My birth of my life as Mika starts when I was 7 years old. I was living in Munich, Germany where I was born and raised. Later, in 1992 however, my father decided to move our family to America for a better life!

As a little boy at age 7, I got interested in girl’s clothing and wanted to try some on. First time was seeing a laundry basket full of clean clothes and some were my cousin Andrea’s clothing and I really wanted to try some of her clothing on that day. Mom was around so I didn’t get the chance to try on anything feminine in that basket during my first desire of wanting to try a dress on.

My dad, he saw something in me that was different about me. I was the little boy that was not into things a normal boy was into. Other family members started to see it as well with me. An aunt of mine saw I had my eyes on the dresses a lot. I had my heart to try one on after that.

Mom – she was initially thinking I was going to be one of the boys and finally saw it wasn’t going to happen as well. Finally, in March of 1986, my parents and I were visiting an aunt of mine. She had left out a dress out by mistake already clean. Dad saw I had interest in it and wanted to try it on badly. Mom said no at first, she felt it wasn’t right for me to wear it. My dad said, “Let him try it on” to my mom. Mom finally said OK knowing my dad was probably right about this. Dad said, “Go into the bathroom and put it on”.  I loved wearing it after seeing it on me looking in the mirror. A huge relief of joy came out of me after that and I walked out of the bathroom. Dad saw I was happy and then mom realized it wasn’t a mistake after all and I found my true self finally. This began the birth of Mika after this happened. I also felt more comfortable in my skin. I got to keep that dress as well.

Following that situation with my mom and dad being present and with me that day, I started wearing dresses at home and it was great as I got older. Then, in 1992, my dad decided to make a good life changing decision. He always wanted to immigrate to the United States for a better life. My mom, my younger sister and I went along as well becoming legal United States citizens in 1995. The clothing went too while still in private. I met good new friends in my life becoming open and out to them about me as Mika.  It was 3 weeks after meeting them I came out as a crossdresser going by Mika and was accepted right away by my circle of new friends. They are still friends in my life to this day! Then 10 years ago, I had a choice to make in my life and it was not an easy one at all. It was either be as Mika part time or fulltime. I knew I was much happier as Micha.

I finally had a talk with my parents and sister talking to them me being Mika part time for fulltime before I made my decision. They said they wanted me to live my dream and they would support me all of the way. Finally, I decided to go fulltime as Mika in 2010 with no regrets and finally being totally happy.

I sacrificed my first marriage which ended up in divorce. My first ex-wife was uncomfortable about me being Mika fulltime. My second marriage lasted just 2 months, she couldn’t take it either. My 3rd marriage was the charm meeting my current wife Lisa who has been supportive ever since we got married. She loves me as Mika fulltime. She has a huge heart of gold and is an LGBT supporter. We met at an LGBT support group and saw I deserved better. She has a huge compassion for LGBT people and her mom is a lesbian who also supports the LGBT community. Lisa sees her mom and I are both happy as we’ve become who and what we are. Her mom also supports me and I support her back knowing we are in basically in the same boat.

As far as considering going back to my old life as male, the answer is no way! I knew I was more comfortable as Mika fulltime. My life as male was getting boring over time. Now, I live my life as I saw it and felt it as Mika. I always felt, from a young boy, I was more comfortable being a fulltime girl!

  • Would you feel more comfortable being a girl fulltime?
  • Have you always felt much happier while wearing women’s clothing?
  • Do your desire to become a woman fulltime ever cost you a marriage?

Thank you CDH girls so very much for understanding me and reading my article! Please feel free to take a few minutes to respond to my writings in my article or answering one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you above!

Sincerely, Mika



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Bettylou Cox
Active Member

HI Mika, and thank you for your interesting story. IF I had had access to girl’ clothes, and any female contacts when growing up, my story might have been similar to yours…I sometimes wonder about that. I am definitely more comfortable dressed in girls’ clothing. and yes, I could be happy being a girl full time, at least socially. I’m happy to report that I have kept the one great love of my life for over 56 years, and she is supportive; but my dressing was suppressed for almost all of my adult life, so the topic never entered our… Read more »

Alicia C
Active Member

thanks for an amazing story. glad your parents were ok and supportive from the beginning in accepting you for who you are. I know for some of us, if we had been free of societal programming and pressure, I may of gone down different a path too. In the 80’s and 90’s we lacked easy access to info and alt life experiences that are so much easier to connect to now.

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

Mika- thanks for sharing your story and congrats on having both a supportive birth family and now a supportive SO.

Auroras Livingfem

Mila how lucky to have parents like yours my beginning about 6 or 7 my parents and brothers had gone to see new house we were buying I wasn’t one o the boys that day I wanted to stay with my next door friend same age and she had a sister year older which I seen her on her red crinoline ballet and I convinced him to get for me and we were going to pretend dancing when he brought it it was a perfect fit when he help me with the zipper and the feeling my waist so tight… Read more »

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