This is my day 2 experience of the Keystone Conference. If you haven’t read part one, I highly recommend you do! My day 2 was so packed that I had to break it into two parts. Enjoy!

Part 1

I wake up to my alarm going off at 6am. My head is kind of hurting;  maybe a little too much wine the night before?? However, I don’t really care about my head as I remember where I am. It’s now the second day of the Keystone Conference! I quickly shut my alarm off and check my favorite site…CDH! I thought about going back to sleep for a bit, but I had seminars to check out today!  I browse the new pictures and what not as I drink my coffee. After two cups of coffee and a bunch of water, (still trying to shake my mini hangover) it’s time to get ready.   I always forget how long it takes to get ready when you are a crossdresser. After a shower, shaving, moisturizing, getting dressed, and make up, I was running short on time. Good thing I had my outfits already picked out! I do take the time to get a few cute pics! I mean that’s a must right??

It’s almost 9am now, which is when the first set of seminars start for the day. I had already written down the location of one particular seminar, so I make my way there.  This particular seminar was called “Alluring Eyes”. I’m sure you can guess what it was about. I take a seat and the presenter begins. She has a volunteer who she will demonstrate how to apply eye makeup on. I won’t go into detail about what all she did, but she was very good. She covered eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and even applied fake eye lashes. The demonstration and questions took about an hour.

Visit Transgender Heaven

As I’m gathering my things, I’m approached by a woman who was attending the seminar as well. I recognized her immediately – it was the lovely Kris Burton of CDH! We do our introductions and start chatting about the seminar we just attended as we walk out. We hit it off right away and start walking the halls. There is time in between seminars so we decide to check out the vendors as we chat. We gravitate towards the jewelry because what girl doesn’t need accessories? The stand we stopped at had tons of cute stuff that was very inexpensive. We start to mosey away when we hear that they had clip on earnings that we missed, and I take notice of a few cute sets that interested me. As we are looking my dear friend Chloe and her wife Samantha walk up and say “hi”. Chloe was the only other CD I had met prior to the conference. We chatted a bit and then they departed for a seminar they were interested in. Kris and I wrap up at the jewelry stand with her snagging a cute pair of earrings.

We head out and part ways, as she was heading off to a seminar. We knew we would see each other later because we had the CDH meet up in the afternoon and dinner plans that evening.   Still feeling a little off from the night before I take a seat in the lobby to people watch. As I’m sitting there Susan Talbot comes up. You remember Susan right?? We had dinner together the night before. She takes a seat and we chat a little. She is such a sweetheart that she dug in her purse for an aspirin to give me, before she left to meet a friend. At this point I decided to go outside for a smoke.   It’s really never dull at this conference, even outside. I run into Erika Henderson of CDH! As we are talking I make a reference to a TV show, which no one ever seems to pick up on; well, Erika sure did! We shared some laughs and I headed back inside.

It’s about 11:30am now. I have the CDH meet up at 1:30pm, so I still have some time. I thought if tonight was going to be like last night I might want to get a little cat nap in. I head back to my room, set an alarm and get cozy.  I get up with plenty of time to touch up my makeup and head to the meet up. I arrive about ten minutes early. The room we would be using was locked so some ladies were waiting for someone to unlock it. Now I can’t remember who all was waiting, but I do remember it was Leah (who organized our meet up), Samantha (I remember her awesome nails that changed color), and two other ladies that I don’t recall the names of. As ladies start showing up the area is getting crowded but I manage to spot my friend Chloe and her wife. When we finally got the door unlocked we all headed in. It was very similar to the room the pink party was in the previous night. The ladies of CDH really showed up because the room was packed! This is were I got to chat with Kris some more, as well as meet Julia and Fiona! Two people I wish I had more time to chat with. Though with the meet up starting a little late I couldn’t stay long because I wanted to check out a photography seminar presented by CDH’s own Diane Crowe!

After leaving the CDH meet up I made it to a photography seminar. A quick Google search will reveal Diane Crowe is quite the accomplished photographer. Now I was thinking this would be a seminar about how to take better pics of yourself. I should have read the description because thats not what this was. It was more tips and tricks to becoming a better photographer in general. So it wasn’t exactly what I thought, but I did learn a few things. Honestly, I could have sat and listened to Diane give a presentation on drying paint and been satisfied. She is such a great speaker and full of little anecdotes. I really do encourage you to check out her work. Plus she is such a sweetheart (more to come on that). Once the seminar was completed I headed back to my room to get ready for dinner.   I didn’t really need to do much to get ready. My makeup held up and I wasn’t going to change until the dance party later that evening. I did switch to flats after wearing heels all day. So I grabbed my purse and headed down to the bar to kill some time.

En Femme Style

As I approach the bar I run into Barbara. We walk in and take a seat at the bar together. We order drinks and start up a conversation. As we are chatting a woman starts walking over to us. This woman glided over until she was next to Barbara and me. Her hair shaped her face so perfectly. She had her makeup on point. It wasn’t too much, but enough to make her eyes and lips pop. She introduced herself as Melanie from CDH. I mean this as no slight to Mel, but she looked better than her pictures. We all love Mel’s pics but she is gorgeous in person! Not to mention how confident she was! She joined in chatting with Barbara and me like she had known us for years. Mel was another person that I wish I had gotten to talk with more. I did ask her if she had seen Kelly from CDH. She points her out in the bar to us. What Mel said next sealed the deal for me just loving her, she says “Kelly’s kind of like the Don of CDH. She’s a little shy so you might have to go to her.” I just loved the analogy, and I’m sure my laughter indicated as much. As Mel, Barbara and I continue to chat I feel someone behind us. OMG, it’s the Don!  No just kidding; it was Kelly! She looked so professional with her blouse and pants. She was totally pulling off the inconspicuously sexy woman in the workplace look. We all share how the conference is going so far with each other for a bit.

After a while Mel and Kelly head back to their table and Barbara was headed to her room to change. I look at the clock and I need to get going to dinner as well.

Part 2 coming!

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Eva B
Active Member
20 days ago

Great recap! Perhaps one day I might go. It sounds like “heaven” for us crossdressers.

Trusted Member
20 days ago

Omg Alex. You are far too kind. I love hearing about how other’s experienced the conference, you looked great and had an air of confidence that I personally admire. I’m so glad you had a good time! Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the cdh folks again.

Samantha G.....
Active Member
19 days ago

Hi Alex, color changing nail girl here   Lovely to meet you even if it was brief. I hope next year we can get a CDH group photo for everyone to share. Thanks for sharing your story Hugs…….

Kris Burton
Active Member
19 days ago

A wonderful recap Alex-and thank you for the kind compliment! Through your words, I am able to relive that day in my mind, so glad I was able to spend a part of it with you. BTW – those earrings are my favorites now – they go with anything!
Looking forward to seeing you and everyone again.

Ellie Dee
Active Member
19 days ago

What a great rendition of you time at Keystone. I am so envious that you girls can do this. You must have put a lot of work into writing this Alex. It is a very good read. I felt I was there with you…

Kelly Rhoads
19 days ago

“The Don of CDH”? Omg, I assure you that I am Don of nothing. I hope I’m approachable. Nice article Alex.

Fiona Black
Trusted Member
19 days ago

Nice meeting you at Keystone Alex. I’ll make it a point to seek you out next year for a chat.

Michelle Jamison
Active Member
19 days ago

It sounds like you had a wonderful time!! I love hearing all the details. Cant wait to get to part 2!! Cute outfit, btw

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