well.

Shuffle forward a few weeks; I’m hearing good things about a store in town that deals with professional makeup artists and the general public. So, putting my big girl panties on, I contact them and ask if it’s okay for a male to come in and get the things he needs. Nervously, I waited for the reply, which I somehow knew was going to be, “No, go away you weirdo!”

But no… they were awesome, made me feel at home and at ease. They explained that they deal with the trans-community and drag queens all the time.   They could organize it for me and allow me to be matched in private if I wished as well. They also offered lessons if I was interested.

Thanking them, I said that I’d be in next week. I had the day off (mental health day) and figured why put it off; let’s do this. So, I got up, shaved dressed (drab, dude clothes – I’m not that brave) and drove into town. Admittedly, I drove past once to see if it was busy and saw no cars in the parking lot. I pulled in, parked, took a breath, and then walked into the store.

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It was awesome as the lady greeted me (the same one whom Id chatted with.) I introduced myself as Sarah. She just kept on going, no double take or anything. She asked me how my day was going and made simple conversation with me. She then asked what I’d like to do today and the help I needed.  I explained I needed a good beard concealer and for the dark rings around my eyes, as well as a foundation to match my skin.

As the store was empty, she asked if I’d be okay with having some product put on my face, either in the store or in private out back. I felt so at ease that I told her, “Let’s do it here.” A few seconds of figuring stuff out and the concealer was on, and we discussed what foundation type to use. It was simple and painless.

Approximately twenty minutes later, I was at the checkout, talking with her about other items that I may need; brushes–they were on sale got added to the pile as well as an eyeliner, a finishing powder puff and powder. Little did I know; the store was set-up to cater to people such as me.  It’s a destination store and not somewhere you walk past and think about entering. There’s basically no chance of being spotted awkwardly and half made up as you might be in a department store.

So, will I be back?  Absolutely, yes!!!

Some advice for buying:

Be smart and first scope out the store, message or text them; if they’re not receptive, move on to another.


Truthfully talk about your needs and who you are.

Organize a time to meet the person you chatted with, so you won’t need to explain again what you’re after in a crowded store.

Be prepared for the price….it stings, but the good stuff does cost more, and it goes a long way, too.

Be honest.   They can’t help if you aren’t upfront with them.

Relax and have fun.

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Sarah Daniels TG

Im a Wannabe writer. Short stories so far but I want more. Like everyone I think I have a novel in me somewhere, but not sure what it is yet. Have a few things on the slow boil and a couple of cold cases tucked away for another time.

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Active Member
Marianne (@marianne65)
1 year ago

Awesome tale and good advice Sarah. Congratulations.

Michelle Liefde
Active Member
Michelle Liefde (@elbereth)
1 year ago

Awesome and thank you, Sarah! I agree with Marianne, good advice and congratulations!


Gianna Bonita
Active Member
Gianna Bonita (@gianna19)
1 year ago

So pleased for your success Sarah. And I love your profile photo too! Your writing is excellent. Hugs, G.

Emily (@ashleigh)
1 year ago

Thanks for the story and the advice. Good information! I’ve always been too scared to approach a makeup counter and ask for help. I’m fairly comfortable with most of the makeup I’ve chosen and feel it is flattering for the most part. I must say, it was a lot of trial and error along the way. I definitely agree, good products are worth the money!

Monique (@pijon100)
1 year ago

great congratulations

Active Member
Terri (@terrim)
1 year ago

Great article. You said it well. Finding the right foundation is very important. Also overcoming your fears are hard for many, but if you just sit down and think about it, that the worst that could happen is that could laugh and say no we can’t serve you. I have never had that happen, especially in today’s economy. Thank you for writing

Monique (@pijon100)
7 months ago

Hi Sarah … Iam back here hind of shy new at this but always wanted to to do this, I live in Las Vegas and do not know anybody , I would like to learn how to dres as a nice girl and learn makeup. Any suggestions? Thank you again and appreciate your support

Gwenn Liefde
Active Member
Gwenn Liefde (@apaixono)
1 year ago

That is truly wonderful that you found a place that made you feel welcome and comfortable. I am so happy you had such an amazing experience. Can’t wait to see how this changes your approach. I hope your journey only gets better and better.


skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
skippy1965 Cynthia (@skippy1965)
1 year ago

Great advice Sarah! Thanks for sharing the tips!

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