Essential makeup tips for crossdressers

Dear Readers,

The week I spent at Esprit was a wonderful time spent meeting new people and discovering myself , but despite the hectic activity I was still able to learn a few novel makeup tips. If you’re new to crossdressing I recommend you start with the makeup basics for crossdressers , which will give you an easy overview of the basic steps to applying a fabulous face!

As I practice makeup application I’ve seen my skills advance from ‘not even a clown would be caught dead wearing this’ to ‘average girl style’. I’ve been helped along by every crossdresser’s makeup Bible – Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin, as well as the endless video tutorials on Youtube. Though nothing can quite compare to consistent practice and critique. A light application of makeup every day (even in guy mode) will help hone the speed and skill at which you can create your canvas. In preparing my canvas I start with moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream, concealer, foundation, bronzer, powder, a neutral eye shadow and sometimes lip gloss or lightly colored lipstick.

With your canvas set you can then experiment with different eye shadows, liner, mascara, blush and shades of lipstick. You’ll find that certain color combinations look good with your skin tone, and the interplay between your eyes, lips and cheeks will either be fabulous or dragulous.


Makeup Tips For Crossdressers

Makeup Tips for Crossdressers

Makeup Tips for Crossdressers

A few things I learnt at Esprit:

Feather the lip liner rather than coloring in the entire lip. When applying lip liner start by outlining your lips, then draw a few strokes down from the outer edges of your lips inward. Smack your lips together a few times to blend the liner over your lips then apply your favorite shade of lipstick. By feathering the lip liner you’ll prevent the lipstick from smudging while making it less obvious that you’ve applied lip liner.

Use two coats of mascara to make your eyes pop. Apply the first coat starting from the roots of your lashes, then leave it to dry. Once the mascara is dry apply a second coat to just the tips of your lashes. This is a quick and easy way to get a bit of extra length on those gorgeous lashes. I highly recommend Cover Girl Natural Mascara. I try to use high end makeup where possible, but I’ve yet to find a mascara that matches CoverGirl’s.

Layer mineral makeup for greater coverage. I tend to apply fairly light makeup, and while I highly recommend Bare Escentual’s Mineral Makeup there are times I’ve wished for more coverage. A neat trick I learned is to apply mineral makeup in layers. Three or four light layers of mineral makeup will give you a lot more coverage without feeling heavy or flaking off. If you try to apply it all in one heavy coat you’ll end up with clumping, flaking and uneven coverage.

Start applying brush higher on the cheeks for a different look. I’m in love with the look where the blush is darkest near the hairline, but I had failed quite spectacularly to recreate it. The secret is to start the first application of blush higher on the cheek. The first place you touch will be the darkest, no matter how often you blend and fill other places. Now I start by brushing downwards from high on the cheek, then blend up until I get the intensity of blush I want. One nice benefit for crossdressers who are new to makeup application is that this approach makes it more difficult to look like a clown since most of the color isn’t centered on your cheeks.

Most importantly – there is no right or wrong in fashion and makeup application. Styles come and go, everyone has a unique features and skin tone, we’re of different ages with different personalities. Experiment and find what works for you. Not all of us can be as extravagant as Lady Gaga but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the style that shines you in the best light!

En Femme Style

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

Great artical with some very good tips. I just ordered the book.

I’ve never had facial hair and have never needed to shave (not sure why) However, applying my make up correctly has been a challenge to say the least. Twice I have hired someone to apply and teach me the process. So far, that helped but was not the total answer. I think as the artical points out " practice" is the answer.

Thanks for this artical. I’ll keep practicing


Samantha Louise Scott
Samantha Louise Scott
7 years ago

Very good advice all round.

One thing I have been doing for some time now is the two layers of mascara trick. Not the same one twice though. As it says , use good quality but I find it best to apply a lengthening one then use a thickening one.

Got to be careful you don’t get the dried up inkwell effect but if its done right, the result is absolutely fantastic and much more natural than falsies.

Rachel Taggart
6 years ago

Thank you for this. I adore wearing makeup and like every woman it makes us feel more confident and feminine. You can relate this topic like anything we do in life, the first time you try anything new it is very strange very challenging but the more you apply (pardon the pun) and practice it becomes more natural and a bit easier more comfortable and confident. But ladies we must have fun while we are trying

Rachel x

Cris White
5 years ago

Thanks for tips. Just ordered book on Amazon


Jackie Osborne
3 years ago

Hello.thank you for sharing your tips and advice.ive been practicing for twenty years now and I’m so far from doing a great job.i get jealous when I see beautiful women’s makeup.i will use your advice next time.the worst problem I always have is my facial hair.mustache and chin area what to you recommend?is there a facial hair removal?

Brianna Bay
Active Member
2 years ago

A good tip I got from my daughter, not so much makeup, but nail polish. I used to get fake, but if you put clear on your nails first, then apply your special color, it comes off SO MUCH easier, and doesn’t leave that little bit left you have to go to work worrying someone will see colors on the corners of your nails.
Thank you honey.

Brianna Rizzoli
2 years ago

Thank you. As someone who is intimidated by makeup and who is deathly afraid of looking “clownish". I appreciate the tips. ESPECIALLY the blush!!!!

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