This is my practical manual on how to practice crossdressing.

I plan to cover ten steps to follow to bring you closer to being a woman. Before starting, analyze your body. For example, the wider your body, the greater the difficulty, but even so, there are tricks to get around every body type and have a successful presentation. Each case is unique.

Let’s go!

1. Depilation

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The first step – and depending on the method (some can be painful) is hair removal. Women shave, so you will need to go through this (legs, body, underarms, and face.)

2. Nails

Women do their nails, so you’ll need to do that too. YouTube and other sites offer nail tutorials. Choose a pretty nail polish color that matches the style you want to adopt.

3. Makeup

You will need to put on make-up. First, shave your beard. Makeup is important to hide some strands that are still on your face and also to make it more feminine. The makeup you should adopt also depends on the style you want and should match your outfit. There are several possibilities for makeup. A search of the internet, on sites like Pinterest, can help you choose a style and give you insights into buying and adapting it to yourself.

Many women took years to learn how to apply their makeup. You should practice and do research. Many crossdressing sites also have makeup tutorials.

Your Makeup Kit should have at least:


Corrective make up

Face powder


Black pencil


Eyelash mask

Eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow

Lipsticks (at least one dark and one light)

4. Curves and lingerie

Some crossdressers use padding and corsets to create feminine shapes. A padded panty can enhance your hips. There is a trick for you to “hide” or “tuck” your male genitalia. This will also help to give a feminine appearance.

As for the bra, buy one that makes it look like you have breasts or allows you to add inserts.

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There are bras with built-in forms. You can buy forms and stick them on your body or put them in a mastectomy bra, for example.

There is an interesting model of breast forms, in high collar format. It helps to hide the Adam’s apple – if you don’t want this model, you can hide the apple with the help of a choker, wearing a high collar blouse or a scarf, for example.

Another way is to buy the “un-bra”, that adhesive bra. With it you can develop a cleavage. Putting a push-up bra on top, it’s a pretty cool effect.

Men have wider backs, and this can get in the way. For those who don’t want to buy a size too big, you can use bra extenders. This helps to maintain the proportion between the body and the bra.

You can also choose tights, garter belts…

Remember that both the curves and the lingerie should match the outfit you are going to wear.

5. Wig

You need a wig. Choose a wig that fits you, that you like, and that matches your style.

6. Clothes

You’re free to choose, and women’s apparel offers multiple combinations: a princess dress? A flowery dress? A black blouse with a white skirt (or vice versa?) Business attire?

Choose the style you like and one that will blend into the situation you want to attend.

A search on the internet, on sites like Pinterest, can help you choose and coordinate a style.

7. Shoes

This is the hard part, as female feet are smaller than male feet. Some stores sell women’s shoes in plus sizes, they are a little more expensive than regular ones. Learn to walk in high heels. Women wear high heels.

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8. Accessories

There is a wide range of women’s accessories: watches, bracelets, rings, earrings (you’ll have to pierce your ear or wear clip-ons), scarves, tiaras, bags, hats… It’s best to have a combination that matches your style, but don’t overdo it.

A search on the internet, on sites like Pinterest, can help you choose a style.

9. Personality

You can adopt a personality of your own for your feminine side. Choose a name for your feminine self, learn to talk, walk, and act like a woman.

10. Know what you want

You need to know why and for what purpose you wish to dress like a woman. Is it fun? Is it a fetish? Do you want to be seen as a woman – but only at certain times and/or places or forever? Do you think about leaving the house dressed as a woman?

Do you want/want to dress completely like a woman or only partially? For example, do you only like lingerie? Not interested in makeup.

Do you want to keep it a secret or don’t care if some or all people find out?

If your crossdressing practice a secret. You should exercise caution, for example, in how you hide your women’s clothing and items.

You also need to know how you will (or will not) handle the matter with your family and friends.

It is also important to exchange experiences and knowledge with other people who also practice crossdressing, to enrich your experience.

If you feel comfortable, you can ask a therapist for help to get to know yourself better and understand this entire process.

These questions are important to define the best way to practice crossdressing.

These are a few of the points you may need to know in order to present the best woman that you can. Only you know what your inner princess is like, and you will certainly develop a method of your own to bring her out. The important thing is that you feel safe, happy, and have pleasant moments through this unique experience that is crossdressing.


Have you ever had access to a crossdressing manual?

Do you think this manual helped you?

Have you ever thought about making your own crossdressing manual?

Is there something missing for this manual to be complete?


I’m looking forward to your responses.




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Active Member
2 years ago

great read, thank you

Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
2 years ago

All great tips you made Marie

Trisha Rave
Active Member
9 months ago

Thank you so much it is well put together.

Lauren Russell
Active Member
1 month ago

@Marie Claire Great information!  I wish I had something like this back when I was younger to help my learning process along.

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