So the first few days was a whirlwind. I posted on the ‘Introduction page’ and the comments and PM’s started coming in. I had not even started to fill out my bio page. It was nice to have a reception like that, Thank You ladies. It took a little maneuvering around and some time to answer the questions. There were some questions I needed to ponder a bit before answering. But with that done and posted, it was off to the races to explore other parts of the site.

One of the first things I did was search for other ladies in my state and how close they were to me. After contacting a few and introducing myself, one of the conversations led to a lady that has a gathering once a month for CD’rs and Trans-girls on the first Thursday of every month at a local Lounge and Grill. That sounded interesting and something I would like to attend. It turns out that this lady who heads the gathering is this shy, timid and gruff lady. JUST KIDDING, she is a sweet caring lady that is active in the LGBTQ+ community. Her name is Martha Madison. I contacted her and she filled me in on all the details. This was about a week after joining CDH and found out they just had a gathering in May so I missed that one. I mapped the Lounge and decided that we (my wife and myself) would go and check it out. Just to see where it was, figure out how to get there, and grab a bite to eat. That day was going to be my first time in public fully dressed. Look out world here comes Tiffany. OK, maybe not that heroic. My wife was with me so it wasn’t solo. I didn’t know if I was going to fall flat on my face or not.

Here it is. My first time. The day started with excitement and anticipation. The first part of getting ready was shower and shave. Shave where I never shaved before – arms, legs, chest and armpits. What were you thinking? OK, downstairs too. Why not? The whole body shave. Then it was onto the makeup and dressing. It took better than a couple hours to be fully dressed. The time had arrived to step out of the house and allow the door to close behind me and so it did. The trip was going to take about an hour and a half to get to the Lounge and Grill. We arrived at the Lounge and ordered a glass of wine. Enjoyed that for a while and it was time to order. I didn’t know if I wanted to speak or just let my wife order. We decided she would order. Forgetting the whole dressing thing she says ‘HE’LL have’…. After she ordered I said ‘do you realize you said ‘he’?’ She didn’t, but that was all right. After eating, I decided to talk to the bartender and ask about the monthly gathering. He knew about it and mentioned Martha and Maggie. So the June gathering was in two weeks and I was set to attend.

June 3rd came around and it was time to go to the gathering. I was going solo on this adventure. After an hour and a half of driving and pondering what this was going to be all about, I had arrived. Here I go! As one door closed an hour and a half ago, another one was about to be opened. I walked through and into an environment of like-minded people. The first one I saw and greeted me was Martha. We introduced ourselves and then was introduced to other ladies. Throughout the evening others came in and we introduced ourselves. It was a great time as we had all kinds of conversations about anything. It was unfortunate that I did not have a chance to meet all the ladies. In the end, it was such a fulfilling and gratifying experience. Now it was time to return home, so I said my goodbyes with lots of hugs until next month.

The next opportunity would come a couple weeks later. My wife was away for a couple weeks and that presented me with the opportunity to do other things such as dress everyday around the house and go solo. Wearing woman’s attire for a couple weeks was great. I even painted my nails. Before that time, I contacted a couple ladies and stated I would like to have a girl’s day shopping or go to a park and have lunch someplace. I decided to ease into going public solo so I went to a park. I needed to stop for gas and did. That wasn’t a problem. I really needed some water so I needed to go inside and purchase a bottle. At that moment I froze. I just couldn’t do it. The confidence wavered and put me in a panic mode. It wasn’t until I told myself ‘you’re not being forced to do this and you don’t need to do it if you are not ready’. It took a couple days to get over the panic and relax.

A few days later, the best thing happened. A lady got back to me and said she would like to spend a day shopping with me and so we set the day and time. Her name is Maggie. We met in the parking lot of a Woman’s Boutique. The owner was so accommodating and helpful. I think we spent about an hour and a half there. Of course we added to our wardrobe. Then it was off to the Lounge and Grill for lunch. We walk in and who do we see? Martha. It was a pleasant lunch and it was off to the final stop, Target. We cruised the women’s clothing department and I bought a few makeup items. Maggie and I had a discussion about my panic attack and many other subjects before we parted. With hugs, goodbyes and a big Thank You it was time to head home and a stop for gas. This time I was bound and determined to go inside. I went inside, not only once but twice. Time to explain. I pulled out some money to put in my pocket. I finished pumping gas and went in and grabbed a water and went up to the cashier and started searching my pockets and no money. So I said ‘I need to get some money’ and with a nod I went to the vehicle and found the money under my phone. Back into the store I went and purchased the water. It was the best day ever!

There it is, my first six weeks. Many, many thanks to Martha and Maggie. I love you girls sincerely.

Along with all the ladies I met on CDH and at the gathering.

Ladies, thank you for taking the time to read my article and feel free to share your similar experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly and your successes or disappointments.

Hugs and Smiles, Tiffany.


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Active Member
25 days ago

thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with your wife, meeting friends, and your solo such an inspiration for us “closeted nervous nellies”.
although I am first to comment, I am sure I won’t be the last. Regards, Leonara

Charlotte Walker
25 days ago

Lovely story I hope in the future I have that courage to do all that,

Charlotte Walker
24 days ago
Reply to  Tiffany Smith

Thanks little steps keep going to local shop with stockings under shorts next step is with skirt on always have Bra on. 

Clara Cross
25 days ago

You go girl! Maybe someday I can join you at that lounge. ; )

Deborah Sullivan
Active Member
25 days ago

Good for you Tiffany and sounds like you broke the ice. It is the best thrill though doing things with other gurlfriends like shopping and lunch.It will only now become more frequent.

Martha Madison
24 days ago

Tiffany – Thanks for the kind words and affirmation of our CD/TG First Thursday Gatherings. So glad that we were able to connect and provide that safe place where you can be you in all your wonderful dimensions. The reason that our Gatherings are so good is because of good people like you who make it so. It is such a wonderful joy to be able to watch trans people like you come out and begin to blossom – look out world – can’t wait to read the next chapters. – Martha  

Active Member
24 days ago

Welcome to the community. First of all I have to say you are truly blessed to have such a understanding wife. I wish you luck in your future outings. It is wonderful feeling to know that there are others who feel exactly like you.

Lucinda Hawkns
Active Member
23 days ago

wow sounds like you had a fantastic time being a woman you should of been and shopping and going out all dolled up in public. wish i could do that with another cross dresser and have a great time dressed up and being the real me. wow going out with another cross dresser to go shopping and go to a lunch and having no one bothering you. whata day that would be for me. congratulations on your outing

Rochelle Mills
Active Member
19 days ago

Wonderful story that will encourage and inspire others to step out the door en femme. Enjoy exploring your inner woman while going out and about to more places. Great to meet you at last first Thursday! And thanks for the kudos to Martha (and Maggie)!

Though I will never forget the trepidation of opening the car door and walking across the parking lot to attend my first meet up with local CDs/trans folks, the stronger memory is opening the door to a group of fantastic, awesome kindred spirits.

Active Member
18 days ago

What a joy to read your perspective on your experiences for your first times out Tiffany! I really enjoyed that day as well, a lot of experiences packed into one day.
And the1st Thursday TG/CD meet up was and is a game changer for me as well! Martha has encouraged and made it possible for so many of us gals to get out of the closet and start an adventure of a lifetime. Look forward to the next time we meet!

Susan Holiday
17 days ago

My first few days were much different. I only got the robo greeting and emails that are system generated. Hardly anyone mentioned my comments and the site is so confusing, I couldn’t find anybody in my entire state to contact. All I became familiar with was the high prices of the retail stores advertising there. I shop at a local Thrift Store that resales new women’s clothing and on Wednesday it’s half off. Maybe it’s because I’m a total transgender and not just CD? I look, act, dress, and my voice is so close to a GG that nobody questions… Read more »

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