Meeting my wife, Stacie changed my life around. I wouldn’t be here without her. Stacie’s support has made me realize how important it is to not give up. She has been there for me when I was down.

There was a moment when my whole wardrobe was stolen by the 2nd of my non supportive ex-girlfriends. The ex-girlfriend did it to make me stop dressing. Stacie helped me by pitching in to rebuild my whole wardrobe.

Stacie and I have known each other for a long time, ever since I was six and she was five. We started out as friends. We both have memories of me going into her closet and pulling out clothing to try on. It was fun and neither of us had a problem with me doing so. I looked good in her clothing and she agreed.

Stacie loves that I’m a great shopping partner. We have so many wonder shopping memories together. There was the time that we both picked out the same dress, only in different colors. I let her pick out things for me as she knows me so well. Stacie sees me as one of the girls when we go out together or with her friends.

Stacie took it well when I decided to go fulltime in February. She sees me as being much happier and is still supportive. She loves me; loves me as a girlfriend in her life. Stacie and I started dating in 2006 and the got married in 2009. Stacie loves that I’m a redhead and that I have a feminine side and am also a Marine. She is a proud wife of a Marine vet.

Stacie was supportive of me enlisting in the Marines. At the time, I was heading in the wrong direction in life. I hung around with the wrong crowd and knew I had to do something. Stacie said to do what I had to do, and she saw my life changed, me coming out a better person after boot camp. I wrote to her with letters, or we spoke on the phone. Our future isn’t going to change and nothing is going to stop us from growing old together.

I plan on going on as Kelsey until the day I go. Stacie has been taught a great lesson by her parents’ love. She accepts people for who they are and won’t judge people for who they are.


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Sara Styles
4 years ago

I wish my wife could be open minded like that. I am so happy for you, yet so envious. Oh, well maybe in another life.

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