During a conversation with Captain Di the Corsair, she had asked me if I had ever seen the video for the song “Quiet” by Milck. I had not heard of either the song or artist. I followed the link she provided and found myself moved by a very beautiful song and a very inspiring video.
The Official video show us a young transwoman with a school back pack that is harassed by some other kids as she tries to walk by them. We then here the first few chords of a piano and lyrics from an amazing voice. The video continues to follow the first girl to her home in trailer with her mother and father, and her relationship with both. We then get introduced to another woman who is coerced into an intimate moment with her boyfriend without her consent. Meanwhile as we follow the story-lines of both women, we can see MILCK playing piano and singing. As the stories progress, both women find their way to a group of women either playing instruments and/or signing along with MILCK. What I found heartwarming was the inclusion of both women into a greater group regardless of who they are and a scene where the first woman and her father have a very tender moment. Both brought tears to my eyes, matter of fact I have watched the video a few times preparing for writing this and it did each time. I even showed it to my SO and saw her tear up as well. The message is simple yet powerful. And I for one felt inspired.
Positive representation is sorely needed to show that we are all just people and that we love, laugh, cry, anger as all others do. I don’t want to say much more than this for the video other than please watch it and see for yourselves what an incredibly talented singer/songwriter you will find in MILCK. I applaud MILCK for being inclusive in her video and considering that this song became an unofficial anthem of the Women’s March in 2017 according to Wikipedia, it makes me like this artist even more. So, when you go to look for the video make sure that you add in the words Official Video since MILCK has made a couple of different ones for the song. I hope you all enjoy the song and video. And when you do watch please come back and let everyone know what you thought of the message, the video, and of course the song. What is your take on it?
Do you know of other songs or videos that show crossdressing or being trans in a positive light or have found inspiring? Or is there a song in general that you find comfort in? If so, please consider writing a Media Review article to share with our community.

Do you know of other songs or videos that show crossdressing or being trans in a positive light or have found inspiring?  Or is there a song in general that you find comfort in?  If so, please consider writing a Media Review article to share with our community.


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Michelle Liefde

When I was young , I loved Deborah Harry. I thought it was just a crush, but realized not only did I find her attractive but what she would wear. When I was 11, I first tried on a dress, pantyhose and bra. I had waited for my family to go out and finally decided to try. We had a storage area in our garage where my mom had some of her old clothes. I would go out there a much as I could. Eventually, I was found out. I buried this part of myself for over 30 years. I spent that time being happy, sad and repressed. Then about 7 years ago, I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to try again. After a little time, I told my wife and luckily she has been growing with me as I figure learn more about Michelle. After the last few years of trying to figure it out, It turns out that I am trans and have decided to transition. I still working out what that means and looks like.

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Bianca Everdene
Trusted Member
4 years ago

Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful song Cap’n Di and Michelle.
The video as well and it’s portrayal of two different people facing difficulties coming together to share their common love of music. The transgender woman’s portrayal is wonderful, and reflective of many stories I have read on this site, initial rejection or hardships followed by acceptance by family and friends, and ultimately joy and friendship being who we want to be.

Katie Kat
4 years ago

What a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing.

4 years ago

Impressive voice, will listen to more later, thanks for that…

Camryn Occasionnel
Active Member
4 years ago

What a wonderful video, Michelle! I found it on youtube a couple days ago, listened and watched, and finally had to set it aside, it is so emotionally charged. Who would not shed a tear listening to MILCK’s moving song spliced so well with an equally moving video? I sure did. As a closeted CD, I have a special place in my heart for that lovely trans girl. When her mother offers up that floral dress (presumably one of hers from a younger, slimmer time), and it fits to a “T”, then she steps outside the trailer to be accepted… Read more »

Elizabeth Denise
4 years ago

Thank you for revealing this beautiful song to me, Michelle. I, too, teared up during it. Persevere.

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