Panties, bras, stocking, nighties … In fact, women’s lingerie is much more interesting – and fun – than the unattractive men’s underwear and pajamas.

Perhaps that is why several men are opting for women’s lingerie.

Several men prefer to wear panties than underwear. Perhaps due to the diversity of styles and fabrics – such as lace, satin, microfiber, and others.

Some do it for fetish, others for crossdressing, others for reinforcing the gender they consider to be (trans) … and others for finding it more attractive than underwear.


The same concept applies to stockings, nighties and bras, but the last item deserves special attention in this article.

Men (usually) wear socks, even if they are knee-high. They wear pajamas instead of nightgowns.

If underwear is the male equivalent of panties, the male equivalent of bra is …

Men (usually) don’t wear bras – or anything equivalent. The main function of the bra is to support breasts, which most men do not have.

Precisely because it has no male equivalent, the bra is the most feminine piece in existence.

But there are several men with breasts – whether by fat or gynecomastia – who even walk without a shirt calmly. While women with little breasts (or practically no breasts) are required to wear a bra under social conventions. Is that not strange?

Usually men start wearing lingerie for a stimulus. When I was 12 and saw the girls at school starting to wear bras, I was curious and wanted to know what it was like to wear one. I wore my sister’s bra hidden and enjoyed the experience.

I liked the feel of the straps on my shoulders and the hug the bra gives. You can feel protected. If it is a beautiful bra, self-esteem also increases.

How many boys didn’t feel like it but didn’t have the opportunity or courage to do it, not even with Mom’s bra?

I even wore my sister’s bras in hiding – sometimes I went to school wearing a bra under several sweaters on cold days. Why couldn’t I use them without fear, even on hot days? Why couldn’t I have my own bras?

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Speaking of stimuli, there is a concept called “bra discipline”, in which women force men to wear bras as a way of disciplining them against betrayals and inappropriate behavior.

Some women do it to make the man submissive, although it is difficult for us cross dressers to think that wearing a bra is a punishment.

Perhaps this could even be pedagogical in cases like a boy snapping a sister’s or a school friend’s bra.

Putting him in a bra and snapping a few times would make him understand that it’s not good.

On the other hand, he may be doing this out of repressed desire to wear a bra, and this has to be considered to help him.

Although men – in theory – don’t need bras because they don’t have breasts, they can use them as a stylish piece that makes them more confident. Some professional football players already use a sports bra with a built-in GPS to monitor their performance. As the GPS needs to be in the chest region, a sports bra was the most suitable piece to embed it without impairing the player’s performance.

A few years after I tried on a bra for the first time, I decided to try on a pantyhose and loved the feel of the pantyhose on my body.

Then, I decided to try on a lace boyshort panties and I also thought it was beautiful to see my buttocks in lace.

Nowadays I think about buying nightgowns, they are much more attractive than the boring male pajamas.

Nature Day 3

I loved some models in satin, lace and pocket-bra models.

This is another detail of exploring the lingerie world: we try one piece, then try another and so on. Many start exploring the fem outwear, but that is the subject of another article.

Some stores already sell bras and panties for men – although they are manufactured according to the male anatomy, they do not look as fun as the female models … besides, they are much more expensive.

We don’t want to force men to wear lingerie. But invite them to try it at least once. Perhaps if everyone did, more men would start to wear lingerie and this could stop being a taboo, reducing prejudices and can help dating and weddings by making them more fun – if the wife / girlfriend agrees…

A couple with matching lingerie can be fun.

On the other hand, trivialization may cause crossdressing to lose its “adventurous” character …

  • Would you like to describe the sexiest lingerie outfit you ever put together to wear by yourself?
  • Have you gotten lucky enough to wear a sexy lingerie outfit together with your wife or SO who also was wearing a sexy lingerie outfit as well during a love making session at night under candle light?
  • Are there certain colors of lingerie you like to see on yourself or your wife or SO?

Thanks girls for taking the time to read another one of my articles!

Please feel free to send in a response to either my article or one of the questions I’ve posed to you below my article.

Sincerely, Marie


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Lisa Leigh
Active Member
1 year ago

Loved the article. Yes, my wife and I have two sets of matching lingerie. The first set we bought at Fredrick’s store at the mall 10 or so years ago. They are different colors (blue and green) and sizes, but the same style. It is a wonderful babydoll with attached garters. So of course we bought stockings to match. We have had so much fun. Interestingly, We have never sat down and talked about me wearing panties and stockings and other items. I’m sure she has to know I enjoy crossdressing. I feel if I say that I do she’ll… Read more »

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