Crossdressing at the gas station

I went to visit a friend, who I’m out to and i was all dressed up. I had told my friends daughter I dress as a girl and she wanted to see me as Natalie. 
As always they were beautiful and supportive and told me I looked pretty.💋💕 Already a good night!😊

On the way home I needed fuel. I knew this before I left and was using the excuse to go out in public. I went to a deserted petrol station, filled the car and nervously went in to pay. It was a lady cashier who asked me if I had a good night. I told her it was my first time in public and she smiled and told me I looked lovely.😊😊

I walked back to the car high as a kite, my shoulders relaxed and my walk became confident and graceful. I had a huge smile on my face and the feeling was electric. 🎉⚡️
 I kept driving and decided that that went so well I’ll stop again, there’s room in the tank for more fuel. 
I stop again and fill the tank all the way up and go in to pay. 
Another lady attendant who just smiles warmly at me an completes the transaction like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. 😊😊😊

Another electric walk back to the car. 
That wasn’t enough.
So awhile later I stop again, just for the excuse I buy bread. 
The male attendant asked me if I’m having a good night and I say “it’s my first time our dressed like this”. He asks “What do you mean, do you mean all dressed up special?”🎉🎉
I don’t think he realized I was a boy. I think he thought I was a woman.

I’m absolutely thrilled by my first interactions as Natalie and I’m too excited to go home, so I go to the Center of the village I live in. 
It’s dead as I expected and I just take a casual stroll up and down the main road. I take my time. Looking in the shops and generally feeling relaxed, confident, pretty and happy.

From down a side ally I hear music and see that the wine bar is still open-it is midnight by this stage. So after walking past terrified four times, I suck it up and walk in. 
There’s four people in there, but the bartender says they’re closed.
The next thing a cute girl walks up to me and says she loves my dress and I look beautiful! ❤️ I get to introduce myself as Natalie for the first time and she and her friend introduce themselves as Ellie and Matt, and pour me a wine from their bottle.

We chat for half an hour, then unfortunately the bar really does close, and now I have to go home. 
This truly has been an amazing night. I have never felt so comfortable as Natalie before in my life! I feel very blessed to have such an awesome first night out, especially one that was completely unplanned. I can’t wait to go out again I public as Natalie, I really love this rediscovered side of me!🎉💕💋

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Maxine Doos

A wonderful story Natalie
Congratulations and even more so for starting small & safe then building your courage with your confidence.
A perfect start, I would say.

Wish I was brave enough to go out for the first time in public. Well done Natalie

Jamies time
Jamies time

Good girl keep enjoying life it helps me


Love your story honey after reading it I went out with my clothes on under my street clothes, went up some back road with my heels and a wig in the car and chickened out, it was the closest I’ve come to finally getting out, thank you I will gain my confidence……


stacey s

Stacy, I can understand what you went through. However, I , encourage you to try it again. My first outing was just like you but then I , got the courage to try it again and did it and felt grand. I was dressed head to toe wig and all and heels and drove thru town and further to the out skirts of another town . I , was nervous to say the least . I, was stopped at a traffic light and this car pulled up next to me and rolled down there window and said Kinda of late… Read more »


What a great story Natalie! So tired of hiding my clothing no matter how small. Maybe small steps like driving around at nite will help it along.
Stephanie Green

Always great to read about meeting ladies that accept you as you are.
How wonderful!

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