A couple of weeks ago I posted in a forum that I ordered the 5-Assorted Wigs from cross-dress.com. Well they came in today and here is my overall reaction and review of my purchase.  At the time of writing this, I have no idea what colors or lengths they sent me so this will be fun!

First off, let me tell you about the shipping and packaging. I had it delivered to my work so my wife wouldn’t find it. They are true to what they say on their website. The package was discreet and had no mention of cross dressing in any way. If you didn’t know what it was, you would assume they were t-shirts. I took it home and had to wait for the night. My wife is aware of my dressing, however, she is uncomfortable with it. So we set some boundaries to where I can dress when she is not home or asleep. So I waited until she went to bed before I played every CD’s favorite game, dress-up!

Dress up time finally came and I went ahead and got into full makeup to celebrate the occasion and to look good in the pictures. I opened the bag with excitement of a little girl becoming a princess! I found 5 new wigs all of different colors and lengths. They even included a good hair cover. I also ordered some clip on earrings to add a little something to my look. So here are my reviews one by one.

Wig number one is brunette color with length to the midpoint of my back. It feels snug on my head and is super light. The hair actually feels natural and one look in the mirror and I already love the way it looks. We are off to a good start.

Wig number two is black, shoulder length with curls. Same fit and feel as number one. I like this one more than I thought I would. It gives Chloe a whole new edge to her.

Wig number three is blonde, shoulder length and straight style. I never thought myself as a blonde but maybe it can work with a couple outfits. It’s not my favorite but I do like it.

Wig number four is also blonde and it’s a bob-style. It’s feels weird because there’s a breeze on the back of my neck that I’m not use to while en femme. I feel like it makes me look like my grandmother and I don’t think I like it. Unless y’all think it looks good I may end up donating it.

Wig number five is a red head look at a shoulder length and very curly! I saw it in the mirror and thought “I do declare!” Either that or if I want to feel like a little girl then this one is perfect! Overall I think this one is fun for around the house or a specific outfit. It’s a keeper!

All in all, I’m happy with 4 out of the 5 wigs.  They really do mean 5 wigs at random! And they are also true to their word that these are high-quality wigs. They have clips in the back and all feel super natural. As a CD, I would say the price for this deal is a steal! I would say go ahead and make the purchase and enjoy the surprise and trying new styles!

  • Well girls, which one of these five wigs do you think looks the best on me?
  • What color and style of wig do you think looks best on you?
  • What brand name of wigs would you recommend to others based on the quality and the price?

Thanks girls for taking the time to read my article on my five surprise wigs. If you have a few extra minutes to spare, please take the time to send me a response to either my article or one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you above!

Please take care and stay safe during these trying times.

With much love, Chloe 💕!







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    Marcellette Laval
    Active Member
    28 days ago

    Chloe, Thanks so much for posting this article! I didn’t know about that particular wig sampling opportunity, but will now definitely check it out! You and I are in similar situations with our wives, though mine may be a bit more accepting, she doesn’t want to see me dressed, and like in your case, she makes arrangements to be somewhere else when I dress. Okay, first things first, you’re beautiful! I love your eye makeup, and girl those lips of yours are so femininely shaped and sized that they deserve some serious colour on them! Question 1 – which do… Read more »

    Sandy Jayson
    Active Member
    28 days ago

    I think #5 looks the best with #1 a very close second. Love the curls in #5, a little brushing might loosen the tight curls and make it look much better. Your right #4 does not look that good on you, it makes you look a little like a guy wearing a wig whereas the others help you to look a lot more feminine.
    . Sandy

    Kathy Jackson
    Active Member
    28 days ago

    I like #1 and #2. I also love your look in your public photos. You are very pretty and your experience applying “your face” shows that you know what you are doing. Congratulations on your obvious dedication to looking wo wonderful as Chloe.

    Misha Monroe
    Active Member
    28 days ago

    Chloe, thanks for posting these! A few suggestions and tips. A good wig for girls like you and me needs to add more volume to your head, to minimize the width of your shoulders, for a more feminine silhouette. It’s hard to tell with these pics but you might start by giving your wigs a real good shake, to loosen them, and then once its on your head, finger fluff and style it to give it more volume in all directions. The other thing is to minimize the height of your forehead. Bangs or a side sweep to cover the… Read more »

    Eva Kelly
    28 days ago

    I think #4 looks very pretty on you!


    Active Member
    28 days ago

    Hi Chloe, I remember when you made your initial post that you were buying this random selection. So thanks for following up on your promise to review your purchase. I like the color of number 1 and the length of number 3. But what I like shouldn’t matter, you are the one who will be wearing the wigs. I don’t wear wigs because my natural hair is just a bit shorter than the length of number 1. That’s pretty good for an old gal like me who will be 67 in three months. Mind you, my hair has a lot… Read more »

    Lucinda Hawkns
    Active Member
    27 days ago

    number 3 looks very nice looking to buy all 5 and have a change of color of hair when dressed up. thanks for the up date on wigs

    Jennifer Mills
    27 days ago

    I like # 4 the best.

    Petra Jonson
    27 days ago

    Hey, Chloe! Given your facial shape and coloration, #1 is my fave, and #2 is just that. Bangs and length are good on you and on me, quite candidly.

    Ashley Konners
    Active Member
    26 days ago

    I like #1 and # 2 the best.

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