Believe it or not, I was caught by a policeman and taken to the Police Command Post trailer in handcuffs! He stopped me while I was out one winter evening enjoying a nice drive, while I might add being dressed quite lavishly in my thigh high heeled boots, pencil skirt, long black sweater, winter coat, handbag, and fully made up and wearing jewelry and a shoulder length wig. I was feeling adventurous and quite feminine.

I’d been to various malls and walked through their parking lot to the doors of several stores where people were entering and exiting. I usually go out at night, but generally not to such crowded places. This time, I had on a heavy coat and boots, so I blended in well. It was thrilling to be walking among the various crowds as a regular woman shopper. After a few hours, I decide to take the long way home.  I dropped something at my feet and reached down to get it (I did not want it to lodge under my brake or gas pedal.)

Suddenly, blue and red lights are flashing behind me. When I had reached down, I inadvertently swerved outside my lane. I could not find my registration and tried telling the policeman my en femme name. He made me, but was not sure if I was transgender and legally had changed my name to Marian A. After several calls to HQ with no acknowledgement of a Marian A., he asked me to come clean. I told him my real name and hoped that would satisfy his persistence. Although I passed the breath analyzer test, he thought I may have been on drugs due to my swerving on the road. My car was impounded, I was handcuffed, and I was put in his patrol car to go take a drug test.

Surprisingly, at the Police Command Post, I was treated very courteously as a female by both female and male staff members, even the policeman who had stopped me loosened up, calling me Marian even though he knew my male name. I was told that since I was presenting as a female, they would treat me as such. I shouldn’t feel ashamed or uncomfortable about dressing and presenting as a female. They mentioned that crossdressing was quite common and very prevalent in today’s society. I was complimented on how well-dressed I was and how civilly I acted. Even when other “guests” came in escorted by policemen, I was constantly referred to as “Marian” in their presence.

Even though I was detained for several hours, we had a delightful conversation about my clothes and my crossdressing. I was treated as a woman the whole time and was allowed to use the unisex toilet. Of course, the toilet seat was up! But not for long as it then crashed down very loudly as I was preparing myself to sit on it. All I could think of was that I had now convinced them that I was not merely a crossdresser but actually a transgender female!

When the EMT took my blood, he was very gentle and courteous. I was told that no record of my arrest would be kept if the drug test was negative (it was). Eventually, they called a cab for me and the policeman took my hand as I walked down the steep steps in my heeled boots. He walked me across the parking lot to the waiting cab, opened the door for me, and said goodnight MARIAN as he closed the door. I rode to within a block of my home. It was about 3 am, and I did not want the cab to stop under a streetlight by my house; have the cab door slam shut and a female seen entering my house where no female lived! I felt more confident to walk the block to my home and then turn up my walk to the door as quickly and quietly as possible.

I made it! I reminisced about how elegantly I’d been treated by the police staff. I’d spent nearly three hours as a female conversing with other people and being accepted as such. It had made me comfortable talking with a female voice and brandishing female mannerisms: crossing my legs, gesturing with my hands, taking off my coat to show off my figure, and walking the length of the trailer every so often (with a wiggle) to stretch my legs. Again, the women were nice and smiled which further encouraged me. Now, it was time to go to bed, and after I undressed and put on my nightgown and matching panties, I laid in bed thinking: Yes, it was the best experience I ever had crossdressed!

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Marian Andersen

I am a mature, senior heterosexual crossdresser who would likely be en femme as often as possible if not committed to a family life and various male activities that I still enjoy. After my wife passed away (she was occasionally semi-supportive), my crossdressing gradually blossomed, such that, the walk-in closet; the bedroom dresser, and the mirrored wall cabinets are well supplied with female clothes, jewelry, makeup, toiletries and other necessities. Where I once viewed crossdressing as a curse (arousal, relief, shame, purge cycles), I now see it as a blessing because I can experience and enjoy a feminine side to my life (wearing soft silky clothes and undergarments, walking in heels with nylons, wearing jewelry and makeup, permitted to be emotional). I can marvel at how female mannerism and nuances freely spring forth from me while dressed as my alter ego. The rush I receive when I catch a glimpse of my female form when walking by a mirror. The fulfillment gained from the realization that I can comfortably live dressed as a woman without being self-conscious, especially during mundane days, that I am actually cross dressed. Both mentally and spiritually I have reconciled "her" as an important part of my fabric who needs to be expressed to keep my life in balance. I am a much better person to others due to this balance. Although I venture outside occasionally, I still need to gain more confidence in this area due to my stature (6 feet tall , broad shoulders. thick hairy limbs and overweight). But in my home, I'm the lady of the house and I enjoy that environment! As stated above, I am heterosexual but would love to communicate with any CDH sisters. Thank you for reading my bio, so can we have a chat now?. -Marian ox

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1 month ago

It was a pleasure to hear your story and gave us crossdressers encouragement to seek public space with assurance

Active Member
30 days ago

Thank you Marian for your intriguing article!

It must have been scary for you at first with the police officer, and I’m amazed how calm you remained in that whole situation. However, once you arrived at the police station, you were treated properly like a lady, and it all worked out with a great ending!

My Daddy taught me that with every adversity, there is an equal or greater opportunity.

Jamie Pink
21 days ago

I am so pleased for you that everything went so well for you

Jamie Pink
19 days ago

Hi Marian .I hope your holidays went well also.Happy new year thinking of you and your friends and all the best .

Jamie Pink
18 days ago

Hi Marian yes I am from the south island of NZ .The weather down here is starting to heat up its great to see summer again.PS Back to work soon 

Jamie Pink
17 days ago

Hi Marian .Yes I do get the sea breezes from wear I live and at this time of year it is starting to get hotter .Today it is 28 degrees c .What is it like over your way I hope it is not to cold. 

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