You might ask yourself, “What is Crossdressing and why should I do it?”

Crossdresser is when you wear the supposed clothing of the opposite sex—this is mostly set by societal interpretation. Typically, women’s clothes and women’s makeup. In other words, the exact opposite of that stereotypical trait. You are either, Masculine, or Feminine, or even both.

Most notable is that of a male crossdresser who is dressing up in feminine clothing because traditionally males are supposed to dress in masculine clothing. Hence, the name Crossdresser.

Why you should consider crossdressing.

It’s fun to crossdress. Where does it say you can’t wear a wig, makeup, and nail polish? For me personally, I love the feel of nail polish on my nails, and you will, too. You’ll want to talk about it and show it off. After all, its just paint for the fingernails and toenails. You can give yourself a manicure, or pedicure. It’s very easy to apply with a brush.

A little history of where Nail Polish came from. Nail Polish originated in China and most men were seen wearing it. They were wearing it when they entered into battle, such as in Babylon. It would take a  day or two to completely dry. This looked as if a beet were on your hands. It looked nothing like the like nail polish of today. The only similarity was that it painted the nails, but not any more than that.

The Color was very limited, and the formula isn’t like today. Back then, they made it from Henna. This continued until “Old Fashioned People” stepped in and declared Nail Polish was only for girls. Boys were discouraged from wearing it.

Exceptional Voice

Nail polish did come back in the 2000s as more guys began wearing it. The damage had been done by societies worldwide as stereotypes and labeling began to be thrown around. That’s why today, while Guys do wear nail polish, it is still girls who are commonly seen wearing it.

Nail polish started out for guys originally. It wasn’t mainstream like it is today. Crossdressers started being more open about wearing it in the 1980s and 1990s, and now many men wear it also. Black Nail Polish is different, and I don’t count this, as they didn’t wear it in the past, at least not in general. The tradition has been some form of red or clearcoat with French-style nails. Today, there are various colors that girls, (and crossdressers) like to wear.

Crossdressing by definition is dressing in the opposite gender’s clothes. For it to be considered crossdressing, you have to wear a variety of colors, not just one—even black. Girls wear a variety of different nail polish colors and shades, so, therefore, a crossdresser is going to wear them, too, Mainstream means popular and everyone does it. Nail polish being fits into mainstream interpretation, Nail Polish is popular, and a lot of people are doing it. Crossdressing doesn’t equal being mainstream, (a common misconception). Crossdressers won’t ever likely be considered mainstream.

For an absolute beginner at crossdressing. When you do go for nail polish, I recommend you start off with black nail polish first. You also want to make sure it’s glossy with a topcoat. You might consider this because while other colors are great, black nail polish is what I started off with. Later, I went to the other colors, including my favorite color, blue. That’s not to say other colors are bad. For a beginning though, I think black is a good color to start off with. When you pick out nail polish, for both guys and girls, black is a pretty color to wear on your nails. It can generally go with anything you wear.

Koala Swim

Here’s a fun fact:

Did you know, women are commonly seen wearing black nail polish? If you look up, “women wearing nail polish,” that is what pulls up first, except for a couple of other pictures showing other nail colors.

I look forward to reading your comments and hearing about your nail polish stories.

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    Sarah Cross
    Sarah Cross(@sarahcross)
    1 month ago

    In late September I painted a nail for the polished man campaign ( raising money for the kids affected by trauma due to child abuse) over the next few weeks I sneaked in an extra nail (2 on each hand) the campaign ran for October only …it’s now mid December and they are still painted now no one has said anything or seems to care …I’m running with it lol

    1 month ago

    My toes are almost always painted. I’ve got a nice dark metallic red on them now – it just so happen it matches my wife’s fingers. The nail lady jokingly asked if I’d like color and I said yes to which she replied pink? I said I don’t care. She laughed and suggested a flower too. We ended up with dark red. Next time I’ll tell her to surprise me. On my fingers, I’ve taken to doing a basic home manicure myself. Since the guys at work would react pretty negatively to color, I’ve gone with a custom color mix… Read more »

    Lucinda Hawkns
    Active Member
    Lucinda Hawkns(@dlgeb275)
    1 month ago

    wow that is some history for everyone to read and realize that nail polish is for guys also not just woman.i would love to paint my fingernails and no one say bad things about it just good ones. i do put on clear coat and get away with it. but i would love to get away with red or blue nail polish.

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