It all started with a booking for Hayley to sing at a private birthday party for one of our gay friends. Of course I always go to gigs with her but this was different. Sally was invited too. We have done gigs before as Hayley and Sally, usually miles away from home where we are not known personally. This was very close to home, less than a mile away, plus there were going to be people there that we know and had never met Sally before.

The day came and I had to get myself ready. I was so nervous and worried what sort of reception I would receive. I worriedly did my make up, chose my outfit, a short-ish black skirt, flowing animal print blouse and black three-inch heels. Donned my new wig and I was ready.

I had to leave the pub fully dressed during a busy early evening period, with a pub full of strangers and regular customers alike. We managed to get out via the back entrance without too much trouble. Then realized that the fully dressed Sally had to drive. Well we set off and it felt so good driving, it was only a short distance, the roads were quite busy, and I’m sure one or two motorists looked at me. But we arrived safely.

Well I wasn’t ready for the reception I got, as I said there were people who know me there who have never met Sally. Everyone just accepted me, there were no adverse comments or second glances that I noticed, even from the bar staff, all male. People just accepted me. It was amazing. Hayley said we would leave the car so we could have a drink, which we did, and the night went really well. Her singing went down a storm and everyone loved the night.

When it was time for us to leave we ordered a taxi and returned to the pub. We walked into the pub which still had a few people in and nobody again made any comment about Sally. Then I saw him sat at the bar, my step grandson, who because of family difficulties I haven’t seen for several months. I spoke to him and he seemed shocked as he’d never seen Sally before, not really sure what he thought and I’m sure I would have been the talk of the breakfast table at my daughters’ place, but as she doesn’t talk to me anymore I’m not too worried about what they think.

It may seem like a small night out, but to me it was a massive step forward for Sally. Being brave enough to go out dressed and mix with so many people I know was a real challenge but I did it, it felt so good and so right and so comfortable. I’m proud of Sally she is a big part of me, I couldn’t live without her anymore. Hayley the Rock said she loved having Sally with her she also felt so proud. It was the biggest night of my life so far and I feel so good because I came out to so many people. Ok I didn’t come out to the world, well not yet but it felt like I had. It was an amazing night. I can’t wait for the next time.

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Michelle Brown

Well done Sally,please keep smiling and keep on stepping out girl,you are an insparation to us.


Thanks girls for all you lovely comments, it really was exciting night ant the first of many I hope.
Love and hugs to you all
Sally xxx

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